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Lena Dunham will be topless again in next week's episode of Girls (s3e5)

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"Eastbound and Down"



Elizabeth DeRazzo

Being Venice


Johnny's comments:

Being Venice is a drama about a confessional poet Venice (Alice McConnell) (yeah, it doesn't get any better from here, so you can move on) whose life is about to be turned upside down when her distant father (Garry McDonald) arrives in town to run a writing course ... oh, and visit his daughter. Her boyfriend dumps her, she gets caught on a train without a ticket and then attempts to have sex with Lenny (Simon Stone) while sharing the bed with her best friend (Katie Wall) who just happens to be Lenny's on-off lover and pregnant with his child. Venice and Lenny start seeing each other and when Venice hits her head on a reef, it manages to get her father closer to her. All the while, Venice may actually start writing.

While Being Venice isn't the most enticing of movies to watch, it's not awful either, just mostly uninteresting. It's hard to care for Venice and her predicaments and let's face it, a poet isn't the most exciting of characters to portray. Can't recommend the movie, but I'm sure I'll see worse and more pointless this year.

But not by much...

Alice McConnell film clip (collages below)

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Roos Van Erkel in Het Bombardement (2012) in 1080p

Lisa Smit, Karoline Teska and Eva Bay (plus unknowns) in Quellen des Lebens (2012)





Zhanna Friske in Kto ya (2010)

Barbara Goenaga in Timecrimes (2007) in 1080p