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Today the Time Machine goes back to 1986 for Brigitte Lahaie in a "Damsel in Distress" scene from "L'exÚcutrice." The boobies from Brigitte, which is pretty tame stuff for her considering she did hard core porn at one time. Caps and a clip.





TV Land

Over in TV Land Alicia Witt is smoking and leggy as she visits with "Ferguson". Caps and 2 HD clips




Art Heist


Rachel Laure film clips. Samples below


Ellen Pompeo (non-nude) film clips. Samples below.



The Burning Plain


This drama features a top-notch story, non-linear storytelling of two people in their teen and adult years, and some absolutely great performances.

When their parents engage in an affair, two teens are drawn together as they watch their respective families torn apart. The Mexican young man and American young woman are fascinated and drawn to each other even as they hate the affair being carried on by the boy's father and the girl's mother. The affair ends in tragedy when the trailer that the lovers are in blows up in a gas leak explosion, but the aftermath lingers on as two families try to recover.

This is first-rate storytelling with many twists and turns, and the non-linear approach, while purposely confusing at first, starts to make sense as the story plays itself out. This is a must-see movie for fans of thoughtful drama. Incidentally, Kim Basinger's butt scene at the bottom of the collage is reportedly a body double. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Charlize Theron Kim Basinger

Not much to say about most of these because I made the collages from clips you have given us in the Funhouse over the past months.

Angie Jibaja in Rey del los Huevones

Anja Fleiss in Lost Generation

Ann-Katrin Kramer in Callboys

Barbara Lennie in Obada

Just a great looking chick on the beach! Who could resist collaging her?

Bonnie Bedelia in Then Came Bronson

Brigetta Tomarchio in Californication, s3e8


I suppose Jamie Lynn in Break and Carrie Stevens in Who's Your Daddy? are worthy of some comment because one was a former Hefmate and the other a Guccione gal. A phobia of my own is to be smothered but if you got these two together and sent them my way I would most likely get over that irrational fear.

Jamie Lynn

Carrie Stevens

The caps from Buttercup Chain are ones I pulled from DVD. Ye gads, this movie sucked, even by early 1970's standards (IMDB has it the low 4's whereas something in the high 2's seem more appropriate). Plot? Guy and gal (Jane Asher) are cousins born of twin sisters on the same day. They grow up. He visits her somewhere and they meet some other gal (Leigh Taylor-Young). Now we have the reason I capped this mess. Ms Taylor-Young made an early career of playing free-spirited and oft-naked young women. Saw her first in something entitled, The Adventurers (sometimes called Harold Robbins' Adventurers to distinguish it from a movie based on a like-minded and similarly-titled book by Emily Bronte, I suppose). The gal looked luminous. Then there was Soylent Green in which Leigh played Shirl, some rich guys furniture in a movie where life is so bleak for common folk that beautiful women are employed as part of high-priced furnished apartments. Ikea should look into that, although I am guessing self-assembly would be out of the question.

Several other movies in the years 1968-1971 had this hippie beauty take off her clothes, but then after a three-year break following Soylent Green (is people!!!) she took up acting in television series (to be sure, she started her career in Peyton's Place) and she remained active until 2007. A fine actress, really, and apparently a serious intellect inside a most beautiful package.

Well, in Buttercup Chain she boffs the guy twin, producing a fleeting shot of one breast, and she takes a public bath, but the real prize is a topless dance she does unexpectedly on an early disco floor. She does so because she is crazy or something after her child dies or something and so gets put away into an asylum or something and meanwhile the girl twin (Jane Asher) boffs some guy and we get to see her nekkid but then she puts the moves on the guy twin (her cousin! Welcome to West Virginia) and he is repulsed so the movie ends with everyone very unhappy. This is Hollywood's attempt to show us an alternative lifestyle while making it plain they, themselves, would never indulge in such prurient behavior because nothing good ever comes of it, no sireee.

Jane Asher

Leigh Taylor-Young




(2010, s3e8)


Kate Jenkinson and Alethea Jones (brief continuation of last week's scene)

Natalie O'Donnell




NOTE: apparently those eye wash pics from yesterday are NOT Donatella Versace

Jeri Ryan pokies

Sean Young see-throughs

Peaches Geldof

Anne Hathaway see-throughs.

I've seen this blouse before, but not these particular shots.

Lots of collages of Deborah Francois in Mes Cheres Etudes. Earlier in the week, Defoe presented about a half-gig worth of clips from this performance, and you can see even more collages on Charlie's page this week!



Film Clips