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A change. Tuna is now our colleague on the page, and will be a regular daily contributor to the member's edition. Every day (or almost every day), the members' edition will feature additional material from Tuna, with nudity.

Tuna's contibution on this page today is Vision Quest. His comments, "For those who haven't seen it, Vision Quest is the story of an 18-year-old High School wrestler in his senior year. Rather than coast to an almost certain State Championship in his weight class, he decides to lose a nearly impossible 20 lbs, and wrestle the best wrestler in the State. Enter Linda Fiorentino, a 21-year-old who moves in with the wrestler and his father. I suppose this could be called a coming of age story, a love story, or a feel good movie. This was Linda's third film, and she was a young looking 25 here. There is no nudity, but there is a lot of leg, and a great poke-through in image one."

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Eugenia Silva and Mary Anne Fletcher are Blinky's on runway today

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pictures and commentary byMongoose
The 1967 Swedish movie "Inga" was made by New York sexploitation filmmaker Joe Sarno. Sarno, who is often mentioned in the same breath as your Russ Meyerses and your David Friedmanses, has spent his life and career bopping back and forth between Europe and the US making low budget but fairly sophisticated sex dramas. Inga's about a young lady who is orphaned and has to go and live with her Aunt Greta. Aunt Greta's a bit of a swinger and often "parties" for monetary "favors." A widow, she often "parties" with friends of her dead husband. Young Inga's an intellectual sort and the story here is about Greta's efforts to introduce Inga into her sordid world and use Inga to her own benefit.

What little research I did on this movie leads me to believe that both the movie and the actress who played Inga, Marie Liljedahl, are not judged too highly by mainstream film critics and fans. Well, in the back of the film vault, bub, Marie and Mr. Sarno are held in very high regard. Marie's acting style mesmerizes me. She moves quite slowly and thoughtfully and every tiny change in her facial expression seems to be take if she's lost deep in her thoughts. This first file is a big (230K) montage of just her face. If you have a slow connection I'd view the second file first to make sure that I actually like her face before sucking up the bandwidth on this one.

More pics of Marie Liljedahl's face. Ya know, I really thought that when I looked her up on the IMDb that I'd find that she either only made this one movie, or that she went on to mainstream roles. Nope, for the next four years or so, Marie made several sex films. I must say that I was a bit disappointed at that, but believe me, I've already started hunting down those flicks! She even starred in a Jess Franco movie.

An unknown actress being tried and punished by the Swedish Supreme Court of Swingers. Her crime? Being a virgin...(boobs)

Marie taking a shower. Unfortunately, this is one of those showers with doors that you can only kind of see through. Sort of a tease...

Now it's the damn steam on the mirror that's hindering our view. You can kind of see her breasts though.

This scene is pretty cool...Inga's changing clothes in her room while Aunt Greta's "kept" boyfriend is outside below her window stomping madly on his car's throttle in lust and frustration as loud garage rock roars on the soundtrack. Marie takes her top off...

If you look really hard, you can see Marie's pubes through her nightie.

Nice legs! (no nudity)

Marie in the sauna. Some nudity, especially of the ass kind.

Inga finally gives it up for her true love, Aunt Greta's boyfriend. Bare boobs. I may have gone a bit overboard on this one in both caps and verbiage, but...oh well...I liked the movie. Just way until I find that Marie Liljedahl/Jess Franco movie! .

Yesterday: Jodie, 19, from Kent. (#1 #2 #3 #4)

Gold and request haven't changed.

WOW! Quite an impressive array from Aesthete, of May Karasun in "Lake Consequence".

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Each week PAL sets himself a goal to add to our collections with something new. He rarely fails!
  • Debra Winger in "Sheltering Sky". I must be seeing things. Could that really be Debra Winger's bush?
  • Amina Annabi in "Sheltering Sky". OK, I guess I have to add "She;ltering Sky" to my to-watch list.
  • Charlotte Helmkamp in "Posed for Murder". I din't add this one to my to-watch list.

  • DJW New guy. Friend of Pitters, also specializing in rarely seen material from the UK, like edible food and a cold Coke. Oops, no, sorry - I guess it's just rarely seen movie and video clips. McKee is topless, but of coursem, there is no nudity in the video clips from Spiteri.

    Gina McKee "Our Friends in the North" Sharleen Spiteri in "When we are Together" Sharleen Spiteri in "Say What You Want"

    Unique 1 Wow, is this guy coming on fast. He's only been around a week, and still perfecting his technique, and I'm already reading his posts with eagerness because he appears to come up with some fresh material.
  • Leslie-Anne Down in "Over the Line" (#1, #2, #3)
  • Ava Fabian in "Erotic Confessions" (#1 #2)
  • Geraldine Cotte in "Red Shoe Diaries" (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)
  • India Allen (#1, #2, #3, #4)
  • Toni Naples (#1 #2 #3)


  • Five more of Gabrielle Anwar in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)

    And here's a bonus from another artist (kreel), same movie

  • Members Bonuses

    a "Moll Flanders", from Tuna

    This is the PBS adaptation of the Daniel Defoe story. Defoe's writing was seminal in the development of the modern novel, but if you read his works today you'll find his devices, like those of Dickens, to be woefully contrived. If you subscribe to the world-view of those two great writers, London in the 18th and early 19th centuries consisted of about 12 people who kept running into each other, fathering each other's children and forgetting about it, then sleeping with their immediate family unbeknownst. And be sure to do a kindness to a little kid (or if you are a little kid, to a beggar), because that little kid or beggar will later turn out to be a frigging duke or powerful industrialist, or your real father, or even the king in disguise as a pauper. It turns out that Molly's husband is also her brother, but she has to move with him to America and meet her long-lost mother before she finds this out. Easy enough, America's a small place, so you're bound to run into your mum if she's here. It's still true today. Just stop in anywhere and ask for her. We Americans all know each other, so just ask at the Cincinnati airport. Somebody's bound to have seen her.

    Anyway, after Moll finds out, she gets a little uncomfortable about continuing to horizontal-slam-dance with him, so she gives up the life of luxury on her Virginia plantation, and returns to England so she can lead an honorable life of eating gruel, stealing, begging, and living on the rain-drenched streets in eternal cold and dampness. Personally, I'd have kept on shagging the rich and handsome blighter in the sunny semi-tropics, but what do I know? And I don't know how many times Moll stumbles into her highwayman/lover, etc. Not that it matters. PBS did a great job on the production, which is faithful to Defoe, warts and all. Alex Kingston played our Molly with robust energy, and with breasts often exposed.

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    "The Sex Monster", from Tuna

    (Scoop's note: I haven't seen this one. The comments are by Tuna). Imagine that, after years of trying, you finally talk your wife into a three-way with another woman, and she likes it far more than you expected. You enjoy yourself, then collapse in post-orgasmic bliss. Hours later, the women are still at it. This is the set-up for a wonderful light but incisive comedy starring Mariel Hemingway as the wife and Renee Humphrey of Mallrats fame as her first female experience. I enjoyed the film, partly because of the story, partly because of the superior technical achievements, and mostly because of the acting. The DVD transfer is very well done, possibly the best I have seen for full screen, allowing me to create large images. Ms. Humphrey showed some flesh, but Mariel's exposure was linited to poke-throughs and see-throughs. (The asterisks indicate pictures with nudity)

    Humphrey (#1 *, #2, #3, #4 *, #5) Hemingway (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) Bonus- Tuna's thumbnail indices. Tuna's caps are so nice that his thumbnails sometimes look better than most guys' full-sized caps. Not really much nudity, but allows you to follow the entire movie from start to finish. If you want the fullsized caps of any specific thumbnails here, let me know. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15) Stone Cold

    I never finished my series from that artbook, "Nudi", by Paolo Roversi, so I had to go back down to the main branch of the library to take it out again. They don't carry it in the 'Hood Branch, although they should, cuz as soon as the word spread about the naked white women, it be one of the most popular books to steal.

