Skyhigh (1985) AKA Hamos sto aigaio, is a comedy adventure from Producer/Director/writer Nico Mastorakis. It is an "American Teenagers Overseas Get Involved in Espionage, and also get laid" story. The three UCLA students are in some sort of exchange program in Greece, and are given a secret and dangerous tape, which induces visual hallucinations because of special frequency modulation. When mixed with another tape, the resulting modulation is lethal, and could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

The enemy is thought to be the KGB, and an American cultural attache keeps popping up to help the boys. Janet Taylor, as an older woman who has a fling with one of the boys, shows breasts in a mirror undressing. Karen Verlaine shows most of a breast as girlfriend of another of the guys. Lauren Taylor is seen in a bra and panties, with the shadow of her nipple visible. There are two unknowns with her, and one of them has a very nice see through. There are also several topless women on a public beach.

IMDB has very little information, and a ridiculous score of 8.7 based on 6 votes. There is no other information or reviews. The locations were beautiful, as were the women, but the plot was rather lame, and the three male leads were rather drab. This is a C- at best.

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  • Lauren Taylor
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    Hang on to your hats. Some days this is all worth it. This is one of them.

    In the past few days, Tuna and I have been slowly hammering away at the films of Nikos Mastorakis. Tuna did Blind Date a few days ago, and I did the goat-fucking classic Island of Death yesterday. Today I pulled out Skyhigh, expecting it to be a grade-B 80s-style youth comedy/drama, kind of aGreek Island variation of Fraternity Vacation, which is what it is, except with minimal nudity. That lack of breastices was surprising and disappointing in a movie by Mastorakis, but what a pleasant surprise I found in the special features, buried in a documentary called "The Films of Mastorakis - Part 1"

    Check this out, dudes. Deleted footage of Kirstie Alley (topless) and Valeria Golino (bikini) in Blind Date. The quality of the Alley footage is not great at all, but it is Kirstie, young, beautiful, and topless. Her face and her breasts look great!

    Back to the boring story of Skyhigh, here's what there was




    • Scoop. Please have someone cap and post Arroyn Lloyd's nude scene from the new Red Shoes Diary DVD CAGED BIRD. She plays a prison guard or something. Arroyn was on NBC's teen TV series One World. Keep scooping.

      note: I took this DVD back to Blockbuster. Maybe somebody else can give it a try. There was another prisoner naked in the shower with Jaqueline Lovell, but no really good shots of her face. That prisoner had a lesbonic tte--tte with a female guard, but I don't remember the guard being naked. Maybe, though. The quality was weak, so I was skipping anybody unfamiliar to me, and RSD is notoriously ambiguous at providing credits anyway.

    • Hi Scoop,
      I was wondering if you guys would be interested in helping me reach the type of guys who would be subscribers to a show called Naked News (I believe you have featured a link to it once or twice).  They are offering very nice high res photos of the anchors in really nice poses, mostly nude but with a censoring NAKED NEWS banner or 'sticky' on the nice parts!  -(Examples 1, 2)
      This strikes me as being as bad as what E! does to Howard Stern.    I would like to upload to you a couple of the pics to use as an example along with a request to any of your readers who are members of naked News to literally inundate with requests for a policy change on their still pics.  If they get enough requests from members they might start leaving the pics without the banners.  And I can think of no better place to find guys who would be members of the naked news than your site.
      Interested in helping out?  Thanks
      Gentleman George


    • Scoop,

    Just read the post by Uncle Gimpy concerning the half hour FTV show in Paris at midnight and found it surprising that they don't get the whole program. I have Foxtel cable and on the fashion channel "FTV" they screen the stuff  24 hours a day every day including at times total nudity. With a few very  rare exceptions you can count on seeing bare boobs or complete see-through in all the fashion parades.

    It's actually a lot sexier than some of the soft porn movies because the models are almost 99% natural so you get to see the boobs jiggling the way a natural boob will when a woman walks unlike those rock steady fake things most of the birds in soft and hard core porn have, which are a complete turn-off. You can also watch FTV on the net  at any time on  and take your pick of what you want to watch. 



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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    From the first two episodes of "24", Elisha Cuthbert's face and cleavage.

    'Caps and comments by Oz:

    Starting off with some topless nudity by Nicola Charles and Petra Yared in Muggers.

    "The Amy Fisher Story"
    We have Drew Barrymore in The Amy Fisher Story. Some of these have appeared before and it is hard to know what is body double and what is Drew's. The brief glimpse of bush in the third collage is almost certainly a body double.

    • Drew Barrymore (1, 2, 3, 4)

    "Stay Hungry"
    Continuing with a brief glimpse of bush, we have Sally Field in Stay Hungry. Her naked rear has appeared before but have a look between her legs in the bottom right picture in the second collage. We can only wait for the DVD. There's also some revealing caps of Brandy Wilde and Laura Hippe.

    "What I Have Written"
    A bit of Australian nudity in What I Have Written by Angie Milliken and Gillian Jones. It's an arty-farty movie, which explains the weird colour.

    "Last Man On Planet Earth"
    No nudity in Last Man On Planet Earth, just an upskirt by Joey House, who tries to seduce him, and some pokies by Julie Bowen.

    "Mystery of Men"
    Next up, a British comedy Mystery of Men. Jody Watson plays a seductive school girl and we mainly see some cleavage. Breasts and butts by Emily Morgan, butt by Biddy Hudson and some interesting shots of Sue Devaney.

    The topless shot of Simone Kerrick in Mumford as she teaches a naked class has appeared before but there is a lot more nudity by some unknowns.

    "The Lesson Before Dying"
    Lisa Arrindell Anderson looks as though she may be topless in The Lesson Before Dying, but a careful look shows she is wearing a patch.

    • Lisa Arrindell Anderson (1, 2)

    "The Last Witness"
    Natasha Henstridge is topless in The Last Witness.

    • Natasha Henstridge (1, 2)

    "Screw Loose"
    Some topless sunbathers, including one that'd make Al Bundy squirm, in Screw Loose, not to be confused with the terrific (nudity wise) teen flick Loose Screws.

    "Ed the Sock"
    Some pokies by soapy actress Sarah Buxton when she does a work out in an Ed the Sock episode.

    "She Woke Up"
    No nudity by Lindsay Wagner in She Woke Up, but close.

    "Look Who's Talking Too"
    Some nice cleavage by Kirstie Alley in Look Who's Talking Too.

    "Honeymoon in Vegas"
    Lots of cleavage and some minor pokies by Sarah Jessica Parker in Honeymoon in Vegas.

    • Sarah Jessica Parker (1, 2, 3)

    "Lady in the Box"
    Paige Rowland has a brief nipple poking out through the suds in Lady in the Box.

    • Paige Rowland (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Follow up to yesterday's offering...The actress identified yesterday as Camille Cousin is actually Elena Vladimirovna. Here are the correctly identified versions, as well as some more 'caps from "Bricol' Girls" (1999).

    Victoria Abril Another great collage by Dann. Here is the Spanish actress topless, and showing just a hint of pubes in scenes from "Ro abajo"...aka "On the Line" (1984).

    Jennifer Connelly
    (1, 2, 3)

    The Fun House favorite back when she was younger, a little heavier, and much bustier! Vidcaps of Connelly stuffed into a tank top in scenes from "Career Opportunities" (1991).

    Karina Arroyave The Columbian born actress topless in scenes from the Samuel L. Jackson movie "187".

    Cameron Diaz Semi-see-thru exposure at a red carpet event. Thanks to Squiddy.