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Two greatr contributions from Aesthete today.

Revenge: Director's Cut


Scoop's notes:

Although this is neither a good film (5.5 at IMDb) nor a popular one (box office $16 million), it was made at the height of Kevin Costner's popularity. Just before it came Bull Durham and Field of Dreams; just after it came Dances With Wolves.

By the way, despite the added raunch, I was really disappointed with the director's cut of this film. I hoped it would be a recreation of the film that director Tony Scott wanted to make in 1990, when the studio chopped the hell out of it. Instead, it is the edit he prefers today. (My notes, and Tuna's.)

Frankly, I felt the movie made a lot more sense in the original version. The director's cut is twenty minutes shorter than the original version despite Tony Scott's having added ten minutes of sex and violence. That means it is missing 30 minutes of exposition and character development. That's a lot to cut out in the interest of lively pacing. Included in the missing material are some scenes which are essential to understanding the relationship between the three main characters, even though some completely unnecessary material, which could have been cut, was retained.

It does have one memorable element. It is unusual for an A-list star (and Costner was an A+ at that moment) to do these sorts of raunchy scenes. You have to see the uncut version of Stowe and Costner in that car scene. It's rare to see anything that explicit even in a softcore straight-to-DVD. Costner keeps sticking his fingers in Stowe's coochie, and in both their mouths.

1920x800 film clips here. Samples below






This is the best version (720p) we have seen, by far, of Jolie's hose-down.

The DVD and Blu-Ray releases are still two weeks in the future. Sample below.







Big Daddy


Cleavage and pokies from Leslie Mann in "Big Daddy." Caps and a clip.

Scoop's notes: although Adam Sandler is now established as a highly popular comic actor and producer, it's interesting to see how long it took him to hit his stride. Before he found the right formula with Billy Madison, he made five disappointing films. In those days, dropping his name assured an automatic laugh for late-night comics who needed a punchline associated with inept and/or lowbrow comedy. I sort of enjoy some of the films on the list below, or at least some element of them, but Going Overboard is a major exception. It is frequently mentioned among the worst movies ever made, and was easily the worst comedy I had ever seen before Disaster Movie came along last year and played in the same general ballpark. It's amazing that Sandler managed such an impressive career after such an inauspicious start.

  1. Mixed Nuts (1994)
  2. Airheads (1994)
  3. Coneheads (1993)
  4. Shakes the Clown (1991)
  5. Going Overboard (1989)


"The Morning Show"

Over in TV Land, Juliet Huddy shows off the legs on the "Morning Show".















Casting Couch


Part 5

The unknowns. Samples below

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Notes and collages




Joey Heatherton












Geraldine Sales in Agnes et les Garcons

Lily Allen, showing more of her lady bits in public

Michelle Huchison in Fargo (Special edition)


Film Clips

Colette Descombes in La Ragazzina

Sonja Kinski, Nastassja's daughter, in her first nude scene - All God's Children Can Dance

Girl-on-girl from Maria de Medeiros and Antonia Liskova in Riparo.

Theresa Russell in Eureka. Theresa actually did an open crotch shot for her director/husband Nic Roeg. But that's only one of many the hot scenes pictured here from this ambitious and strange film.

Maike Neuville in Van vlees en bloed (sample right)
Sarah Doolan in Red Sands (sample right)