    So I take the subway down to Times Square and try to check out a copy. First I look up "nudi" in an Italian dictionary, and it mean "skanky naked women who never eat". So, I go up to the main counter, to show off my new in-depth knowledge of the Italian language, and the lady look at me like I just axed for her life savings. She-it, man, I'm looking good, I'm stylin' out. I know I had to go to the main branch, so I stole a thousand dollar Italian suit from the outlet store. It don't fit perfect, because I had to hem it myself and it got no professional nips and tucks, but it still look elegant. An I stole some Guerlain on the way out, so I smell extra-white. Wearin' this stuff about like wearin a Klan hood on the whiteness spectrum. My point bein' that I don't look like no mofo'n rasta ganja man or no gangsta rap mofo with his baggies showin' half his butt. No, I'm profilin' top drawer. But this don't affect the library lady. She take one look at me and she reach under her desk, and I figure she packin', like in the 'Hood Branch, but no, she not gonna shoot my ass, she just reachin' down for the button they press when a bro want a fancy Italian Art Book full o naked white wimmin, an' some Library Police come by and ax may they help my ass.

    The Man just want to know "Mr. Cold, will you be borrowing the book, or will you just be ripping out the pages here?" "Watdafuck, man, I got a library card. I take out a lot of books and bring 'im back. Check yo records, fool. She-it, if I want to steal yo mofo'n book, it be home in my bathroom now with all the mofo'n Hustlers, man." "And will you be simply reading it, or will you be masturbating at the time?" "Fuck you, mofo, I got a card, I got a good record, and I want a mofo'n book. You ax every fool these questions? If the mofo'n pope come in here, you ax if his holiness will be pounding the holy hand grenade? When he goin out, you ax if he got some books hidden under his big mofo'n Pope Hat. Fuck no. Now don't waste my time, fool. Gimme the mofo'n book or tell me you ain't givin' it to me, and why." So, like with all gummint officials, the mofo back off and get all sorry. Motherfuckers always respect a rant. They seen too many mofo'n Al Pacino movies.

    Piss me off, cuz I took the same mofo out once before, and brought it back fine.

    So I got the book out and did a few more in the series. An' also I jerked off on some of the pages, but I did it after scanning, so it don't affect you none. Mothafuckin pope can do it, I guess I can.

    Malgosia Bela or Bela Malgosia. She from one of those mofo'n countrues where they do everything backwards, like in mofo'n Bizarro World. They put they last names first. They eat they dessert before the meal. Must be some kinda experience to go to Baghdad and look up a cousin named Mohammed in the phone book, cuz' every mofo in there named Mohammed. On the other hand, this will be a better joke when they have some phones in Baghdad. Probly won't happen soon, cuz once some Baghdad mofo get a phone, he call up some relatives in another country and say "get me out of mofo'n Baghdad". Angela Lindvall Angela Lindvall Tasha Tilberg Tasha Tilberg, not from "Nudi", showin a cupcake on the runaway. Natalia Semenova Natalia Semenova, not from "Nudi", suckin down some milk with her top off. Since she never been near food in her life, she don't seem aware of the need to open yo mouth to let it in. Think could just pretend she suckin' a dick. Go to know how to do that. She a successful model, and her name start with semen.

    (Scoop's note: the following aren't from Stone Cold, but from an imager named Nemesis, but they seemed to belong here, in the theme of naked supermodels, especially Malgosia.) Annie Morton Annie Morton Annie Morton Malgosia Malgosia Karen Elson Karen Elson Karen Elson Shalom Harlow Shalom Harlow Shalom Harlow Emma Sandberg Angela Lindvall Angela Lindvall Maggie Rizer Bridget Hall

    Members Bonus

  • Carla Gugino in "Jaded" (Dann)
  • Corinna Harfouch in "Stunde des Wolfs" (Celeblover)
  • Lea Mornar in "Stunde des Wolfs" (Celeblover)
  • Lea Mornar in "Stunde des Wolfs" (Celeblover)
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