"Lust for Freedom"

Lust for Freedom (1987) is a Troma WIP flick. Kaufman got all the WIP cliches into the film, but made many mistakes. First, he took nearly 20 minutes to get the hero into prison, and another 10 to show the first breast. Second, he choose a female lead who didn't do nudity, Melanie Coll. Third, the obligatory naked shower scene was way too short. Fourth, none of the cat fights produced any nudity, nor did the torture scenes. Finally, when it came time to kick ass and get even, the deaths were way to fast, and nowhere near painful enough.

Call was an undercover cop whose fiancee and partner was killed in a bust gone bad. She looses it, and just starts driving. She is eventually arrested on trumped up charges, and thrown into a woman's prison which serves as a drug peddling ring, a white slave market, a whore house, a porno snuff film production company, and a playground for a sadistic head hard, warden and sheriff. Michelle Bauer does full frontal in a lesbo scene with Crystal Breeze, who only shows breasts. Adrian Scott also does full frontal, but Pamela Gilbert only shows breasts. Several unidentified prisoners also show breasts.

IMDb readers have this at 1.9 of 10. The DVD is not very good quality, but it does have all of the required genre scenes, and is hence a low C-.

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  • Adrian Scott (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Crystal Breeze (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • Michelle Bauer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Pamela Gilbert (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4)

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    In Praise of Older Women (1979):

    When the hell are they going to get this out on a nice DVD? I'm afraid my master plan to convert some old VHS tapes to DVD is not working out as well as was promised by my first two efforts. Failing this project, I have ordered a bargain basement six dollar DVD from, but I hold out no high hopes for that either. I struggled and struggled with this green-tinted VHS, and I really only got one nice image: the second one of Alberta Watson. I did manage to get a kinda good shot of Helen Shaver's famous beaver shot, and a decent look at Karen Black.

    Those were just the three most famous women who showed anything capturable.

    The movie contains FAR more nudity:

    • Karen Black: shows her breasts in a post-sex scene.

    • Helen Shaver shows the whole works including an open leg shot in a lengthy and well lit scene. She looked great. Beautiful body, and a face to match.

    • Alberta Watson shows her breasts in a lengthy sexual encounter which is mostly talk.

    • Monique LePage shows breasts and bum in a shower scene, and then as a young boy grabs her clumsily.

    • Marilyn Lightstone shows one breast in a sex scene

    • Marianne McIsaac shows her breasts and buns getting in and out of bed.

    • Alexandra Stewart shows the full monty pre, during, and post sex.

    • According to The Bare Facts, Susan Strasberg shows her breasts in a sex scene with Tom Berenger, and then clearly after he rolls off her. Unfortunately, the scene is very dark, and to me it appeared that her bra was still on when she got up. It was too dark and green to capture anything worth seeing, although I did one frame below just to give you the idea. Either way, there isn't much titillation in the visuals, but this is still quite a hot sex scene simply because the lovers make hungry erotic talk throughout the lovemaking, as people often do in real life, but seldom do in the movies!

    • Berenger shows his bum and Mr Happy in various sex scenes.

    Tough assignment for Berenger, eh? He did all the sex scenes listed above except the one with Monique LePage, which was done by a young boy playing Berenger as a youth. Berenger played the character from age 16 to 23, which was no small task, considering that he was approaching 30 when this movie was made. Believe it or not, he was reasonably credible as a schoolboy. He had the gangly body, his face looked young enough, and he faked the voice and mannerisms convincingly.

    The story is epic in scope, following a man's life through wartime Hungary, then into the territory controlled by the Allies, then into Communist Hungary, and eventually to Canada in the aftermath of the ill-fated 1956 Hungarian Revolution. (It was written in Canada, and the film is also Canadian.). The movie begins with a 12 year old Hungarian boy having his first sexual encounter with a mature prostitute. The story picks up from there four years later, when the same boy (now played by Berenger) has some disappointing experiences with girls his own age, and decides that he can eliminate his sexual incompetence in the same way he originally lost his virginity - by turning to older women for instruction. He not only learns from the experienced women, but discovers jubilant sexuality, warmth, and complexity with them, and they in turn are invigorated by his enthusiasm, innocence, and lusty prowess. Finally, he concludes that he does not want use sex with older women as a training ground for younger conquests, but as the end itself..

    The semi-autobiographical novel was a respected work of 20th century literature which was widely praised for its elegant prose style, humor, and candid insights into the thought processes of women. Many American critics praised the English language version, and Le Monde awarded all five stars to the French version, offering the following comments:

    "... For eight years, living from hand to mouth, Vizinczey learned to become a writer in a language of exile. At the end of his apprenticeship, he published a masterpiece, In Praise of Older Women ... At the price of discouraging some readers who are fond of sexual spectacles and amorous gymnastics, it has to be said that the novel, far from being about fantasies and neuroses, seeks, like all great novels, to teach those who read it the truth about life. It is a novel of apprenticeship which would be a good thing to offer to young people of both sexes as soon as they approach the enchanted and agonizing shores of sexuality... "

    In addition to the poetic language, the book seems to have developed some philosophical and literary threads that kept it worth reading.

    I'm just assuming that.

     In fact, I haven't read the book, and the movie accomplishes none of that.

    • The film, in fact, is clumsy. It's just several (often repetitive) episodes with different women, and not much ties the entire film together. It's the 70s equivalent of a softcore Cinemax movie.

    • Although the book was praised for its eloquence, the narration of the film was straightforward, and even confusing because it was not done by Tom Berenger, but by a unseen voice which sounded nothing like Tom.

    • The production values are weak. The lighting is poor, and the sound is often incomprehensible.

