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Carrie Fleming in The Tooth Fairy

Victoria Abril in 101 Rejkavik

I looked at two movies yesterday: Apocalypto and Conversations With Other Women. They could not be more different, but they are both excellent. Here are the Movie House reviews:

More important, here are the pictures and film clips:


Dalia Hernandez (zipped .wmv clip)


Conversations With Other Women

Nora Zehetner
Helena Bonham Carter
Nora Zehetner and Helena Bonham Carter (zipped .wmv film clip)



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







The Motel

Ernest is 13, a little chubby, and in the throes of puberty.  He has entered a writing contest, but his mother calls him a failure for only getting honorable mention. (According to his bio, writer/director Michael Kang won "honorable mention" in a scholastic writing contest in grade school). The one bright spot in Sam's life is a 15-year-old girl who works at her parents' nearby restaurant. Ernest is in love, but she merely sees him as a friend.

Further, he is stuck working in the family business, a sleazy motel with hourly rates, although dealing with the motel guests does provide his life with a liberal education.  One night, Sam, a charismatic Korean man, arrives with a hooker in tow and evidently sees something of himself in Ernest, so he takes the boy under his wing, even teaching him to drive. Unfortunately, Sam is really just an overgrown kid himself, separated from his wife, and trying to screw his way to happiness. He used a maxed-out credit card to pay for his room, and Ernest tries to hide that from his mother.

The Motel (2005) is a wonderful coming-of-age comedy that happens to take place in an Asian-American family.  It should appeal to any man who remembers what thirteen felt like, and any woman who ever had to deal with 13-year-old boys. The children's performances are excellent, and Jade Wu nails the role of the mother with a harsh exterior, but so much more just beneath the surface. Although the film was made with a miniscule budget, it doesn't seem to be cheaply made because the budget is stretched by a story that takes place almost entirely in the motel. Granted this is not a large film, but it is a sensitive one with an excellent sense of humor and a great deal of truth. Motel is good enough that I am recommending it to friends.


IMDb readers say 6.8. It won a prize at Sundance and an Independent Spirit award.


Cheryl Campbell does full frontal in a scene where mom breaks into their room with a baseball bat demanding additional payment, because the couple exceeded the time they paid for. On the way back to the office, mom casually tells grandpa that room 15 needs a new lock.



Jackie Nova also shows breasts as one of Sam's women.




NOTE: The collages in yesterday's Fun House have the second actress wrong. The IDs above are absolutely correct, per the credits and commentary.

  • As far as Jackie Nova goes, she is specifically identified in the commentary.
  • There were only two naked women in the film, and Campbell must be the other one because she was credited as "Naked Woman" right under "Cheap Ass Naked Man."

(I did notice the IMDb problem. IMDb must have the wrong Cheryl Campbell.)








Under Lock and Key


Today we wrap up Under Lock and Key with caps and four zipped .wmv clips of Wendi Westbrook, who was top billed as the undercover cop in prison. This woman has one nice body.







El Cortez


El Cortez is the story of an autistic man, Manny (Lou Diamond Phillips), who was released from a prison for the criminally insane, to which he was committed after killing his girlfriend and her lover in a fit of jealous rage.

He starts working as a night clerk in a hotel in Reno called El Cortez, and serves as an informant for the persistent cop (James McDaniel) who arrested him back in the day. Currently under his watch is Jack (Glenn Plummer), a drug dealer whose former hooker girlfriend, Theda (Tracy Middendorf) has quite the eye for our Manny, especially after hearing him mention something about a gold mine belonging to the wheelchair-bound Popcorn (Bruce Weitz), who recruits Manny to help snare a high-rolling investor.

The movie keeps the twists, crosses and double-crosses coming until the very end, but all of them are familiar and predictable.


Tracy Middendorf








Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy


Geena Davis in

Earth Girls Are Easy


(no nudity in the last two)

Geena Davis in

The Fly

Joy Boushel in

The Fly

When this remake of "The Fly" came out it seemed awesome, probably mostly because the original was just awful. (Even though we viewers of that original can potently remember that "help me, help me" scene in the spider's web.)

This remake actually got more into the slow degradation of the scientist as he transformed into a fly, which was interesting to watch. The new strength and sex drive and walking on walls is a cool thing ... but I didn't know how flies digested their food until I saw this remake.

I swat them faster now.








Rosi Zebyan in Bloodline
Janet Jackson (famous nipple exposure) in Fuck: Unrated Edition
Tera Patrick in Fuck: Unrated Edition. It seems to me if a film is named Fuck, the term "unrated edition" is redundant. Is there also a PG-rated version called "Hanky-Panky"?
The latest from the Paris Hilton collection. Paris takes a whiz on camera. What a classy dame! The Lauren Bacall of her own time.
Natalie Portman's brief nipple exposure in Closer.
Penelope Cruz paparazzi. It's just a bikini but, hey, she's a big star.