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The Limits of Control



Paz de la Huerta film clips, part 1

Paz de la Huerta film clips, part 2

This was one of the top nude scenes of 2009 - #8

Samples below



Coming up: a new set of material.

Brainscan says,

"Mainly of A-list gals in performances that have been posted many times before but were so attractive resistance was futile.  Take the Anna Paquin scene from True Blood - has to be one the most beautifully shot and downright sexiest scenes filmed at any time by anyone.  Or the Caprice Benedetti scene from Brotherhood - whoda known that gal has such an attractive caboose?  And then there's Jessica Biel and Marisa Tomei and how did we ever get so lucky to live in a time when women this attractive thought it perfectly reasonable to take off their clothes in front of a camera?  Hi Def at that. Ain't life grand?" 

Here's part 3:



This was the #14 nude scene of 2010

Addison Timlin




This was the #1 nude scene of 2010

Amanda Seyfried



Before the Devil Knows You're Dead


This was the #2 nude scene of 2007

Marisa Tomei




All Good Things


Kirsten Dunst Collages:



Film Clips

Mini Anden in The Mechanic, now in theaters. (Cam quality. Meh.)

Salma Hayek in Wild Wild West in 1080p (1999; sample below)

A young Charlize Theron in 2 Days In The Valley in 1080p Hot! (1996)

Caroline Berg in Le due vite di Mattia Pascal (1985)

Dalila Di Lazzaro in 3 hommes a battre (1980)

Tall Paul covers the notorious Joe D'Amato film Emanuelle in America:

Laura Gemser in Emanuelle in America (1977)

Laura Gemser and others in Emanuelle in America (1977)

Laura Gemser and Paola Senatore in Emanuelle in America (1977)

Paola Senatore in Emanuelle in America (1977)

Per Wikipedia: "The later D'Amato films feature scenes of extreme violence and depravity (one controversial scene in Emanuelle in America shows a naked woman masturbating a horse), something not found in the French films. Uncut versions of several Black Emanuelle films contain scenes depicting actual penetration. Also Black Emanuelle and Emanuelle Around the World contain scenes where the Emanuelle character is seen having explicit sex. These scenes were created with inserts, using a body double. Laura Gemser never performed explicit sexual acts on film, nor was she informed that a body double would be used." Here is the famous horse masturbation scene from Emanuelle in America (1977). Oh, that Joe D'Amato! Always a classy guy.

Here are some enlarged samples from Tall Paul's vids:

Laura Gemser


Laura and unknown

Paola Senatore






Sarah Agor in Hatchet II

Charlayne DeVillier in Hatchet II

Alexis Peters in Hatchet II

rasslin bad girl Missy Hyatt

rasslin icon Sunny