TV Round-Up

  Last night's Shameless (s6e4):

Sasha Alexander in a thong, possibly a slight bit of areola, maybe not.

Isadora Goreshter topless


Sarah Wayne Callies in Colony (s1e3) - brief, blurry topless


See Defoe's French nudity section below for the latest from Groland and La Stagiaire

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Barbora Kodetova


More models!

Today: More Kendal Schuler and friends


Kendal and Avril Alexander and Miriam Adler

Avril by herself

Miriam by herself, collage

one more of Miriam

Miriam photographed by Sylve Colless

Miriam photographed by Tess Feuilhade



Another unidentified actress from Groland (January 30th episode) in 1080hd

Camille Bardery in La Stagiaire (s1e6) in 1080hd


Judith Davis in Viva la Liberta (2013) in 1080hd

Lola Naymark in Au Nom de Fils (2012) in 1080hd


Film/TV Clips

Kim Riedle in Sibel & Max: Vergeben Und Vergessen (2016) in 720p

Claire Sheppard in The Naked Office (s1e6)

Various women in The Girls Guide to Depravity (s1e11) in 720p (IDs below)

Rebecca Blumhagen

Sally Golan

Hannah Fierman



Jennifer Akerman, Malin's sister, topless

Almost-70 Susan Sarandon at the SAG awards

Elizabeth Berkley's famous open leg scene in Showgirls in 1080hd