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"Pray for Power" (2000)

Pray for Power (2000) is a stealth film, in that IMDB has never heard of it even though their parent company, Amazon sold it to me. It is a "B" thriller staring Lisa Boyle, and is somewhat reminiscent of the "B" exploitation films of the late 70's in that it has more nudity than the usual direct-to-video thriller, but not nearly enough to be considered soft core. Lisa plays a recovering alcoholic who just landed a Bunnymag cover, and is having troubles with her current boyfriend. She talks about needing space, but the problem is probably more related to her wanting a drink. She, for some reason that is never explained, goes into a strange room in a hotel to pee, and is trapped in the bathroom when a couple returns and decides to have sex on the bed. After the female half uses a nifty nail gun to "tie" his hands to the bedposts, she lets a friend in to kill him. Lisa, of course, hears all of this. After she leaves the room, the killers see her, but she escapes. So much for the first 4 or 5 minutes.

The killers are out to kill her, anybody she has talked to, the crooks who tried to double cross them, and anybody else they feel the world would be better off without. The millions everyone is after come from a Cybersex Website, which ups the breast count to a total of 6. We have Lisa, mostly modeling, Laura Kim as the Cyber-babe, and Sue Hirko as the female assassin.

On the box, one critic is quoted as saying "Lisa Boyle has never been better." That could mean this is a good performance, or that her acting is always this bad. Not that this is a total loss, One of Lisa's ex boyfriends, who is also a photographer, one of the bad guys, and trying to get Lisa back on the booze, has a classic line to her. "Without me, you are just another slut living off her breast implants." I have an excuse for watching this one -- there were no reviews to read first. You can no longer use that excuse. This will probably eventually make IMDB in the low 4s, and is not bad enough to ever gain cult status. You would do well to avoid this film.

  • Thumbnails
  • Thumbnails

  • Lisa Boyle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Laura Kim (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Sue Hirko (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Red Letters is just a mediocre made for cable movie (hint: Pauly Shore in an erotic thriller), but it has a great all-nude opening scene. I will do this more extensively when I get the DVD (these are VHS)


    The box office smash, What Lies Beneath, was the one and only new DVD at Blockbuster this week. No nudity, but Pfeiffer wore wet clothing and teased a bit.

    • various minor teases from Pfeiffer (1, 2)


    • Death Wish was the original vigilante justice movie with Charles Bronson. It produced visceral reactions when it was released to theaters, and spurred five sequels, but it seems tame today, thanks to a quarter century of Tarantino, et al. It is still kinda fun to watch today, if only for the unrepentant ending, and the very young Jeff Goldblum (as a psychotic member of some gang which precipitated the whole revenge spree), and an even younger-looking Christopher Guest.

    • Kathleen Tolan (1, 2, 3)

    If you haven't done so and want to, vote here for the top nude scene of 1999.

    It was a tremendous year for films, and produced a plethora of nude scenes for you to choose from.

    The Encyclopedia Volume B, Number 10, is updated. About 130 additions just in the area from BRI to BRZ.

    From 1991, Hong Kong Category III exploitation flick Robotrix. A direct rip-off of Robocop, which was a very popular movie in the Asian markets, Robotrix lacked Robocop's big budget special effects, it's level of writing, acting and directing but it did make up for it with large naked breasts...large naked Asian breasts. I know what you're thinking...large Asian breasts? Is there such a thing? Oh yeah....Amy Yip and Aoyama Chikako have very nice large Asian melons. Mmmmmm. Several international robot making scientists are trying to procure a contract with a Middle Eastern oil sheik (who's character is named "Oil Sheik" go figger!) and display their prototypes at a robot convention in Hong Kong. One evil Japanese scientist genius is black balled from the robot making community for being too radical. He seeks to get his revenge by committing hari kari only to allow his mind and soul to magically transfer into his newest and best robot. He then (in the robot's body) goes and kidnaps Oil Sheik's son "The Prince" and ransoms him for the defense contract. The good Japanese scientist (Hui Hui Tan) and her two robots (one is a Johnny Socko looking gimmick except human sized and female, the other is the delectable Amy Yip) agree to help a special HK police unit in tracking down and capturing the evil robot scientist. So now you're caught up...

