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Adrift in Manhattan


Adrift in Manhattan (2007) is an indie that played the festival circuit and garnered a few awards. It is a character-driven drama about three people whose lives intersect.

  • The first is an older Italian gentleman who runs a company mailroom by day, but is an artist by night. He learns from character two, Ophthalmologist Heather Graham, that he is going blind.
  • The ophthalmologist is completely emotionally withdrawn. She separated from her husband after the death of their two year old child.
  • The final character is a 20 year old Puerto Rican man who lives with his castrating mother, and works in a camera store. His passion is photography. He gets Heather Graham in his lens and becomes obsessed. Heather and the young man are destined to become intimate.

Adrift is directed and acted well, and I really wanted to like it, but the pace is too slow and there is little or no passion in any of the characters, nor redemption for them.

IMDb readers say 5.2 with 327 votes. I expect that is about where it will stay.

Heather Graham shows breasts and buns in a dark sex scene. Marlene Forte, as the young man's mother, shows breasts.

Heather Graham


Marlene Forte










Today we go back to 1988 for "Not of This Earth" which was itself a re-make of the 1957 Roger Corman flick of the same name. This time around Jim Wynorski directed, so of course you can look for the nudity that the original did not have. The film is really noteworthy as the first big screen appearance of the former underage porn star Traci Lords.

Traci showed some skin here and it seems that since this movie she has pretty much kept her clothes on. Caps and two clips.



Belinda Grant with boobage in the back seat of a car, before being drained of her blood. Caps and two clips.


Boobs from Becky LeBeau delivering a strip-o-gram. Caps and two clips.


Ava Cadell & Roxanne Kernohan & Cynthia Thompson (from left to right) play hookers who show of their tits, except for Cynthia (she was bashful).







Notes and collages


part 7 of many

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 222









More from Naked and Naughty

Film clip: Kim Maddox
Film clip: Linda O'Neill















Caotica Ana


Per Wikipedia: "Caotica Ana is the story-journey of Ana during four years of her life, from 18 to 22. A countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7... until 0, like in hypnosis, through which Ana proves that she does not live alone, that her existence seems like a continuation of other lives of young women who died in a tragic way, all at the age of 22, and who live in the abyss of her unconscious memory. This is her chaos. Ana is the princess and the monster of this feminist fable against the tyranny of the white man."

Scoop's note: Who-hoo! That jumps right to the top of my list of things to watch! It's the feel good movie of the year. The nudity is nice, however.



Film clips of Katherine Kendall and Sinead Kavanagh in Turning Green, (Spanish audio, but actually a movie in English, filmed in and about Ireland.)

Carolina Peleritim, Sandra Ballesteros, and Ariadna Gil in a film clip from The Dark Side of the Heart

Some film clips of Laura Gemser in Emanuelle in the Country. I understand that this is not really an Emanuelle film, but one which was renamed that way for a video release. I haven;t seen it, btu IMDb says the original title is Country Nurse, and that Laura does NOT play a character named Emanuelle.

Monique Alexander in Sex House

The latest collection of Britney in public virtually topless

Since you can't see much of Keira Knightley in that clip above, here's a much better perspective. In fact, these are almost life size. A jumbo-ass pair of 1920x1080 captures from The Hole. With film clip.