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and now for something completely different.
  • This section features singer Wendy van Wanten, sometime model and presenter of an erotic Dutch TV show, and "girlfriend" of the youngest prince of Belgium. They had an unusual relationship. Some months ago she reported her car stolen near Prince Laurent's villa. The prince, apparently having failed to take those etiquette lessons usually offered to royals, said that some people in showbusiness would do anything to revive a flagging career. Unfortunately, the gendarmes guarding his villa said that Wendy told the truth and the prince may have told a little Clinton-like fib. Then Wendy claimed the prince was stalking her, and harrassing her with calls from his cell-phone. Well, sir, the palace then announced that his young highness would be spending some quality time in the company of some psychiatrists because he was depressed and overworked (read "loony"), and that this rest had nothing to do with Wendy. Here's some TV caps of Wendy
  • one more set of Wendy TV images.
  • tabloid picture of Wendy in a wet t-shirt.
  • some of the originals from the wet t-shirt pic.
  • swimsuit modeling .
  • lingerie modeling .
  • this may not be Wendy, but is believed to be from her Caribbean modeling period
  • and now for something completely the same.
  • well, not completely the same. While we are on the subject of stalkers, here is Athena "Chanson" Rolando. She is the babe who broke into Brad Pitt's house, wore his clothes, tasted his porridge, one bed too small, one too large, got arrested, is out on bail .....
  • one more of Athena "Fissure of" Rolando .
  • one more of Athena "Tony" Rolando and Dawn.
  • Just walk away, Renee.
  • Xena and her little buddy are inching ever closer to genuine exposure. Will they finally make the breakthrough? Check out this frame, and the next two. Renee may have made it already.
  • another Renee distance shot.
  • another Renee distance shot .
  • unfortunately, it is not possible to tell from the close-ups whether Renee had anything on. Here are three you can study if you are so inclined.
  • Renee close-up .
  • Renee close-up .
  • Bond, Rene Bond.
  • While on the subject of women named Rene, Pepper sent over a few of Rene Bond. Probably her best screen credits are attributable to that cinema genius, Ed Wood. Ed wrote and directed Necromania, a porn movie which stars Rene (and Wood himself). It's about a couple who need sexual therapy, and seek it in a haunted house. I didn't make that up, as you know if you are familiar with Wood at all. Rene also appears in a host of pictures directed by other guys but scripted by Wood, namely The Cocktail Hostess, Drop-Out Wife, Fugitive Girls, The Snow Bunnies, and Class Reunion. Can you imagine anyone hiring Ed Wood to write a script. How low could your esteem be if you didn't think you could write a script better than whatever Wood would show up with. Heartbreaking. Wood was only one of many bad directors, but he was almost without parallel as a writer. His concepts make no sense, his dialogue is stentorian and corny, he ignores any continuity in the story, he has terrible taste, he genuinely believes in the unbelievable, and he's obsessed with things nobody else cares about (like Angora sweaters, for example).
  • Rene Bond. The funniest and saddest thing I ever read about Ed Wood was written by Gregory Walcott, an actor in Plan 9. He said it wouldn't have make any difference if Wood had managed to raise more money than Speilberg, because he still would have made a bad movie. "He had no taste. If he had ten million dollars, Plan 9 would have been a piece of tasteless shit". And you know what ... Walcott hit it right on the head. If a rich relative had left Wood all that money, Wood would have still made Plan 9, and it might even have been worse. The characteristic that differentiated Wood from the other bad filmmakers was that they all knew they were hacks in it for the money. Wood thought he was Shakespeare. In addition to his scripts, he wrote as many as 75 books.
  • Rene Bond. She did have an impressive figure.
  • Movie Madness with AP
  • Jamie Summers in "Phoenix"
  • Jamie Summers in "Phoenix"
  • Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee"
  • Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee"
  • Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee"
  • Cheryl Shepherd in "Hinter Gittern"
  • Doreen Jacobi in "Atemlose Liebe"
  • Doreen Jacobi in "Atemlose Liebe"
  • The cast of "Marienhof"
  • Vidcap Madness
  • BFD has one of the most unusual and interesting selections of material available. For example? How about Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in "The Gypsy Moths"?.
  • BFD: Catya Sassoon in "Secret Games".
  • BFD: Catya Sassoon in "Secret Games"' .
  • BFD: Catya Sassoon in "Secret Games" .
  • BFD: Monique Parent in "Buford's Beach Bunnies".
  • BFD: Monique Parent in "Buford's Beach Bunnies".
  • China Chou in "The Big Hit".
  • China Chou in "The Big Hit".
  • Claire Nebout in "venus, beaute (institut)". Charlie actually capped these from a French TV preview. The movie has not yet been released.
  • Charlie's home page, English version
  • Three looks at Marie Gillain in "L'appat"
  • Marie Gillain in "L'appat"
  • Marie Gillain in "L'appat"
  • Laura SanGiacomo at The Golden Globes. The TV photographer knew exactly what he was doing.
  • From The Night: Jennifer Lopez in "U-Turn"
  • From The Night: Anne Heche in "Six Days, Seven Nights"
  • The Night's home page
  • From Swain: Jennifer Tilly in "Shadow of the Wolf"
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (nude) in "1001 Nights"
  • This is hot. From Akira: Shania Twain on Letterman in the leather outfit.
  • Akira's home page
  • From MasterBagger: Sheryl Lee in "This World, then the Fireworks"
  • From MasterBagger: Kim Cattrall in "Masquerade"
  • From Cougar: Natasha Henstridge in "Species 2"
  • From Cougar: Nancy La Scala in "Species 2"
  • Cougar's Home Page
  • From Freakie 2: Demi Moore in "The Scarlet Letter"
  • an assortment from Sisyphus
  • Debra Blee in "The Beach Girls"
  • An Interview with Valentino
  • When I interviewed Hugo last week, I had no idea people would be so interested. I figured most people came to the site for the pictures and weren't that interested in the process. Wrong again. So many people wrote in to ask for more, that I had to delete most of the e-mails after just a quick glance at the headers. OK, dudes, you got it. Today's subject is scanning, and the interviewee is Valentino. I didn't actually count the ballots, but it was clear that he was your #1 choice. I really don't have to tell you he's pretty good. That's kind of like saying that Churchill was a pretty good speechwriter. He combines technical excellence with an eye for startling images. The thing I like best about his work is that the images themselves are more important to him than the subjects. Essentially, he uses a photographer's eye. Just as we discovered with Hugo, the secrets to his success are good software, talent, and hard work, not expensive hardware.

