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Naked News had nothing new in the original material, but had a great clip of Michelle Pantoliano from 2004

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26 January is Australia Day, the day on which we commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet (of 504 convicts and 348 soldiers and other free persons in 11 ships) into Sydney Cove in 1788. Nowadays, it has become much more than that and is now Australia's National Day. Hence, all the movies and TV shows this week are Australian.

Welcome to Woop Woop

Susie Porter is topless in Welcome to Woop Woop (1997).


The nudity in Windrider (1986) comes from Nicole Kidman.

An unidentified woman looks good.

Scoop's note: The following is not from Oz, but it happens to fit here. After Kidman, Naomi Watts is probably the most important international star to come from Down Under. She still looks good enough to do nude scenes now, although she's in her mid-40s. Some 22 years ago, she appeared topless in a little-known Aussie film called:

Gross Misconduct.


Here's the film clip. Images below


The Love Box

aka "Lovebox" (1972)

Brainscan's notes:

I read an essay many years ago about the British film industry in the late 60's and the entire 70's.  The point of it was how all the movie companies in the U.K.  turned to making silly sex comedies to stay in business because they hadn't the resources to compete with companies in the U.S  All of that is perfectly fine with us because it meant a lot of British women, some of whom went on to be legit actresses, did nude scenes to get any work at all.  Oz sent in a heaping helping of those sorts of movies a couple of weeks ago and here is my own small offering.  Is called either The Love Box or just Lovebox.  Nothing to it, really, except a series of vignettes in which one woman or two or several takes off most of he clothes.  It was trite.  It was contrived.  Gals got nekkid,  I loved it.

Best known of the group are

Elaine Baillie - she went on to do a lot of British telly

Marianne Morris (seen here with Cheryl Gilliam)



Jane Cardew

Others include:

Christine Bradwell

Georgina Symonds-Rose and Trudi Blue


Both women

Jeannette Marsden - alone, and in a clip with several others


the others (Rina Brown, Sue Bowen, Liz Carlson)

Minerva Smith

nah Bird, Kerima and Pauline Anderson and Karima on her own



Pauline Anderson

Leonore Little

plus Nicola Austin (no clip)

and Maggie Wright (no clip)


TV and Film Clips

Sharon Leal in Addicted (2014) in 720p

Shane Lynch and Tori Black in Men Women & Children (2014) in 720p