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Private Collections

Private Collections (1979) is a trilogy of unrelated short erotic tales from three directors: Just Jaecklin, Walerian Borowczyk and Shuji Terayama. It was co-produced by Japan's Toei, and the French company Films du Jeudi (Thursday Films). The DVD includes an interview in English with Just Jaecklin, who gives a real insight into this project. Producer Pierre Braunberger hounded Jaecklin to participate in this experiment. Jaecklin didn't feel the trilogy format with three different directors could result in a watchable film, but Braunberger wore him down and he agreed. He believes he was right, and the trilogy is not a good film. When it came to casting, he was curious about Laura Gemser, who had springboarded her career from the Emmanuelle series. There was some bitterness in his voice when he mentioned that he only made the first of the Emmanuelle films. The moment he met her, however, he knew she was the right choice for his script. His is the first tale on the collection, and tells the story of the sirens in a new way.

Isle of Sirens


A sailor trips and falls off of his yacht, which sails away without him. He washes up on the shore of a tropical Island. He is obsessed with being rescued until he discovers Laura Gemser and her three female friends, who seem only interested in running around topless, and serving him in any way possible. All four women show breasts and buns.


The Grass Labyrinth


This is the Japanese segment, and tells of a young man in search of the words to an ancient nursery rhyme. We learn that he was heavily influenced in his youth by an insane woman who kept seducing him. This installment is full of amazing imagery, but I am afraid most of the symbolism is lost on Western audiences. Still, it contains the best sex scenes of the three, and amazing visual style. Several women show breasts and buns, and there is even a full frontal, which clearly not shot for Japanese audiences, since pubic hair could not be shown in Japanese films in 1979.




The final segment stars Marie-Catherine Conti as an exotic dancer and hooker who brings home a rich customer for the night. Based on a Guy de Maupassant story, it supposedly is a mystery, where the couple keep hearing noises. The punch line is the reveal of the source of the noise. Unfortunately, Borowczyk is clumsy in his storytelling here, and builds up no suspense. Marie-Catherine Conti shows breasts and partial buns. Two unknown lesbians at the strip club do full frontal.


Severin did another good job remastering and releasing a lost classic of early Eurotica. Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that, as Jaecklin said, it is not a very good film. Where it shines is as eye candy, and the Severin transfer is very well done. Several frames of the Japanese segment deserve to be framed as stills. This is a C, as Eurotica.

IMDb readers say 5.1 based on nearly no votes.


Laura Gemser



Group (Gemser segment)




Marie-Catherine Conti





Borowczyk segment

Japanese segment








The Haunting of Morella


Today we have more from "The Haunting of Morella" - a pair of B-movie babes showing off the boobs.

First up is Deborah Dutch offering T&A in caps and two clips.

And Gail Harris caps and a clip.








Ten 'til Noon

The action of "Ten 'til Noon" occupies 10 minutes -- no more, no less, and that's what we see. Then we see a replay of those 10 minutes, and the actions of people associated with the first scene, from their point of view.

The movie opens with Larry, a wealthy computer nerd, waking up in his bed one fine morning at ten 'til noon. Well, it would be fine if a well-dressed man and his sexy female assistant weren't sitting across the room pointing a gun at him. In this room it's all riddles and pleas for mercy. We're not really sure why these people have been sent to kill Larry, we just know that they're supposed to do it right at 12 noon. When the clock strikes 12, we're taken to another location and back ten minutes. We are once again at ten 'til noon. With this new setting and new pair of characters, Larry's dilemma unfolds furthermore and we start to understand why someone wants him dead. This format continues until we've met a whole slate of crazy characters involved in this plot for nerd murder: mob bosses, cheating significant others and perverts.


Jennifer Hill

Rayne Guest









Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy

The Abyss

---this film is worth seeing on a variety of levels: 1) good performances with well rounded characters; 2) actual science in a science fiction film ie: a) super-oxygenated liquid does exist for usage as breathing for deep diving and b) it is a fact that when a person drowns in extremely cold water the body can be brought back to life without structural damage; 3) James Cameron built a special set with special dive suits to enhance the reality of the film and 4) Ms. Mastrantonio hates Mr. Cameron's guts because the scene I collaged took 5 hours of re-takes to film while she was shivering cold.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio 








Miki Sugimoto

Zero Woman:

Red Handcuffs

Kate Moss

Michelle Kwan

Susanna Jagd


Faye Dunaway

The Arrangement

Note: the third image MAY include a brief glimpse of pubes. Or not.

Deborah Kerr

The Arrangement



Susanna Jagd in Mazurka

Anna Levine Thomson in Fiona

The women of Diario de un asesino. This has been described as the Spanish answer to Hostel and/or the Saw series. In other words, you're going to see some very unpleasant stuff.

To those of you who requested it, here is the uncensored version of Kate Capshaw's love scene with Dennis Quaid in Dreamscape.







Pat's comments in yellow...

A group of UN climate scientists is expected to release a report today claiming that global warming has begun, it's "very likely caused by man, and no matter what we do, it will be unstoppable for centuries.Ē

* So bottom line: just buy that damned SUV; it wonít make any difference.

* And if itís not caused by man, it will also be unstoppable for centuries.


Last night, environmentalists persuaded French authorities to turn off all the lights on the Eiffel Tower for five minutes to call attention to the report blaming man for causing climate change. Across Europe, everyone was urged to turn out the lights for five minutes to show solidarity. Engineers protested that turning the lights off and back on again five minutes later would consume more power than it saved, but the symbolism was deemed more important than actually saving energy.

* It always is.

* Hey, if itís unstoppable anyway, make the lights flash like a Christmas tree.


Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, who has been criticized for looking skeletal, announced that she is banning size zero models from showing her new fashion line. Ironically, this means she can't model her own clothes. A source told the London Sun, "Victoria doesn't want to be accused of giving young girls a complex about their image and putting pressure on them to be as skinny as her."

* She just wants to be the skinniest woman of them all!