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Well, this was a pleasant surprise

Keri Russell shows her butt and a brief nipple!

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(season four, episode two)

Anna McGahan


Body Guards


Anna Falchi


The Settlement


Johnny's comments:

The Settlement is a drama about two drifters Kearney and Martin (Bill Kerr and John Jarratt), who go from town to town looking for work and when there's none, they rig bare knuckle fights or perform light scams on easy targets. When they land in Cedar Creek, things are about to change dramatically for the two. Although there's no work and the local cop has warned them to move on as soon as arrive at the pub. They bunker down at an abandoned farmhouse just outside of town and then Kearney gets sick. Joycie (Lorna Lesley), a barmaid at the local pub is sympathetic to them and after rejecting the advances of her boss who then fires her, she joins Kearney and Martin and helps Kearney get better. But, you know what happens in small towns, they talk and there is a general disapproval of how they are living, particularly when it becomes known that Joycie was possibly once a prostitute. And then push comes to shove and the town wants them out. Gentle drama that doesn't seem to have any lofty ambitions, but is affable enough to get by. The three leads are a fun watch and their opposition is suitably nasty. Nothing special, but not bad either.

And, damn, I can't work out who the unknown girl is below, but she looks sort of familiar and sure is pretty. The credits to The Settlement are pretty awful only going about 10 deep before just listing names and that doesn't help. Ah well...

Trojan Warrior


Johnny's comments:

Trojan Warrior is a 2002 action comedy about a crook who rats out some big cheese and gets a bounty on his head. His friend (former kickboxing champ Stan 'The Man' Longinidis) attempts to help him survive the weekend with all of Melbourne's crooks desperate for the bounty. Trojan Warrior is utterly silly and if you're not in the mood for it, you'll hate it, but I liked it even if it becomes 'spot the Melbourne identity' after a while (including a baffling Chopper Read cameo playing a character named Erik Bana???). Did I say that Trojan Warrior is completely silly?


Film Clips

Ulrike Tscharre in Mord In Eberswalde (2013)

Elisabeth Leistikow, Esther Zimmering and Janina Rudenska in Ins Blaue (2012)




Monica Bellucci in Malena (2000) in 1080p: Part 1, Part 2 (Spectacular woman, great movie)


model and sometime actress Linnea Melander