TV Roundup

Great HD nudity from Emmy Rossum on Shameless, s5e4

A fairly recent episode of Tatort: Lucie Heinze

Defoe covered the new episode of Dos Au Mur below

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee



Christin Sawyer Davis


Defoe's picks o' the week, all in 1080hd:

Pauline Paolini in Dos Au Mur, s1e6

Juliette Lamboley, naked but animated in Carapace (2014)

Laura Cieplik in Saint Laurent (2014)

Laure Marsac in Sire Gauvain (2014)


White Reindeer


Johnny's comments:

White Reindeer is a pitch black comedy about Susan (Anna Margaret Hollyman), who is lovingly married to her TV weatherman husband and about to move to Hawaii with his job when one night, a month before Christmas, she comes home and finds him shot dead. Susan's world comes crashing down, but it's about to get worse when his friend confides in her that he was secretly having an affair with a stripper named Autumn (Laura Lemar-Goldsborough). As she tries to process this information, she decides to confront Autumn, but instead of finding rage, she befriends her and gets caught up in Autumn's (actual name Fantasia) world of partying and other things Susan would never have dreamed of doing in her buttoned down suburban housewife life. Susan is struggling to cope but her newfound partying ways, maybe helping her overcome her grief, or maybe making it that much worse.

Very much in the mould of those independent movies Joe Swanberg makes (unsurprisingly, he turns up as a swinger husband) with a big shit-eating grin on its face, White Reindeer has a good idea but the tone is so smug that I found it hard to like when even some interesting stuff happens. Anna Margaret Hollyman is pretty good here and usually does good work and the conceit is solid, but White Reindeer has that air of 'we're just fucking with you' which is just hard to like. No more so than that horrible swingers scene and that ending. Oh well, nice try, but no dice.


"True Detective"

Alexandria Daddario in s1e2


TV and Film Clips

Here is a 720p upgrade of Natasha Henstridge and others in Badge of Honor (2015) in 720p

Sarah-Sofie Boussnina in Fasandraeberne (2014) in 1080hd

Zofia Wichlacz and Anne Prochniak in the Polish film City 44 (2014) in 720p

Minka Kuustonen in the first episode of Tellus, a Finnish series from 2010, in 720p

Dorina Chiriac in Niki and Flo (2004)

From the vault of obscurity: Lane Lenhart in Prototype (1992) in 720p. I don't remember her, and I don't remember the movie.

It is very rare that we get to see a real, major, naked film star with her legs open. Treasure the moment when Jamie Lee Curtis got caught in Blue Steel (1990). I'm surprised that the director didn't snip these frames.

A little bit of Daryl Hannah and a lot of the late Valerie Quennessen in Summer Lovers (1982). You may recall that Valerie died young (31), in an auto accident, some seven years after she made this film.