    Q: How do you decide what to scan?

    A: I choose my material by taking what is available to me and picking out pictures I really want to work on. It takes a lot of my time, so I have to like the image I am spending time on. I ALWAYS look for material that has never been seen before, but I don't rush the work to get it out there first. I hate it when someone takes a great picture and sends out a raw scan with his name on it just to be first.

    Q: Do you have a "system" to find images?

    A: No, I don't really have one. I'm always looking, and willing to pay for images I want to scan. You wouldn't believe how many images have been "spotted" out of the corner of my eye.

    Q: What make or model of scanning hardware do you use?

    A: HP 4C Scanner.

    Q: Do you make any settings adjustments with the hardware itself.

    A: No (all adjustments are made in software). Scoop's note - I asked this because certain scanning equipment allows you to do a scan, and then adjust elements of the lighting and color reproduction system inherent to the hardware itself. Val takes the output of his scanner and makes any necessary adjustments with editing software.

    Q: At what resolution do you scan? How does this change during your creation process to a finished picture?

    A: This totally depends on the reason for scanning the image, and what media the final image is for. As far as Valentino scans, I usually scan at 300 dpi. I immediately drop the resolution to 150 dpi and do all my correcting and adjustments at that level. After the image is framed and signed, I drop the image to 72 dpi and send it out. The reason for 72 dpi is to keep the file size way down, and the fact that all monitors view at 72 dpi. Since my scans are meant to be viewed on monitors, and since on a monitor you couldn't see a difference between an image at 72 and the same image at 300, it only makes sense.

    Q: What if you intend to print an image with your graphics printer?

    A: If there's an image I want to PRINT, I keep a copy at 300 dpi AT LEAST. For all the new guys out there I am NOT talking about "size" resolution. Don't get them confused. You can have an image that is 1024x768 (that is size resolution). But that image is 1024x768 AT 72 dpi or 150 dpi, or 300 dpi, etc.

    Q: How much time is required to edit a picture from scanned image to finished product?

    A: This depends on the image and how it scans. Sometimes you scan an image and you are sending it out 30 minutes later. Sometimes it's 6 hours later. I've had some images that I just had to "walk away" from, and come back the next day and try to get it done. If I had to pick an average, I'd say 2 hours. But the REAL answer is "when I'm done".

    Q: Which editing software do you use?

