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I don't remember seeing this Naked News guest anchor before (although I probably have), so here is Danni with the entertainment news on the January 26th edition.

Best Nude Scenes of 2015

If you are reading this page, you should not be clicking on the links to film clips on the "Best Nude Scenes" page. That page is available on the open web, and is designed to share the results with non-members. All of those clips and 44,000 more are to be found in the members' archives.

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Georgia Hatzis


More models!

today: Kendal Schuler



Iron-Jawed Angels


Frances O'Connor film clip (sample below)

This week, we have movies from 1995:

Full Body Massage

Bryan Brown is one lucky bloke in Full Body Massage (1995) as he manages to give Elizabeth Barondes

and Mimi Rogers a good massage.

Gabriella Hall shows the lot.

Film/TV Clips

Mariel Gomsrud and Sandy Leddin in On The Horizon (2014) in 720p



Riley Steele and Rebecca Blumhagen in The Girl's Guide to Depravity (s1e8) in 720p



Julia Benson in Masters of Horror (s2e9) - featuring a "Behind the Scenes" feature from the DVD

Soraia Chaves and Halima Abboud in Call Girl (2007) in 720p



Saskia Reeves in Traps (1994)

Leigh Lombardi in Moontrap (1989) in 720p

Margot Kidder and Cornelia Sharpe in The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975). (Bonus: some of the worst acting you'll ever see in the scene between Michael Sarrazin and Cornelia Sharpe). I don't believe this has ever been issued in a Region 1 (North America) DVD, so although these items are not very high quality, they are probably a bit better than what you've seen before.



Liziane Gutierrez