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I love these brief scenes with Jasmin Tabatabai in Late Show

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon and Virginie Ledoyen in The Backwoods, aka Bosque de Sombras. I have written that I very rarely find a Spanish movie that I don't like. Even the mediocre ones have some elements that make them enjoyable. I have not seen this 2006 film, however, and it just might be an exception, since it is an attempt to copy formulaic North American genre fare. It does have a fascinatingly cosmopolitan cast, including Gary Oldman speaking Spanish. Here's what Variety had to say: "Decent cast and OK production values get completely lost in The Backwoods, an atmosphere-rich psychological thriller in which psychology and thrills are missing. Transplanting U.S. genre elements to a Euro context can work, but not when the borrowing is as slavish as this, when the dialogue is as ponderous, and when the thesping is (mostly) as flat."  I'm not sure why we would care about any of that, since we have Ledoyen and Sanchez-Giton to look at.

Julie Christie is today's collection-builder. I think of her as the A-list version of Jennifer Rubin, in that she's a good actress and sexy, but I rarely enjoy her movies. Having said that, though, I wish they would get The Railway Station Man to DVD, just so I don't have to look at those itsy-bitsy film clips.



* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Bokeem Woodbine and his partner Justin Pierce play petty hoods. Pierce is also trying to make a name in boxing. When he loses a fight they had bet heavily on, the two find themselves in debt to a nasty crime boss with 24 hours to pay off 24 large. Woodbine visits the strip club where his girlfriend, Sascha Knopf dances, and meets the obviously rich Roger Rees. He hatches a plan to have Knopf seduce Rees, video tape it, and blackmail him for the money. The plan is in motion, but they have some difficulty controlling Rees, and Woodbine heads to the bank in Rees' Mercedes to cash a check. He finds the account has been closed. He leaves, and has a flat. He no sooner opens the trunk than a police car pulls up ... just as he discovers three bodies in the trunk.

And this was the first clue that I was actually watching a comedy. Blackmale (2000) starts off as a really bad thriller. In fact, IMDb lists it as a thriller.

Up until the trunk scene, it had been slow going, but acts two and three were hilarious. Several IMDb commenters stuck around through the early exposition and found it as hilarious as I did. While it has rather extreme violence, blood and gore, and is played way over the top, I found it laugh-out-loud funny through a labyrinth of twists and turns.

I give it a full C. It is either a so-bad-its-good movie or a dark crime comedy. Either way, it's a good one, but for a small audience.

IMDb readers say 4.5, but marked down from 5.5 using the IMDb double secret formula. 5.5 is closer to a reasonable score.


Sascha Knopf shows breasts and buns.



Kahshanna Evans, as her dance partner at the club shows breasts. An unknown also shows breasts.




An unknown also shows breasts.










Under Lock and Key


You know when you sit down to look at a "women in prison" flick that you are going to find some nudity. Under Lock and Key doesn't disappoint. In fact, Stephanie Ann Smith has some delicious full frontal scenes that should satisfy any man's desire for naked flesh. We have caps and two .wmv clips. Back tomorrow with more.








Corrupted Minds


The 2006 drama Corrupted Minds (also known as Panic in Detroit) follows the lives of 4 groups of people struggling to get by in Detroit. It's an independent production, but a damned good one.

The story touches on the lives of hookers, crooks, rich people, and poor people as they all try to cope with life. Racial tension, profiling, drug abuse, prostitution, struggling for a better life; all these subjects are covered.

This movie is very good, and puts a realistic twist on the problems that many of us face every day. Character development is excellent, and while the actors aren't necessarily "pretty", they are very convincing.

Eva Wilson and Hope James Candace Pozluzny Aida Munoz







The Hunger



Claire (Sofia Shinas) is a woman with a voracious appetite for fine food and is prepared to travel the world to sate it. But her favorite meal consists of men. She seduces and then eats a man every night. But in Paris, she meets a vegetarian with a secret, who tries to teach her to love and not to devour. The episode was not very good. The twist in this story doesn't change anything so it was pointless, but I like Sofia ever since "The Crow", so is always good to see her in something.


Sofia Shinas






Notes and collages

The Ladies of Sci-fi/Fantasy


Mathilda May




Scoop's note: Rokwatch was sick this weekend, so he sat beside the bed and worked on Mathilda May's breasts.

If Sigourney Weaver's performance in Alien is the sexiest performance in Grade-A sci-fi, Mathilda has to take the crown among the B-movies. For sheer volume of beautiful nudity, not even Species can compare.







Kiss Me Again

Pretentious 2006 romance-drama with more fully clothed sex than Eskimo Porn. It aired during the family hour on the Turner Network. Canadian export Katheryn Winnick sports some serious pokies and has a threesome with Mirelly Taylor.

Human Trafficking

PG-rated 2005 film version of the Sex Traffic miniseries. French-Canadian actresses Isabelle Blais (first three collages) and Celine Bonnier (bottom right) try to sound Eastern European while showing a minimum of skin.

Musketeers Forever

1998 Lee Majors movie. As dumb as the title. Various nudity by Sabine Karsenti (tl), Sylvie Varakine (tr) and Natasha Rose (bottom).


Family Viewing

1987 Atom Egoyan movie with Gabrielle Rose showing partial boob.

Next of Kin

Another Atom Egoyan movie, this one from 1984,  which came along with Family Viewing on the same DVD. This time Charmaine Lord is a fully clothed stripper.

"Intelligence" (TV series)

Season one wraps up on CBC this week. Ona Grauer showed partial boob in one episode.

Night Heat (TV Series)

Another trip in the wayback machine. Alex Amini played Mr. T's better half in the long forgotten TV series "T. and T." A couple of years before that she almost bared a boob in this 1987 episode of Night Heat.






Marvin liked Ane Dahl Torp so much in that Teacher Pedersen movie he made fourteen collages to go with the three film clips we have seen earlier.