    A: There's only one. PhotoShop. I use version 5.0. I have also used Illustrator here and there for presentation work, and dragged it into PhotoShop to put it all together.

    Q: Do you avoid collages?

    A: Why does everyone think I avoid collages? I have LOTS of collages. My Runway series alone comes to mind. I DO do more single pictures, but that's because I think the images I do as singles can stand on their own, and I don't want to distract the viewer with other images in the same frame.

    Q: What is your artistic theory, or you goal for each image? Do you try to duplicate the original images as closely as possible, or do you try to add your own touches?

    A: I would never attempt to improve on a photographers image. I try my best to COMPLEMENT the image the photographer had in mind, while staying true to the FEELING of the original. How could you possibly improve the work of photographers like La Chapelle, D'Orazio, Glaviano, Scavullo or Leibovitz? The only thing I HATE to see is an imager who sends out HALF a picture because it's a 2 pager, or an image that still has TEXT in it. Jeez, guys, pick up a BOOK on your software, or PRACTICE a while before you start sending out pics. There's no excuse for either of the above.

    Q: This is where you get to say whatever you want to say about imaging, yourself, or the internet imaging community.

    A: Let's just say that I am EXTREMELY flattered by the attention my work gets. It's just amazing to me that I'm even ASKED to be interviewed. If it helps at all, I just approach EVERYTHING I do with the same philosophy. Do whatever you want to do, but do it to the BEST of your ability. And have FUN. There are so many awesome imagers out there in ALL the groups, whether it's StarNet, UIA, CelebNet, IRA or one of the many independent artists that sends out amazing work, we can all learn from each other. I'm just lucky enough to belong to a group of imagers that test my ability every day just to be AS GOOD as the work they send out. When you're in that kind of situation you HAVE to get better.

  • Movie madness with Johnny Web
  • Oh, sometimes life is good. Johnny Web picked up a DVD copy of "Star 80", and sent us a whole bunch of material from that movie. Better yet, none of it includes Eric Roberts. You probably remember the movie, a biopic of beautiful Dorothy Stratten, the Playmate who was slain by her estranged husband. Mariel Hemingway played the role quite effectively, and the commonly accepted dish is that she got implants to play the role. Here's Hemingway duplicating a Stratten pose from the lepus mag. This is actually a cap from the movie, not a scan. Quite amazing size and quality
  • one more re-created pose.
  • one more re-created pose.
  • Hemingway didn't get naked all that much during the actual body of the movie. Here she is from the scene where her boyfriend first persuades her to open her blouse and pose for him
  • The obligatory bubble bath scene. My favorite parody of this cliche is Jeff Bridges taking a bubble bath while smoking a doobie in "The Big Lebowski", complete with a bottle of Mr Bubble on the tub.
  • This is the scene where she confronts her husband with a divorce demand, and he kills her in a jealous rage.
  • The final scene of the movie. Not a pretty or a sexual picture, but her body after he shoots her.
  • speaking of Playchicks, here's Victoria Silvstedt from that screen masterpiece, "Baseketball". Just a little nipple-peek
  • speaking of Playrelatedchicks, here's Jenny McCarthy from "Baseketball". She is not naked, but the facial expression and the cleavage make it worth looking at. The joke is that you think she's having sex with a billionaire until the camera pulls back to show her washing his floors.
  • Looking for the best archive of celebrity nudity on the 'net? Visit the Scoopy subscription area. A free one-day trial preview is available. Get full access to the back issues, the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics! Over 16,000 images! Over 40,000 movie frames. Click here for more details!
  • Johnny Web is also stalking Candy Clark in "The Man Who Fell to Earth". I've written about this movie before. It's such a disappointment. It's a well-photographed, generally well-acted (Bowie was excellent!) movie from an interesting book, and everybody gets naked. So it should be good, right? Wrong. Despite its strengths, it is a very tedious movie to watch. The script is riddled with irrelevant, repetitive and confusing scenes, including enough continuity problems to puzzle Ed Wood. (One girl gets her bra back on in the middle of a sex scene, for example.) Silly blighter goes on for 147 minutes, too. Every time I watch this movie, I am so frustrated because I know even a hack like me could produce an entertaining 100 minute cut out of the beautiful raw footage. Here's Candy in the obligatory bathtub scene.
  • a topless Candy lights a few candles .
  • Candy and Bowie as the beast with two backs.
  • The next few feature Candy in artistically-lit sex scenes. This is an excellent image of her, despite the red filter.
  • on her back this time .
  • heading for a love-snack.
  • on her stomach .
  • Hey, Roswell residents! The next time you tell an alien to kiss your ass, remember that they may have a very literal grasp of the language.
  • late in the movie .. she and Bowie act out some gunplay.
  • Buns in blue light .
  • Claudia Jennings was also nude in this movie ... for about three frames ... and she never even got listed in the credits
  • Anonymous chicks having sex with Rip Torn. If you know who they are tell me. Chick #1. This is the one who actually plays with his schwantz on camera.
  • Anonymous chicks having sex with Rip Torn. If you know who they are tell me. Chick #2. This one is gorgeous, both her face and her figure.
  • Anonymous chicks having sex with Rip Torn. If you know who they are tell me. Chick #3, the one with glasses.
  • Movie madness with PAL
  • PAL almost always comes up with new and different material. You may have seen some of these frames of Sean Young before, but here's a substantial collage from "Love Crimes"
  • Fern Dorsey in "Love Crimes".
  • Chiara Caselli in "The Year of Awakening".
  • Tamara Clatterbuck in "Blind Side". The ubiquitous Rutger Hauer is also seen. He has 70 performing entries in his IMDb filmography, which probably makes him the Dutch champion. Jeroen Krabbe is far behind with 52. This compares to 75 for American Gene Hackman, 99 for English Michael Caine, a mere 68 for Scotsman Sean Connery, 107 for French Gerard Depardieu, 120 for Croatian Sylva Koscina. Not sure of the Estonian leader. Actually, there may be others with more, but I don't know of them. Among the members of that club, only Koscina is deceased. Hauer and Krabbe are 54, Hackman turned 69 yesterday, Connery is 68, Caine is 65. The bad news is that Depardieu is a mere slip of a lad, having just turned 50 a few days ago, and should be able to churn out 50 more movies. I think we can rule him out for the title role in the next Karen Carpenter bio, but anything else seems like fair game.
  • Movie madness with RDO
  • RDO didn't want to leave Johnny Web alone in bad movie hell, so he made his own journey across the sulphurous waters. These are from "The Satanic Rites of Dracula". This merger mania is driving me crazy. Here I thought all this time that Dracula was a top independent, and it turns out that he's just another minion of Satan. Satan is so big in the evil category that he'll probably by investigated by the Justice Department right after they finish with Bill Gates. Hey, come to think of it ... Satan ... Bill Gates .... anybody ever seen them together? All this time I thought people were stupid when they couldn't tell that Clark Kent was really Superman with glasses on, while Satan and Bill Gates have been fooling me with the same scam. I wonder if Satan has been in more movies than Depardieu? Well, he was in this one, along with this girl, Valerie van Ost, or as they call her in Norway, Valerie of Cheese.
  • more satanic rites. Maggie Fitzgerald .
  • more satanic rites. Maggie Fitzgerald .