    • The music in the film is just a disaster. It used the wah-wah mutes of slapstick comedy and the merry tinkling transition music of light comedies and sitcoms. It's just plain goofy. There are plenty of times when the music seems to be totally inappropriate and completely at odds with the onscreen action.

    IMDb voters call it a wishy-washy 5.6. I found the film tedious and amateurish, and it rarely held my interest, but I have to admit that I would sit through it again if there were a newly-mastered version on DVD, only because a number of sexy women got naked fairly often.

    The film was nominated for five Etrogs (the inelegant name for the hoser Oscars before they were called Genies), winning four. Helen Shaver won  for Best Leading Actress, and Marilyn Lightstone (not pictures here) for Best Supporting Actress.





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    "Angels and Insects" (1995)

    The first film is another one that doesn't need much introducing. I'm talking about Patsy Kensit giving her best on-screen nude performance by being a naughty girl in 1995's "Angels & Insects". Please refer to the Movie House and have look at Scoop and Tuna's findings with which I can agree. This film rates 6.8 on the IMDb with more than 25% of voters giving it an 8 and practically no difference between male and female voters except when they get older !


    "Circle of Two" (1980)

    Then we have a workplace, an older man and a naked girl with a cigar. Who were you thinking of? Wrong, guys. These events take place in a movie called "Circle of Two" (1980) and the older man is none other than Richard Burton. The girl is a young Tatum O'Neal exposing her breasts and maybe a hint of her pubes in clip 1, while in clip 2 a couple of nipslips can be seen. This movie, rated just below 5 on the IMDb  is not available on DVD in the US but there is a region 2 DVD available from Amazon UK for 4 quid. It's also available as a UK import on Amazon Germany for 15. Since 4 equal   5.80 I can't think of any reason why someone would order this from Amazon Germany.

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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    "When Will I Be Loved"
    This 2004 drama has 90 seconds that are worthwhile: the beginning 30 where Neve Campbell showers naked, the 30 seconds towards the end where her boyfriend realizes he's encountered a problem he can't BS his way out of, and the 30 seconds at the end where Neve is once again in the shower. The rest of the movie is pure unadulterated crap.

    The plot is so convoluted, multi-threaded, confusing, and just plain garbage that it's hard to explain, but basically, a young woman who is treated like an object by her wannabe con-man boyfriend starts exploring her sexuality with others, including a woman. Then, said boyfriend gets her to agree to have sex with a rich old man for a bunch of money. He gets his just deserts in the end, one of the few good parts of this mess, but getting there is torture.

    Oh, and on top of everything else, the movie quality, on the DVD at least, is abysmal. The color is Waaaay oversaturated, exposure stinks, the photography itself looks like it was done by a elementary school Video class, and in general, it's just piss-poor like the movie itself.

    The only good news: Neve gets naked, and the movie's only 81 minutes long.

    Johnny Moronic
    Johnny Moronic gives us our first complete look at Portman giving her Oscar nominated performance in "Closer".

    Links 9-19 feature her doing the stripping thing. Links 1-8 feature her in a variety of other scenes from the movie.

    Black Eagle
    Rie Rasmussen
    Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

    Scenes from the heavy-on-style, not-so-much-on-plot Brian De Palma movie, "Femme Fatale" (2002).
    Rasmussen is topless as Romijn-Stamos makes out with her. Rebecca does a sexy dance in black undies and is also seen going full frontal under water.

    Ludivine Sagnier The French actress showing off one of the best, all natural bodies in film these days. Here she is in scenes from "Swimming Pool" (2003). It's a very slow paced movie, but it's chock full of great nudity!

    Nikki Schieler Ziering LC 'caps of the former Heffer (September '97) showing off her robo-hooters and a great thong view in scenes from "National Lampoon's Gold Diggers".

    Ally Walker
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

    Vejiita 'caps of the husky voiced "Profiler" star in scenes from "Just Looking" (1995). This is a cool find for 2 reasons.
    1)Because it's not on DVD or VHS
    2)She shows breasts and bush while skinny dipping! The only down side is that all the goods are under water. But considering that this is her only nude scene caught on film...we'll take it!

    Charlize Theron
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the Oscar winner going topless in scenes from "Head in the Clouds" (2004).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    The Cialis Halftime Show - The NFL is so determined to avoid controversy at the Super Bowl Half Time show, every costume, lyric and dance move has been vetted and instead of oversexed young MTV stars, it will have Paul McCartney, John Fogarty, Earth Wind & Fire and Charlie Daniels.

  • Let's just hope that Charlie Daniels doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction!
  • Also, they took out the Fire...Now, it's just "Earth & Wind."

    No Flashy Ads - Budweiser created what would have been one of the funniest Super Bowl ads, but it's been barred from the Super Bowl. It shows a stagehand before last year's game using the bra cup of Janet Jackson's costume to twist off a beer bottle cap. He breaks it, tries to fix it with tape and walks away, then is shown watching half time on TV with a stunned look on his face. In light of all the fines over Jackson's breast flash, the NFL doesn't want it brought up again.

  • But this is the first believable explanation for it that we've gotten so far!
  • We don't get to see this ad, but we also don't get to see Mickey Rooney's butt, so everything balances out.

    Just Suck The Beans - For two days this week, Phoenix residents were warned not to drink tap water. The Arizona Republic reports that Starbucks corporate officials banned their stores from making coffee until the advisory was lifted, and hundreds of regulars were lined up and going through withdrawal. One said she tried to buy a bottle of water and talk them into making coffee with it, but they wouldn't. And a man said, "I'm desperate. I told them, 'I don't even care about the water. I'll sign a waiver." A Starbucks manager explained, "We have very passionate customers."

  • If by "passionate," you mean "jittery caffeine addicts."
  • If you'd offered them a "Grande Salmonella Frappucino," they would've taken it.