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She's Gotta Have It


She's Gotta Have It was Spike Lee's breakout film, and tells the story of Nola Darling, a successful middle class black woman who does ad paste-up for a living, and has three lovers, all of whom know about each other. First, there is Jaimie (Tommy Redmond Hicks) a serious and caring man who believes she is his soul mate. Number two is Greer (John Canada Terrell) an upscale Manhattan model, narcissist, and "oreo cookie" (black on the outside, white on the inside). Finally, there is Mars (Spike Lee) who is funny, street smart, quick talking, but hard-core unemployable. Each serves a different need for her, and perhaps the combination is her perfect man, but the guys are not content to share her. Not only that, but she has a lesbian friend who would like to become #4. At one point she sees a shrink to find out whether she is normal or a sex addict.

It won good reviews and several newcomer awards, and started Spike Lee on his successful career. I found the film very accessible, and enjoyed most of the characters. Spike Lee has a great deal of comic ability in front of the camera, and Tracy Camilla Johns has a great deal of presence, not to mention sexuality. It is in lovely black and white, and is a very fast watch.


Tracy Camilla Johns, who plays Nola Darling brilliantly, shows breasts in several scenes.









Night Shift


Time Travel back to 1982 for Night Shift with Shelley Long, Michael Keaton, and Henry Winkler.

Shelley looking sexy in her panties.

A very young Monique Gabrielle topless at a party. Caps and a clip.

A topless unknown pops out of a drawer at the Morgue. Caps and a clip.

Joy Michael shows her tits.



Into the Blue



Bonus caps of Jessica Alba in Into the Blue. No nudity of course, but sexy.








Notes and collages


part 8 of many

Lisa Kudrow

Episode 227










More from Naked and Naughty

(samples to the right)










A film clip of Eva Mendes in We Own the Night

This time in high def (720p)







Carta Esferica



Aitana Sanchez-Gijon







Lake Placid 2

Ok, here's the plan: let's take a mediocre flick from 1999, Lake Placid, a comedy/horror about a man-eating crocodile loose in the lake, and make a made-for-Sci-Fi Channel sequel. We'll make it even dumber and more poorly made (the CGI seaplane is the stupidest and most unrealistic I've ever seen) than the original, but we'll stick in some hot babes, and then release an "unrated version" on DVD where all the aforementioned hot babes show their boobies.

Sound like a good plan? Well, apparently the suits at Sci-Fi thought so, because they did it, and this 2007 release is the result.

The croc is back. The boobs are yummy. They apparently realized just how bad this is because one of the special features on the DVD is Lake Placid 2: The Gnawed Up Version, where they fast-forward through all the crap to let you see the "good" parts. That's all you need to know.

Alicia Ziegler Sarah Lafleur
Zhasmina Toskova

and Yana Marinova

V.J. Kewl






From deep within the Vault of Obscurity. A film clip of Anna Przybylska in Krolowa chmur, a 2004 film made for Polish TV.

Johnny Moronic is back with Episode 10 of Satisfaction

Madeleine West (film clip here, sample right)

(Warning: almost no nudity.)

Boyana Novakovic (film clip here, sample right)
Suzannah McDonald (film clip here, sample right)


Ellen Pompeo goes jogging, sweats a bit. Her fabric gets damp. We profit.


Finally, here's almost-princess Koo Stark, who many believe to have been the true love of Prince "Randy Andy" Andrew. She was shunted out of the marriage picture when the queen realized she was a soft-core actress, but the rumor before that was that QE2 was quite charmed by Stark, and that Stark and Andrew were deeply in love.

Koo also acted in Star Wars. In the "missing Biggs-scenes" on Tatooine (filmed in Tunisia), she plays one of Luke's friends called "Camie". Camie is the least sympathetic of Luke's friends and calls him by his nickname "Wormie" as he explains that there is a space battle going on above their heads and rushes them all out to watch it. The scenes were not included in the theatrical release, but recently it has been possible to see these scenes on the "Behind The Magic" CD-ROM released by LucasArts.

She's a freelance photographer now, and hasn't acted in two decades.

Here she is in Cruel Passion, also known as Justine.