"L'Uomo delle stelle"

L'Uomo delle stelle (1995) (The Star Maker) is directed and co-authored by Giuseppe Tornatore, and is a companion piece to his acclaimed Cinema Paradiso. Both films are about movies, and take place in post WW II Sicily. In this film, Joe Morelli (Sergio Castellitto) is a con man who tours Sicily in a truck plastered with movie posters, and claims to be a talent scout for Universal Films, Rome. For a small processing fee, he shoots screen tests, which, he promises, will go to the studio. People are eager to buy into this dream. One mother even screws him to pay for her daughters screen test.

In another scene, he is hired to film the corpse of a Mafia Don, who never permitted photographs when he was alive. A young girl, raised by nuns, and probably the daughter of one of them, also wants to escape the small town to a movie career. Beata (Tiziana Lodato) earns the money for the screen test by stripping for a man whose house she cleans. When Morelli leaves town, she follows him. The two become intimate, and then he is arrested.

Lodato shows full frontal in the strip scene, breasts trying to talk Morelli into taking her with him, and breasts again losing her virginity to Morelli. IMDB readers have this at 6.9 of 10. Ebert awards three stars, and Berardinelli 3 1/2. Rotten Tomatoes has it 67% positive, with the same score from the top critics. It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, and won several Italian awards. The film was beautifully filmed, and the score by Ennio Morricone helped set the tone. I found it a little slow starting, but there are several aspects of the film that make it worth watching. First, of course, is the nudity. Performances by the two leads were top notch. The film is an interesting perspective on post WW II Italy, and especially Sicily, and many of the characters who pay for a screen test are fascinating. B-

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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Seven more babes from "The Mummy's Kiss".

    Veteran B movie babe Regina Russell and crossover pornstar Diana Espen (aka April Flowers and April Summers) play coeds who like the professor almost as much as they like one another. Some topless teasing in the classroom is followed by some real friendly, full-frontal activities in the bedroom.

    Okay, then, we have Aysia Lee as the prof's teaching assistant, getting her topped ripped off in a catfight.

    Elina Madison, Rhoda Jordan and Rosalyn Macie as coeds who also try to get into the professor's pants by taking off their tops. These gals have done some work in Hollywood before. BTW, the coed teasing and a little smoochie-face is all the boy-girl action in this movie. That's kinda weird, I thought: 90 minutes of girls doing girls and none of the old girl-boy tango. Not that I'm complaining.

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Well, growing tired of the modern day junk, we once again cranked up the time machine and returned to 1974 and a look at the women of a cult classic "Big Bad Mama". You just have to love a movie where everybody gets naked.

    • First up is Robbie Lee with a boob flopping out of her blouse while looking out of a car window. (1, 2, 3)

    • Next is veteran actress Sally Kirkland showing us boobs and bun. Sally made a career out of exposing her body for year to come. (1, 2, 3)

    • Then it's Susan Sennett doing the bedroom scene with Tom Skerritt and showing boobs and bun. (1, 2, 3)

    • We did several of Angie Dickinson's generous exposure on the 20th of this month, but here's another kind of dark scene of Angie doing the deed with Fun House hero...William Shatner. (1, 2)

    There's one more to go of Joan Prather of "Eight is Enough" fame, but we will save that for next time (translated into I ran out of time), but it's a goody as she not only gets naked, but is a "Babe in Bondage".

    Anja Kling Undies, and brief breast exposure in scenes from "Jenseits"

    Elisabeth Shue Topless in "Cousin Bette" (1998).

    Katharina Böhm Breast exosure in love scenes from "Der Freund von Früher".

    Maria Fritz The ultra-busty babe topless on German TV.

    Shannon Tweed
    (1, 2)

    The Skinemax queen gettin' it on in scenes from the 1993 softcore flick, "Scorned".

    Silke Kulik Going back to the 70's for these topless 'caps from her one and only movie credit, "Das Unheil".

    Amy Brenneman The "Judging Amy" star in a bathing suit in scenes from "Fear" (1996).

    Reese Witherspoon Reese in a bikini, also from "Fear".

    Jennifer Connelly A classic moment in nude cinema history...A young, gorgeous and topless Connelly in scenes from "The Hot Spot".

    Kristin Davis Flashing a boob in scenes from "Sex and the City".

    Paula Marshall I think the guys at Jump the Shark should add her to their patron saint list. When she shows up in the cast of a TV series, it's soon off the air. she is topless, and possibly showing a hint of pubes in scenes from "The New Age" (1994).

    Shirley Manson The lead singer of the band Garbage showing some serious pokies on stage.

    Helena Christensen A great B&W scan of the mega-model posing with an exposed breast.

    Jennifer Garner A production still of the "Alias" star in a leather outfit from the upcoming movie "Daredevil".

    Brittany Murphy
    (1, 2, 3)

    The "8 Mile" and "Don't Say a Word" star posing in skin tight shirts for Arena magazine.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Leggo My Lego! - Police in Offenbach, Germany, are looking for some thieves who broke into a child's nursery, ignored cash and computers, and stole all the Legos, even one piece that was propping up an alarm clock with a missing leg. A police spokesman said they don't know why the thieves took only Legos, "but it will help them pass the time of day in jail once we have caught them."

  • In Germany, you go to jail, but you get to keep what you stole.
  • They won't be in jail long: they'll just build a Lego ladder and over the wall they go!
  • Sounds like what the Grinch does when it's not Christmas season.

    Not His Favorite Year - Ignoring petitions by fans of the Oscar-less Doris Day and Richard Widmark, the Motion Picture Academy chose Peter O'Toole as the only recipient of an honorary Oscar this year. But O'Toole replied that while he's delighted, he'd like them to wait 10 years until he's 80 because he thinks he still has a chance to win a real Oscar. An Academy spokesman said it's a now-or-never offer, and accepting the honorary Oscar won't lower O'Toole's chances of winning one later.

  • Because now, his chances of winning one are ZERO!!
  • Besides, if he doesn't show up, the Oscar telecast will be way too short!
  • He's been nominated seven times before, but he doesn't remember any of those.
  • After he wins an Oscar at 75, he plans to replace Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes."
  • Doris Day deserved an Oscar, just for playing a virgin for 40 years.

  • From the Mail Bag
    Hey Scoops,

    I'm not sure if your viewers are aware of this, but I stumbled across quite a find the other day. Fashon TV is a French station has a website that broadcasts it's show online. Every night for a half hour at midnight Paris time (5pm here in the midwest) the show is especially interesting. They show lingerie and other risque clothing on the runway. Nudity abounds! There's nothing wrong with half-dressed supermodels walking the runway.

    The link is Hope you enjoy!

    Uncle Gimpy