    Here's Oil Sheik's son The Prince just prior to being kidnapped. He's cavorting with some young topless lovelies in the indoor pool.

    Aoyama Chikako is a cute large breasted Japanese actress who played the chief of the Special Police Unit assigned to protect The Prince. The evil robot (who will hereafter be referred to as Evil Robot) shot Aoyama and killed her. Hui Hui Tan takes the dead police officer and transfers her mind and soul into her Johnny Socko looking robot (and thankfully makes it look like her also). Here's the amazing transmogrification!

    Evil Robot goes out on the town to pick up chicks. Why? If you were a genius science geek and finally got a buff (albeit artificial) bod...what would you do? Here's an unknown bar whore who he picks up and takes back to his room for an infamous scene...

    Infamous because it was cut from most HK vid releases as being too graphically brutal. The two start screwing and things get out of hand. The bar whore gets dried out and he keeps going and going and going. She wants to quit and he won't. Evil Robot screwing the cute little bar whore...

    Well, he fucks her to death and then tosses her out the window. I guess this is a bit brutal but not so much for HK movies. Anyway, it was a bit controversial 10 years ago. Unknown naked actress playing dead...

    Even though she's a robot now, Aoyama Chikako makes love to her boyfriend and he can't tell the difference! He has no clue that she's of the android persuasion. Now that's a quality robot!

    More of Aoyama naked and making love. Seen through some sort of sheer curtain in this one. Gaze upon her large breasts...

    And they're still going at it. I wonder where she reloads the Vagicil?

    Amy Yip...for those of you not familiar with her, let me fill you in. She's good looking, she's Chinese and she has very large (and natural as far as I know) tits. She has appeared nude in countless movies but there's one little problem...except for one movie (Sex and Zen) she never let the good bits be shown on film! What the Hell am I talking about? You know when chicks pose nude but have there hands over their nips or a potted plant in front of their pubic region? That's what I'm talking about! She made all these movies where she's the naked sex symbol and always the stuff you really want to see is covered (usually by some man's, woman's or monster's hands). Half the actors and actresses in Hong Kong got to squeeze on those big boobs but the good moviegoer saw nada. She even discussed this in interviews where she stated that her philosophy was to keep the audience always begging for more. She finally showed it all in Sex and Zen (hmmmm....why don't I have THAT flick??) but for Robotrix...naked but you can't see anything. As Hui Hui's number one robot, Amy volunteers to go "undercover" as a prostitute to help catch Evil Robot. Here she is with a john.

    And more of that with an emphasis on how cute she is...

    Aoyama finally tells her boyfriend that she's a robot. He's understandably confused and a bit turned off by the news. Here she is trying to seduce him unsuccessfully. Did I mention she has nice tits?

    Another controversial scene. Evil Robot rapes the other Japanese scientist played by Hui Hui Tan. A note re: names of actors and actresses in HK movies. I know that Brainscan at one time was questioning Loletta Lee's name. Well, Loletta Lee is the most common name used by that actress but Chinese actors and actresses in HK flicks had several different names because Hong Kong's three major languages are English and the two major Chinese languages Mandarin and Cantonese. Not only that, but I have read that the Mandarin and Cantonese languages use the same written characters but pronounce them differently! That's what I read anyway. So...the upshot of this is that actresses have their name as it is pronounced in Cantonese and in Mandarin and often also have and anglicized version of one or both of the other. So Loletta Lee is also Lizhen Lee and Amy Yip is also Amy Ip and Yip Chi May and Samo Hung (fat guy with American TV show) is also Hung Kam Bo and Hong Jin Bao. Anyway, Hui Hui Tan is also known as Hsu Hsiao Dan and is a Taiwanese actress and former nude model. Here she is getting raped (simulated).

