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Ivana Milisevic

Kay Story

House of Cards


Kristen Connolly


Total nudity summary in House of Cards:

Episode 1: A brief one-second topless scene from Kristen Connolly as she is putting her shirt on

Episode 5: A butt shot from Kate Mara that looks like it was done by a double and some partial boob (no nipple)

Episode 12: Nudity from Hazel Honeysuckle (playing a stripper).


Jenna Lind and others


SOKO Leipzig

"Graf Porno"

Luise Baehr

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(season four, episode four)


Danielle Cormack


Brainscan's comments:

Scans of Dyan Cannon in Oct 1975.  I remember seeing the Cannon pics decades ago and thinking they were pretty revealing but the last 15 years of the internet have redefined what revealing is. They have also redefined what a quality photograph is.  Done the best I could with the scans.




Blurred is not very good teen film set in Schoolies week. And I love how you go all the way to Schoolies to party and a group of blokes hire a stripper when it's a non-stop party outside...

Also, I like to see in teen films of yesteryear which actors kick on and are still going strong and which ones have disappeared off the scene. Blurred is so all over the place, in fact all of the leads are still either barely known or have disappeared altogether (sadly, one's dead) and only Gyton Grantley has kicked on significantly (debatably Matthew Newton before all the troubles...). And there's some real disappointing disappearances too like Nathalie Roy (also recently capped in Sample People) and Charlotte Rees (who after the classic terrible film Let Me Not in 2007 turned up again recently as a cop in last year's The King is Dead and must remind myself to find Moloch where I'm sure she was nude in it). Then there's Jessica Gower who's barely being in film/TV since Blade. Mind you Australian film/TV history is full of actresses that made a couple of things then moved on (as this site proves time and time again, sadly...).

Not too many teen films made recently, so it's going to be tougher to make comparisons on this site in 10 years time. Ugh, I think I just made myself depressed ...

Film Clips

Sophia Takal in Gabi on the Roof in July (2010)

Yvonne Catterfeld in Schatten der Gerechtigkeit (2009)

Hendrikje Fitz in a 1998 episode of In aller Freundschaft


Lizzy Brochere in After Fall, Winter (2012)

Muriel Huet Des Aunay in After Fall, Winter (2012)

Jeanette Hain in Gier (2010)

Emmy Robbin in I Didn't Come Here to Die (2010)

Cindy Sampson in The Shrine (2010)