Signs that you've grown up.
  • fool around in a twin-sized bed? No way
  • refrigerator contains more food than beer
  • you hear your favorite song on an elevator
  • you watch the Weather Channel, and own an umbrella
  • you don't know the Taco Bell closing hours
  • you feed the dog Science Diet instead of leftover Big Macs
  • dinner and a movie is the whole date, not the prelim
  • MTV news is no longer your primary informnation source
  • you are on the computer to work
  • you have a grocery list. And you're really old if it includes anything more than Mountain Dew and Ho-Ho's.


    Elizabeth Moses is on Blinky's runway today. I don't know her, but her Grandma was a helluva painter. Of course earlier in her ancestry, I've always been a fan of several of the Commandments, although I can't name any favorites right now. Is there something in there about coveting you neighbor's Lexus?

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    pictures byLipstalk
    Haven't heard from Stalker in a while. Some new work
  • porn star Jana doing - well, doing what she does,
  • Sunshine Cruz in "Ang Kabit Ni Mrs Montero" I've seen a few movie in my day, but I missed this one. All kidding aside, India and The Philippines churn out movies like crazy, but they rarely see major international channels (this one is Filipino). I think I read somewhere at one time India once made more feature-length movies than all other countries added together.

  • Gold is Corinne Russell.

    Requests are Courtney (#1, #2) Leah Harper (#1, #2)

  • Deborah Messing in "Ned and Stacy" - network TV nudity, so nothing really visible.
  • Helen Baxendale in "Truth or Dare"
  • Helen Baxendale in Truth or Dare"

  • FR
  • Renee Humphrey in "The Sex Monster". Raw caps donated by Tuna.
  • Renee Humphrey in "The Sex Monster". Raw caps donated by Tuna.
  • Mariel Hemingway in "The Sex Monster". Collages by FR. Raw caps donated by Tuna. Same collage as yesterday. No nudity..

  • DJW New guy. Friend of Pitters, also specializing in rarely seen material from the UK, like edible food and a cold Coke. Oops, no, sorry - I guess it's just rarely seen movie and video clips. Finally some nudity in these rare UK clips!

    Leslie Hope in "Paris, France" Leslie Hope in "Paris, France" Leslie Hope in "Paris, France" Leslie Hope in "Paris, France" Denise van Outen in "Tube Tales". No nudity, but I thought the situation was a turn-on.

    more bikini babes from Black Men, Mar 2000 Issue

    Avonte (#1, #2) Dina Marie (#1, #2) Gabrielle Union (#1, #2) Mocha Lee (#1, #2, #3) Myisha (#1, #2) Unknown babes (#1, #2, #3, #4) Charlie Baltimore Jazsmin Lewis Kenya Moore Roshumba

    Some catch-up of pictures that got lost by Crow's mail server system
  • Selma Blair in "Cruel Intentions"
  • Selma Blair in "Cruel Intentions"
  • Saffron Burrows in "The Loss of Sexual Innocence"
  • Saffron Burrows in "The Loss of Sexual Innocence"
  • Saffron Burrows in "The Loss of Sexual Innocence"

  • Members Bonuses

    a "American Flyers", from Tuna

    I actually got into trouble over this movie once. 7-Eleven worked with this production when I was the National Promotions manager. Although Sports Marketing actually put the deal together, I guess it was kinda on my watch, and the honchos were upset because (1) the 7-Eleven team wasn't presented with the right tone (2) some gut showed part of his pecker, and Costner showed part of his butt. Big hairy deal.

    Tuna reports that the DVD is widescreen and very high quality. Alexandra Paul exposes some naughty bits, but the other two actresses looked good, if excessively covered.

    Alexandra Paul (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14) Rae Dawn Chong (#1, #2, #3, #4) Jennifer Grey (#1, #2, #3, #4) Stone Cold

    I sweet-talked the thirty five dollar Juicy Fruit man into selling magazines, and now he all huffy because they prepriced and some consumer protection mofos tell him he got to charge what it say on the cover. This screw up his profits because he count on selling one issue for ninety seven bucks to make up for the other fifteen issues we rip off. So we cut him a deal. He look the other way when we liberate his magazines, and we promise to bring em back so he can turn 'em in for credit to his distributor. That way we get em for free, and he get em for free. Then we got a deal goin back and forth where we steal magazines from the corner newstand, and the Juicy Fruit man pay us fifty cent each for 'em, and turn 'em back into his distributor for full credit. Mofo'n distributor fuck up the whole plan when he notice that Juicy Fruit return 112 copies of Playboy last month, and he only got 15 to begin with. We woulda hurt the man to splain it to him, but he some crazy big Luca Brazzi lookin' mofo with some serious firepower under his dirty-ass jacket, so we show him a little respect. Good is we can steal Sleuth and Skin in the 'Hood now, so we support community business.

    Some she-it I never expected from Sleuth this month, like Daisy Fuentes flashin her guns in these four pictures. Fuentes said she never posed topless, but she must not count these cuz she got some beads or shit on her guns, but they don't cover shit. More Fuentes. More Fuentes. More Fuentes. Marliece Andrada. This one out of my culture, but Sleuth say she a Baywatch and Playboy girl, and these pictures before she did either one. more Andrada. more Andrada. Ophelie Winter supposed to be some French singer. Don't know shit about that, but she got a great face and some jumbo mofo'n cannons. Never heard her sing, but I don't expect much, cuz there's something in the French water that fuck up singin'. Even the brothas in France suck. Brothas be in Haiti or St Martin singin like Bob Mofo'n Marley, then they move to France and they turn into mofo'n Potsie.  Jade Jagger. I don't know if Mick payin any child support on this sugar, and I don't know DNA from TNT, but goin' by the Lips test, ol' Mick might think about lettin the real fatha pick up the tab. more Jagger Sandra Bullock. No bra, some volcanic activity. more Sandra Bullock. Catherine Bell. No bra, some look through the shirt Jennifer Ringley. Say what? She the Jennicam girl, and she one chubby li'l Sally Struthers looking mothafucka. more Jennicam sugar. more Jennicam. Susie Porter. Another li'l chubby Sally Struthers lookin mofo. She was in some movie "Welcome to Woop-Woop". Don't know how I missed that. more chubby li'l woop-woop girl. Emma Thompson - new paparazzi shots- this woman need to stop airin' that stuff out in public.

    Members Bonus

  • Gillian Anderson in The Turning, from Hugo
  • Gillian Anderson in The Turning, from Hugo
  • Onion turns Gail Porter into a British Barbie Doll
  • from Donbun - Dominique Sanda in "The Inheritance"
  • Greta Scacchi in "The Coca-Cola Kid" From ScanMan. More at www.scan-man.com
  • Doreen Jacobi in "HeliCops". From ScanMan. More at www.scan-man.com
  • three beautiful shots of Francesca Neri from her GQ layout
  • three beautiful shots of Francesca Neri from her GQ layout
  • three beautiful shots of Francesca Neri from her GQ layout
  • Lorraine Ferris from Natural Born Killers (Dann)
  • Katja Woywood topless and wet
  • Helen Mirren, not young, but still getting her clothes off
  • Paula Sanchez in "Interviu"
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