    Hui Hui Tan ran for Parliament in Taiwan. Her campaign slogan was "Using breasts to fight against fists." That is not a joke. That is the truth. Save that for the next time your Taiwanese friends make fun of American politics. She did not win her election from what I gather.

    More of this controversial scene (controversial to who? I dunno). She's naked anyway.

    A little bit more of Hui Hui's butt, bush and tits. The end of the caps from this movie...the good guys won btw...and everyone good lived happily ever after. (15)

    Here's a little collage of an unknown actress from the movie which inspired the above gem...Robocop.

    A quick post today with a few new scans.

    First off is Amy Fadhli, certified fitness model-type babe, with an arse so firm you could bounce a quarter off it. (1, 2)

    Gisele Bundchen seems to like getting wet and we seem to like it, too.

    Then there is Natalie (or Natalia) Paris, a model from Colombia. You gotta appreciate her choice in swim wear. (1, 2)

    And the last of em is nekkid U. K. model of the page 3 type, Suzanne Bando. Ah, the mother country just keeps on churning out the babes.

    Helcrom, the King of Skinemax 'caps and my personal hero! Today it's some of Skinemax's hardest working girls in scenes from " Erotic Possessions"

    Griffin Drew Boobs only, a lesbo scene, and a straight scene. Looks like her plastic surgeon did a great job...I don't see any bag wrinkles!

    Morgan Kelly A newcomer to late night cable softcore. This is her only credited movie, but she has a nice body and I'm sure we'll see more of it in the future.

    Amber Newman One of my least favorite of the current crop of Skinemax regulars. In this one, Helcrom offers boobs only, 2 lesbo scenes, and one straight sex scene.

    Shauna O'Brien Owner of some of the largest, and most fake looking boobs on late night cable. Here she is in the only full frontal scene from this batch, plus a nice bum view as well. My favorite of all of her breast exposure today is her demonstration of how her boobs can be used as floatation devices in case of a water landing. (lower left)

    Carolin Ohrner Brief breast exposure from German TV...scenes from "Happy Holiday: Der Vertrag".

    Susanne Uhlen From "Das Erbe der Guldenburgs". Three points of interest in these 'caps...
  • 1. Breast exposure
  • 2. Far off frontal (look in the pool)
  • 3. The funkiest telephone I've ever seen!

  • Sydne Rome Also in scenes from "Das Erbe der Guldenburgs".

    Nina Gunnarsdottir
    (1, 2, 3)
    From "Erotic Tales IV"...segment "On Top Down Under". #1 and #3 feature some excellent breast exposure. #2 mostly shows Nina "getting to know" her dildo.
    and ...
    Kim Yates
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    One of the lesser known Skinemax regulars in vidcaps from 1998's "Dangerous Invitation", by Scanman. All of these feature excellent, natural breast exposure. So if that's your bag, then there's plenty of goodies for you. If you prefer other body parts and/or simulated sex's what to expect.

  • #1 Excellent undies.
  • #2 Very nice bum, a hint of pubes, and a straight sex scene.
  • #3 Far off frontal, hint of lesbo action.
  • #4 Full blown lesbo lovin'.
  • #5 Straight sex, and a covered bum.

  • Ann Dusenberry Nude in the tub in scenes from 1980's "Heart Beat". Also starring Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, and John Heard.

    Jamie Rose Far off breast exposure from 1984's "Heartbreakers".
    Karen Medak Unknown babe in scenes from an even lesser known movie..."A Girl to Kill For". I haven't seen this one myself, so I'm not sure if she is the actual 'girl to kill for'. All I do know is that in the Encyclopedia you'll find a Donbun version of this scene with a more up close and personal look at Karen's goodies.

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