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At last - HD nudity on Saturday night. Thank you, STARZ, for Black Sails. Jessica Parker Kennedy and Hannah New provided the nudity in episode two.



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Part 2

Ashley Hinshaw

Although this was not the #1 nude performance in our 2012 poll, it had ardent supporters.

The Fall Guy

The TV caps this week are from The Fall Guy, which was a TV series that ran for five seasons from 1981 to 1986. The show starred Lee Majors as Colt Seavers, who played a stunt man come bounty hunter. However, the highlight was that one of his helpers was Heather Thomas. She kept her clothes on but what a body! Each show was almost invariably the same. Colt Seavers and his team would do a TV/movie stunt, and then they'd head off to find an escapee of some sort.

So far, only the first two seasons are available on DVD and that's likely to be all there is. This week the caps are from season 2 and were made in 1982 and 1983. There's no nudity, just lots of swimwear and pokies.

Episode 1 Bail and Bond (1982)

Heather Thomas

Jody Kay

Martine Beswick

Pamela Susan Shoop

Episode 2 The Ives Have It (1982)

Ann Turkel

Heather Thomas

Episode 3 Colt's Outlaws (1982)

Heather Thomas

Episode 5 Mighty Myron (1982)

Delta Burke

Heather Thomas

Episode 8 Hell on Wheels (1982)

Heather Thomas

Tracy Scoggins

Episode 10 Win One for the Gipper??? (1983)

Heather Thomas

Episode 12 Manhunter (1983)

Heather Thomas

Priscilla Presley

Episode 14 Death Boat (1983)

Elta Blake

Heather Thomas

Judith Chapman

Rhonda Shear

Susanne Severeid


Episode 15 Eight Ball (1983)

Heather Thomas

Episode 17 Strange Bedfellows (1983)

Heather Thomas

Episode 18 The Molly Sue (1983)

Kristen Meadows

Episode 23 Just a Small Circle of Friends (1983)

Heather Locklear

Supernaturalz: Weird, Creepy & Random


Low budget horror with above average nudity particularly from several non-b-movie actresses.

Debbie D: full frontal by b-movie scream queen.

Lucy Spain: topless as an evil Smurfette.

Alisa Lova: topless forced to strip.

Amanda Marcheschi: topless showing her big rack in lesbian scene.

Courtney Klotz: brassiere in lesbian scene with Amanda, panties getting lesbian gangbanged afterwards.

Tationna Bosier: partial boob having a sleeping Courtney Klotz suckle her boob.

Caity Gwin: topless as belly dancer.

Alexia Anastasio: flashing some panties and muffin top but she has a real big butt.

 Mia Bene: sort of sexy but very skinny.

BONUSES for Supernaturalz

 Caity Gwin: topless modelling photo.

Alexia Anastasio: lesbian action and then topless in the mockumentary "7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult" (2009). Online here:

Tationna Bosier: in skimpy stripper outfit in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Amanda Marcheschi: sexy modeling in bikini showing some underboobage.

Courtney Klotz: sexy shower nude in plumbing commercial.



Quebec/Dutch co-production recently released to DVD. All of the pertinent skin is shown by some Dutch actresses playing hookers in Amsterdam's famed Red Light District.

Charlie Dagelet: topless.

Wynn Heliczer: very sexy.

Lisette Merenciana: very sexy.

unknowns: hookers in various states of undress.


Wynn Heliczer: topless in the short "No Vacancy" (2012). Online here.

"Unite 9"

(le 2.16)

Myriam Cote: very nice cleavage.

Genevieve Schmidt: brassiere during strip search.

Memoires Vives

(le 2.16)

Ariane Castellanos: very nice cleavage.


Ariane Castellanos: sexy in sports bra in le short "Comme des bandits".

"Serie Noire"

(le nouveau Quebec tv series)

Edith Cochrane: some lesbian action. (le s1e01)

Joelle Bourdon: fully clothed sex as hooker. (le s1e01)

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse: but her boobs are blocked by guy's bare butt (le s1e03)


Joelle Bourdon: brassiere in le short Succubus.


(le English speaking series)

English adaption of the Quebec series also shot in Montreal. Too soon to see if there's any nudity but the female cop played by Laurence Leboeuf (Audrey Pouliot played by Catherine Berube) was frequently naked in the French series.

opening credits: bare back of unknown actress.

"Lost Girl"


Ksenia Solo: nice panties after booty call.

"Being Human"


Victoria Diamond: sexy as blood whore.

"Murdoch Mysteries"


Daiva Johnston: doing a PG-rated Victorian re-enactment of Sharon Stones' leg-crossing scene from Basic Instinct, then wet dress.

"Best Laid Plans"


Samantha Espie: sexy as suburban dominatrix.

"Republic of Doyle"


obligatory strippers: bra and panties.



Another mixed-martial-arts movie.

Jess Brown: bra and panties.

Last but not least...

Ona Grauer: hitting near 40 with 2 kids but can still fill out a bikini.

TV/Film Clips

Gaby Hoffmann in Crystal Fairy (2013) - a very nice 1080p clip

Jytte-Merle Bohrnsen in The Forbidden Girl (2013)

Oksana Akinshina in Rayskie Ptitsy (2008)

Anne Parillaud in Pour la peau d'un flic (1981)


Rumer and Tallulah Willis caught topless by the paparazzi.
Rumer is in the black bottoms.

Miley Cyrus in Love magazine, Spring/Summer 2014