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Varsity Blues


Today we go back to 1999 for Tonie Perensky in "Varsity Blues." Tonie is paying a stripper who shows off a nice pair of boobs to her customers, who include some guys she did not expect to see. Caps with an HD clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Kate Gosselin on the "Today Show". She may have had 8 kids, but she has a nice body with a great pair of legs. Caps and a HD clip.






Karen Allen film clips Samples below





Barbara Barron in All About the Benjamins

Veronica Bero in The Sopranos

Francesca Berrettini in Rome

Amanda Seyfried in this week's (Sunday's) episode of Big Love

Yet another look at Lucy Lawless in Spartacus (episode 2)


Film Clips

The women of The Silent Partner:


The women of Funny People: