Uncle Scoopy's interview with Hugo
  • Many people have commented about the quality of Hugo's vidcaps, so I sent him a letter and asked him some questions. Nah, none of those Barbara Walters things like "if you were a flavor of Jello, which one would it be", but some questions about the time, hardware and software that go into his work. I found the answers quite surprising. He is not producing those beautiful images with state-of-the-art hardware, but with good editing software, skill, and patience. Here's the Q&A

    Q: Which capture card do you use?

    A: It's an inbuilt card which came with my Compaq Presario from a company called S3. It's a Snappy :)

    Q: At what size do you capture your raw images?

    A: My card allows a maximum of 640x480.

    Q: Which editing software do you use?

    A: What else but Photoshop 5.02?

    Q: How much time do you spend editing individual frames?

    A: Around 20 minutes.

    Q: After you finish with the frames, how long to make a montage/collage?

    A: It takes 45 minutes to an hour to assemble the collage.

    Q: What type of source media are you using?

    A: The recent ones are from a DVD which I bought about a month ago. The others are from laserdiscs.

    Do you believe it? The guy is making these with a Snappy! Given an average of 6 images per collage, that means he's putting about 3 hours into each one AFTER making the captures. Watching the movie and capturing the right frames probably takes 3-4 additional hours, so you have a full working day invested in two collages. I know what you're thinking, "cut the gab and get to the images". You got it. By the way, if you would like this feature to continue with other artists, tell me so, and tell me which artists.

  • Hugo's latest images. Demi Moore, with her natural body, in "About Last Night"
  • The other "About Last Night" collage.
  • From Crow
  • First up today, a bundle of 'caps of Alexandra Tydings. For the Hercules and Xena fans, she's best known as the barely dressed Aphrodite. In fact that's where today's vidcaps all come from. Lots of cleavage and lingerie!
  • Alexandra Tydings #2. She has shed her clothes before, in an episode of "Red Shoe Diaries". Unfortunately, I couldn't find those 'caps in my archives. Would anyone like to contribute?
  • Alexandra Tydings #3.
  • Alexandra Tydings #4.
  • Alexandra Tydings #5.
  • From Freakie 2
  • For our Euro Scoopy fans, here's a tag team effort by Freakie 2 and Smelly Cat 1. Here's Veronica Ferres (sorry, no number after her name) in vidcaps from the movie "Rossini".
  • Veronica Ferres in "Rossini" #2. Scoopy the Elder has done some serious globe-trotting in his day, can speak fluent Egret, albeit with a strong Heron accent, and has lived around the world. Unfortunately, my extent of "world culture" ends with Monty Python, pizza, and high school French. I did go to Toronto once, when I made a wrong left turn at Buffalo, and was able to use the fluent Canadian that I learned to speak from repeated watchings of "Strange Brew". Anyway, I'm not too hip on these Euro-movies. But I've heard from viewers that it's a pretty good movie.
  • From German TV, here are 'caps of Suzanne von Borsody from "Liebe und weitere Katastrophen".
  • Suzanne von Borsody from "Liebe und weitere Katastrophen" #2.
  • Suzanne von Borsody from "Liebe und weitere Katastrophen" #3.
  • Fun House Variety
  • From Graphic Response, here's Dominique Sanda in vidcaps from the movie "1900".
  • I guess it's CHUD's turn...I think someone has sent in 'caps of Elisabeth Shue in "Cousin Bette" every week for the past couple of months.