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Jessica Parker Kennedy (with Clara Paget) showing partial nipple action in Black Sails s2e2 (720p)

Martina Ebm in Vorstadtweiber (s1e3) in 720p

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26 January is Australia Day, the day on which we commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet (of 504 convicts and 348 soldiers and other free persons in 11 ships) into Sydney Cove in 1788. Nowadays, it has become much more than that and is now Australia's National Day. Hence, all the movies and TV shows this week are Australian.

Number 96

Number 96 is an Australian soap opera made in the 1970s. For its time, it was very risqué and known for its sex scenes and nudity, including full frontal scenes. It ran each week night so some of the production quality was thin on the ground, but that was not why you were watching it. 1218 episodes were made and some of them are available on DVD. Unfortunately, 100s of episodes are no longer in existence, and there is not much nudity in this lot.

Episode 649 (1974)

Josephine Knur

Episode 650 (1974)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 652 (1974)

Josie McKay

Episode 655 (1974)

Pamela Garrick

Episode 657 (1974)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 660 (1974)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 665 (1974)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 667 (1974)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 671 (1975)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 675 (1975)

Chantal Contouri

Episode 679 (1975)

Frances Hargreaves

Episode 836 (1975)

Anya Saleky

Episode 838 (1975)

Anya Saleky

Elaine Lee

Episode 843 (1975)

Anya Saleky

Episode 845 (1975)

Anya Saleky


Spyforce was an above-average Australian series set during World War II. It was about a small group of elite, special service operatives who often covertly operated behind Japanese lines. The most well-known actor in the series was Jack Thompson.

Episode 6 The Trader (1971)

Arna-Maria Winchester - topless

Episode 7 The Escape (1971)

Katy WIld - some nice cleavage

Episode 17 The Saviour: Part 2 (1972)

Katy WIld - in her bra

Episode 23 The Major (1972)

Arna-Maria Winchester - topless

Episode 31 The Interrogater (1973)

Katy WIld - in her bra

Episode 32 The Raiders (1972)

Mira Maric - naked but not much is showing

Episode 42 The Rolls That Went to War (1973)

Ann Sidney - an ex-Miss World in her bra

The Race of Life

(2012 short)

Danika Angela: fully clothed sex in skivvies.

Christie Claymore: fully clothed sex in brassiere.

A Year Minus a Day

(2009 short)

Danika Angela aka Danika Gintowt: partial buns and boob in bed.

Recon 2023: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy


Danika Angela (Danika Wintowt this time):
topless as lesbian lover who gets her neck slashed.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

(2011 short)

Dani Barker: nice rack.

"Shitt's Creek"

(tv series)

New series starring Eugene Levy. Despite the title raising eyebrows, the word "shit" typically goes unbleeped on Canadian prime-time television but the same does not apply to "f*cked" and "c*nt".

saucy poster


(le english speaking series, s2e2)

Meanwhile la saison trois of the original Quebec series has just begun airing on Radio-Canada.

Kaniehtiio Horn: almost popping out of micro-dress while having fully clothed sex.

Lisa Berry: nice cleavage.

"Les Enfants de la Télé"

(le talk show; le s5e18)

The producers dug up a nudie clip of this week's guest Maxim Roy (19-2, le English speaking series) from the 2009 movie "Romaine Par Moins 30" (aka Romaine 30° Below).

Maxim Roy: nudity blocked by title bars.

"Unité 9"

 la saison trois

Frédérique Dufort: masturbating while wearing her mother's wedding dress. (le s3e14)

Céline Bonnier & Geneviève Schmidt: sharing a lesbian kiss. (le s3e15)

"Lost Girl"

episode: "End of Faes" (mid-season finale; s5e08)

The final eight episodes of the series will start airing next Fall.

 Shanice Banton: brassiere.

Rachel Skarsten: pokies, upskirt.

Amanda Walsh: sexy but that's a flesh-covered strip of cloth between her breasts.

Anna Silk: cleavage.

Zoie Palmer: cleavage.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "Trading Places" (s3e14)

Julia Taylor Ross & Stacey Farber: sharing a lesbian kiss.

Twenty One

(2008 short)

Julia Taylor Ross & Cara Loften: sharing a lesbian kiss.

"Strange Empire"

episode: "End Days" (s1e12)

Joanne Boland: gets raped after bad guy finds out she isn't a dude.

Hannah Pederson: cleavage.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "The Devil Wears Whalebone" (s8e12)

Zoé De Grand Maison: in skivvies as model.

Courtney Lancaster: in skivvies as model.

Taylor McKay: in skivvies as model.

Helene Joy: in skivvies.

Georgina Reilly & Sara Mitich (Joy Ride 3): sharing a tender lesbian moment.


Taylor McKay aka Taylor Jean McKay is a Canadian model who got her break on the reality series "Canada's Next Top Model." ( Various near-nudity and some nice braless pokies.)

"Saturday Night Live"

sketch: "Attack of the Terrible Snapping Creatures" (s6e4)

This clip aired in 1980 and doesn't exist anywhere on the internet and even the Netflix episode doesn't feature this sketch. It features a bra-less Jamie Lee Curtis and her nipples being attacked by clothespins.

Jamie Lee Curtis: showing some nice bra-less pokies.


Vika Kerekes

In Men in Hope

In Nestyda


TV and Film Clips

We haven't seen Natasha Henstridge topless in quite some time! Badge Of Honor (2015)

Hannah Hoekstra in Sunny Side Up (2015) in 720p

Lisa Loven Kongsli in Turist (2014) in 1080hd

Tinatin Dalakishvili in Zvezda (2014) in 1080hd

Natasha Alam in Big Bad Wolf (2013) in 720p

Antonella Costa in No Mires Para Abajo (2008)

Geno Lechner and Miho Nikaido in Going Under (2004) in 720p



A rarely seen topless scene from Daryl Hannah in Reckless (1984)

Mandingo (1975) is now available in HD. God knows why.

Laura Misch Owens

Brenda Sykes

Debbi Morgan

Susan George

Reda Wyatt

Pics and Collages

Iggy Azalea - wardrobe malfunction or something.
(Whatever the reason, there are vag lips involved.)

Here's a jumbo-ass version of that Katy Perry upskirt