Side Effects (2005):

Here's a little bit of nudity from curvaceous Katherine Heigl in a low budget indy film called Side Effects. It played in some film festivals last year, but was never released theatrically as far as I can see, except for one theater here and there. Showtime info.

 And here's a sample of what you will see there. Suh-weet!



Battle in Heaven (2005):

Once more, this is the film which shook up the film festivals with explicit sex scenes. And here they are:

Actress Film clip links (zipped .wmvs) Sample Collages
Anapola Mushkadiz * various sex scenes (13 meg)

* blow job (2 meg)

Unknown * standing full frontal (<1 meg)  



Other Crap:

Jenna tells Howard Stern that she has sex with Jenny McCarthy

A half-ton bull has flown into Mexico's history books by leaping into a packed crowd of bullfight fans - into the most expensive seats

  • "Mexico City's bullring was built 60 years ago and is one of the biggest in the world, holding 48,000 spectators. Little Bird was the first bull in the ring's history to jump into the crowd."

A Stephen Colbert feature: "Craziest Fuckin' Thing I've Ever Heard"

Colbert asks Dave Marash about his move from Nightline to Al-Jazeera International

"Colbert Report: State of the Union"

  • It's Stephen's Super Bowl, March Madness and World Ice Dancing Championship rolled up into one.

In comparing the Oscar selections to the IMDb scores, I concluded that the academy did a respectable job. There were no mediocre films nominated as in recent years (I'm looking at you, Lasse Hallstrom). All five nominees are among the year's top 13 films. Everyone has a pet project, but I can't see any strong support for the argument that Walk the Line was hosed. There were eight films at 8.0. Some of them had to be cut. The two films that obviously were hosed were Sin City and Batman Begins, because Hollywood decided that this is the year of the low budget message movie. (The five nominees are highlighted on the list below.)

Kenya dismissed as "naive and culturally insulting" Tuesday an offer of powdered dog food to feed starving children.

  • Can you imagine? The guy who made the offer thought that the recipients would prefer to give their children some corn-based meal rather than watching them starve to death. Oh, that naive, foolish, culturally insulting monster!
  • I'll have to go back and read my sociology books. I had forgotten all about those cultures in which starving one's children is considered preferable to giving them some corn meal.

Did you know that birds make tools?

  • "A raven has to fish a kind of bucket with food in it, out of a tube. The bird was only given a stick. Just a ordinary straight stick. But very soon the bird understands the stick wont work. So the bird manages to make a stick with a hook to pull the bucket out!"

In The Stall With Those Carolina Cheerleaders

  • "a complete copy of the police report detailing witness accounts of what allegedly happened between those two Carolina Panther cheerleaders in the bathroom of a Tampa nightclub last November."

Cooking with a mobile phone

Philip Seymour Hoffman - The actor talks about Truman Capote's moral ambiguities and supposed lies.

Roundtable discussion with the five directors nominated for Oscars

Charles Barkley talks to Jon about his new book 'Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man?'"

The Daily Show's Resident Expert John Hodgman speculates on the future without Rich Uncle Pennybags.

The Daily Show's tribute to Alan Greenspan

"BUSH: "I AM AN OILAHOLIC" ... President Admits Petroleum Addiction, Enters Rehab"

  • Mr. Bush’s decision to enter rehab for his petroleum addiction drew applause from many quarters, including from James Frey, author of the bestselling memoir “A Million Little Pieces.” “He has a rough road ahead of him in rehab,” Mr. Frey said. “I hope that none of the things happen to him that I pretended happened to me.”

Putting Star Wars to the MythBusters Test

Publishers Say Fact-Checking Is Too Costly, so they rely on "truthiness."

220 pound ballerina destroys male dancers during lifts (Weekly World News)

The last episode of The Best of Quagmire

More of "The Best of Quagmire"

VIDEO: The Best of Quagmire

Some stills from Nacho Libre!

  • Jack Black stars as Ignacio (friends call him Nacho), a Mexican priest who moonlights as a lucha libre wrestler to raise money for his orphanage in this comedy from the creators of “Napoleon Dynamite” and the writer and star of “The School of Rock.”


  • And then he needs to sue 7-Eleven for that "no shirt, no shoes, no service" rule, which specifically requires "shoes" - plural. This guy has no more chance to get a Slurpee than Shoeless Joe Jackson

Here is a complete summary of the betting odds on The Oscars

  • According to the British bookies, it's Brokeback, Ang Lee, Hoffman, Witherspoon, Weisz, and Giamatti, with no close races in any major category
  • If you like long shots, one bookie is offering 40-1 on Bennett Hill (Capote) to win best director. (Ang Lee is a prohibitive 1-20 favorite.)

