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Black Snake Moan


Christina Ricci film clips

Lady Stay Dead


Johnny's comments:

You know what I haven't done in a while? An Australian Classic of a film unavailable on DVD.

Lady, Stay Dead is a 1981 thriller about Gordon (Chard Hayward), a gardener who is obsessed with pop star Marie Coleby (Deborah Coulls). Gordon just happens to be working on Marie's property and he wants to have sex with her. Marie is about to go away for a shoot and her sister Jenny (Louise Howitt) is going to stay at her house. Except Gordon really wants to have sex with Marie. But, she does not want to, so Gordon forces himself on her and then when she rejects him, he drowns her in the fish tank. Then, the housekeeper from across the way comes over. Gordon kills him. Then, Jenny arrives and it's just never going to end for poor Gordon. First, he tries being friendly with her, then she gets suspicious of him, so he decides to kill her next. Except, she's proving harder to kill than her sister... From the director of some quite sleazy films Night of Fear, Plugg and Inn of the Damned (all films I must get around to capturing at some stage) and bizarrely, the rather sensitive Little Boy Lost, it comes as no surprise that Lady, Stay Dead begins so sleazily, I wondered how much more sleazy it could get. Thankfully (or not...), it's toned down in the second half. It's a damn shame this film isn't all that good because at times it threatens to be a decent little thriller, but it keeps shooting itself in the foot with some clunky moments. The cop played by Roger Ward feels like comic relief which pricks whatever tension was built up. Chard Hayward is surprisingly good as the Norman Bates-ish psychopath who keeps digging himself into a bigger and bigger hole. If only the clunkyness and the sleaze were toned down, it could've been a contender. Ah well, the sleaze is nice though.

As with all movies taken from VHS, be advised that the quality isn't a good as DVD, although this one came out alright. There's a lengthy video with the entirety of Deborah Coulls wearing a see-through dress with no underwear underneath. She go out on the town like that? Also, I tried making another video with Louise Howitt wearing an apparently see-through blouse, possibly made from the same fabric, but we never get a good look. Maybe a DVD or heaven forbid, a Bluray of the movie could tell us more. I'm surprised this isn't on DVD considering Night of Fear and Inn of the Damned are in a double pack. And Inn of the Damned is an appalling film, way worse than Lady, Stay Dead, plenty of good sleaze though ...

Deborah Coulls film clips

Louise Howitt film clip

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Camille Sullivan in Normal (2007)

Marion Cotillard in Les jolies choses (2001)

Just for grins: Carrie Fisher (non nude) in The Time Guardian (1987)

Today's Italian exploitation classic is Edwige Fenech in The Policewoman in New York (1981). This film has much less nudity than you might expect from Fenech. This was the last of her Policewoman movies, made as she was approaching the end of her legendary run, which essentially took place in the period 1968-1982. She was out of the game, more or less, at 33 or 34.

Ana Grete Nissen in Without A Stitch (1968) in 720p


I guess this is Mary Margaret Humes (Dawson's mom) from the second episode of Luck, that new series with Dustin Hoffman. I can't confirm. The show has not aired (it's on HBO Go) and I haven't seen a clip yet. Assuming that it is really she, the woman looks incredible in her late 50s.

This is the ad that got Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani banned from her country

Tamit Phoenix in a European TV ad for Fa Shower Gel

Petra Skodova in Spiderhole (2011)

Christine Quinn in Passenger Side (2009)

Rachael Santhon in Passenger Side (2009)

Ingrid Boulting in The Last Tycoon (1976)