  • more satanic rites. Maggie Fitzgerald. You'd think if Drac was going to drain someone of blood, he'd pick someone with a bit more blood than this scrawny girl. She's not even a good snack size. On the other hand, although he could make a meal out of Rosanne Barr, I'll bet it was more fun to bite Maggie
  • I mentioned Superman. None of him today, or of Supermodels or SuperMario. We do have Supergirl, disguised here as Helen Slater in "House in the Hills"
  • Helen Slater in "House in the Hills". RDO couldn't find any lower body exposure in this print, although Scoopy Jr hinted the other day that there might be some. I sure do think this is one fine-lookin' gal.
  • Movie madness with The Realist
  • The Realist concentrates on some artier films. Here's Zouzou in the critically respected movie, "Chloe in the Afternoon". I like this movie, but the existing prints of it just suck canal water. These 'caps are made from a DVD, and they still stink. They just took a crappy print and converted it to DVD.
  • Zouzou "Chloe in the Afternoon". She is following French law to the letter in her failure to own another name. Miou-Moiu kind of tried to skirt the law with that hyphen.
  • Suze Randall in "Chloe in the Afternoon". Yup, this is the famous Suze Randall, photographer for men's magazines and other related media, during her brief acting career. It's a French movie, but she played an English nurse/aupair and spoke English.
  • No nudity. Here is Suze Randall in full frame, just so you can see it is the same woman. She was stunningly beautiful and, as evidenced in the previous picture, had quite a nice figure.
  • Julianne Moore in "The Big Lebowski". A strange film, but entertaining. Coen brothers, what can you say? Here Miss Moore is flying around the room naked. This is the technique she uses to paint her canvases. Like pretty much everyone else in the movie, she is named Lebowski
  • Julianne Moore in "The Big Lebowski". Here Miss Moore puts her robe back on after she lands. Man, after she showed her crotch in Short Cuts, she never put that puppy back in her pants. She's now competing for the Deborah Unger Award for most different movies. (Actually, she may be wearing a flesh colored thong here. I can't tell)
  • Blair Brown in Ken Russell's "Altered States". Breast close-up.
  • Blair Brown in Ken Russell's "Altered States". Breast close-up
  • Blair Brown in Ken Russell's "Altered States". Buns.
  • Blair Brown in Ken Russell's "Altered States". Lizard pose.
  • Left over from some earlier day. Juliette Binoche in "Damage".
  • Pics of the Day
  • Special thanks to Remer for his extra effort to bring us these 'caps. He recently saw Dara Tomanovich on an episode of "Just Shoot Me" and decided he simply had to see more. These topless vidcaps come from the movie "Amnesia", which is apparently not easy to come by. He ended up having to buy it. Now that's dedication!
  • More special thanks! Yesterday we ran vidcaps of Alexandra Tydings from an episode of "Red Shoe Diaries". Well, the version that was submitted had been around the block a few times, and Elliffen Graphix wasn't too happy when he saw his work beaten up a bit. So, here's the original. Thanks again!
  • More from "Luscious Liquids"
  • Unibomber comes through again with another hot bimbo pouring goo all over her body. Today it's popular B-movie bim and former bunny babe, Carrie Westcott.
  • Carrie is playing the "Messy Mechanic" in these 'caps. The only liquid I can confirm is beer, but it looks like they used some type of "oil" too.
  • Carrie Westcott #3.
  • Carrie Westcott #4.
  • Crow Goes to the Movies
  • Vidcaps from the movie "Mind Games". I haven't seen this winner, but from my research, it's really only for die hard "Punky Brewster" fans. All eight of them. The plot reads like your typical soft-core, straight-to movie...A woman has sex, takes a bath, slits her wrists by accident, her lover is revealed to be her college professor who has problems adjusting to the suicide. Next, throw in some haunting nightmares, and add another bimbo who throws herself at the prof, etc. etc. etc....Anyway, here's long time B-movie bim, Maria Ford.
  • Maria Ford in "Mind Games" #2.
  • Maria Ford in "Mind Games" #3.
  • On to's Soleil Moon Frye in "Mind Games". No nudity, but there are a few 'caps in her bra as well as an upskirt shot or two.
  • Soleil Moon Frye in "Mind Games" #2.
  • Soleil Moon Frye in "Mind Games" #3.
  • Soleil Moon Frye in "Mind Games" #4.
  • Tennis Anyone?
  • It sure has been a while since we last ran any tennis pics. Anyway, here are several action shots of Anna Kournikova.
  • Anna Kournikova #2.
  • Anna Kournikova #3.
  • Anna Kournikova #4.
  • Anna Kournikova #5.
  • From Helcrom
  • Here's something unusual from Helcrom. Typically he focuses on those Sidaris movie, fake boobed, fake tanned, bimbos. But today he has completely switched gears and sent in 3 more or less A-movie stars who all definitely fall into the cupcake category. First up, Susan Dey in 'caps from "Looker".
  • Next up, Samantha Mathis in the often overlooked, but pretty good gen-x-teen angst movie, "Pump up the Volume".
  • One more from Helcrom, here's Robin Wright in "Moll Flanders".
  • From AP
  • For our Euro Scoopy fans, here are 'caps exclusive to the Fun House. First, Elisabeth Lanz from "Klinik unter Palmen".
  • Annett Renneberg in "Blutige Scheidung".
  • Isabella Schmid in 'caps from "Hinter Gittern".
  • Oops, an American movie...Here's Heidi Schanz in "Body Language".
  • Heidi Schanz in "Body Language" #2.
  • Heidi Schanz in "Body Language" #3.
  • Fun House Variety
  • We have an all vidcap version of the variety section today, starting with Tamlyn Tomita in "The Killing Jar", by Freakie 2.
  • From Ghibli, here are two of Belgian actress, Marie Gillain from "L'Appāt".
  • Marie Gillain by Ghibli #2.
  • Going back a few decades to 1970...From Graphic Response, here's Susan Sarandon in "Joe".
  • Next up, Felicity Huffman in "Bedtime".
  • Finally today, from "Gigolo - Bei Anruf Liebe", here's Sonja Kirchberger. Thanks to Surfmarcus,