USA TODAY's Oscar analysis

Night of the Living Dead in 30 seconds with bunnies.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




A Housewife Named Brandi (2003)

This is another of the obscure soft-core films made with hard-core performers, and is the weakest I have seen so far. Brandi (Ander Page) buys a computer, and then wonders what to do with it. She finally elects to start an adult web site and sell lingerie, one of the few things she has a personal interest in. She enlists the aid of her neighbor and friend, Nichole Luv, as another model. Meanwhile, across town, a snotty yuppie couple tune in to the site's first webcast, and decide they will create a competing website. The rest of the film is a pecker contest between the two groups wherein they try to outdo one other with increasingly complex sexual shenanigans.

Ander Page is the best known of the four women. Other players are Nichole Luv, April Hannah and someone only known as Remy. All four do full frontal and rear nudity.

The simulated sex scenes never produced any heat, partially due to cross-cutting between the two locations. It was also difficult to believe that people were caught up in sexual frenzy while they were reacting to the other site's hit counter. The photography is fine, and the nudity is ok, but the acting is weak, and the plot even weaker.

IMDb has not catalogued the film

This is a very low C-.


Nichole Luv

Ander Page

April Hannah





First up: "Hard to Die"

Bridget Carney lathers up in a shower scene.

Then we have two from "Walking Tall Part 2" as the Time Machine goes all the way back to 1975.

Brooke Mills: kind of a see-through top.

Angel Tompkins: boobies for the sheriff.

And we wrap up the day from "Wilder" with Simone-Elis




First of all congratulations are in order on the improvements to the Fun House. A new lay-out, more powerful search engines... things keep getting better and better. We're really being pampered more and more by our favorite webmaster. You sure ain't resting on your laurels.

Now it's time to get on to the bare facts. 

First I've got Fun House regular Edwige Fenech in a triple B performance in 7 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) clips from 1979's La Poliziotta della Squadra del Buoncostume which translates like "The Policewoman from the Vice Squad." The film is supposed to be funny but really is dated nowadays and I wonder if people considered it funny in its own time. These clips really are the best bits of the film, if you ask me.

I'll end with 4 clips from this millennium. A fully nude Elsa Zylberstein shows breasts and buns in bed with Thierry Lhermitte who doesn't exactly behave like a hermit. All this happens while she's talking on the phone to a certain Albert. As it turns out later in the film it is not the King of Belgium ;-) Before I forget to mention it, the clips come from the French movie Qui Perd Gagne ! (2004; Who loses wins). (1, 2, 3, 4)





Mr. Skin came up with some familiar faces in films which are not so familiar. The last capture of Beverly D-Angelo is surprisingly explicit.

Melody Anderson

The Boy in Blue

film clip

(zipped .wmv, 2 meg)

Cynthia Dale

The Boy in Blue

film clip

(zipped .wmv, 3 meg)

Beverly D'Angelo

Pacific Heights

film clip

(zipped .wmv, 5 meg)

Our man from the future, LC, picked up some nudity in a best picture nominee, and some very impressive nudity at that! To the left is Marie-Josee Croze in Spielberg's Munich.
LC continues with four from House of the Dead 2. Some people commented at IMDb that this sequel is far, far better than the original. That sounds impressive, but given that the original was directed by Uwe Boll, they could have taken Gymkata and renamed it House of the Dead 2, and it still would have been an improvement over the original.
Danielle Burgio Emmanuelle Vaugier Paige Peterson Tina Mahler
LC's last one for the day is Leela Savasta in Masters of Horror


Pat's comments in yellow...

Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday.  "Brokeback Mountain" led with eight.  "Walk The Line" was snubbed for Best Picture, despite its Best Actor and Best Actress nods.  All the big box office hits, including "Chronicles of Narnia," "Star Wars," "Sin City" and "Harry Potter," were largely snubbed.  And all the Best Picture nominees are low-budget art house films and message movies: "Brokeback Mountain," "Good Night and Good Luck,"
"Capote," "Munich" and "Crash." 

*  "Walk The Line" never had a chance: It's about a straight couple who like country music.  Too bad "Walk The Line" wasn't about the love affair between Johnny Cash and Sergeant Carter.


Mick Woods of Wakefield, England, bought a package of sliced ham at
the supermarket, but then he happened to read the ingredient list and noticed it included "Dog shit." He said, "Obviously, I haven't eaten it.  It sort of puts you off...We spent 40 minutes laughing, but we haven't put any in the kids' sandwiches."  The meat packer said they'd fired the employee who altered the label and are trying to recall all the packs. 

*  Also, if you look closely at their Olive Loaf ... those aren't olives.



Paris Hilton denied that her publicists dumped her,
claiming she dumped them because she felt they weren't
doing anything for her

* Yes, someone of her talent should be getting FAR more publicity!