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The Life of David Gale



Laura Linney film clips

Samples below


Rhona Mitra film clips

Samples below




Coming up: a new set of material.

Brainscan says,

"Mainly of A-list gals in performances that have been posted many times before but were so attractive resistance was futile.  Take the Anna Paquin scene from True Blood - has to be one the most beautifully shot and downright sexiest scenes filmed at any time by anyone.  Or the Caprice Benedetti scene from Brotherhood - whoda known that gal has such an attractive caboose?  And then there's Jessica Biel and Marisa Tomei and how did we ever get so lucky to live in a time when women this attractive thought it perfectly reasonable to take off their clothes in front of a camera?  Hi Def at that. Ain't life grand?" 

Here's part 3:

"Open Water"


This was the #18 nude scene of 2004

Blanchard Ryan


Hot Tub Time Machine


Crystal Lowe




season 2

This was the #15 nude scene of 2007

Jaime Murray




Film Clips

A clip from the Tila Tequila lesbian sex tape. I don't especially like her, and I usually don't like sex tapes, but this one is quite entertaining (and brief)

Billie Piper in this week's season premiere of Diary of a Call Girl (sample below)

Jamie-Lynn Sigler in Wake (2010; non-nude; sample below)

Zoe Sloane in Bread Crumbs (2010, sample below)

Laura Ramsey in Somewhere (2010; sample below). You remember her from The Ruins

A mature Monica Bellucci in L'uomo che ama (2008; sample below)

Tilda Swinton in The Deep End (2001; sample below)

Sylvie Testud in La Captive (2000)

Sylvie Testud in Jenseits der Stille (1996)

Sigourney Weaver: see-through costume test for Alien Resurrection (1992; samples below)

A young Monica Bellucci in La Riffa (1991; samples below)

Michelle Pfeiffer in Into the Night (1985). Sadly, this is not the full-screen version.

Valerie Kaprisky in Breathless in 1080p, part 1

Valerie Kaprisky in Breathless in 1080p, part 2




Janice Dickinson shows she's still got it. I guess.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely