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VIDEO: A tremendous display of trick shots in pocket billiards

Hasty Pudding picks their "Man and Woman of the Year 2006" - Richard Gere and Halle Berry

Creative intelligence test, part 2

  • If you get stumped, here are the answers.

I don't know if this is really a good headline, but I love the author's ability to think outside the box. "Operatic sheep really do grow golden fleece"

"Stephen and the (female) author of Self-Made Man talk about what it's like to be a man."

Colbert Report's "Better Know a District" series, part 11 of 434. Today: New Jersey's 8th"

Colbert tells the Department of Defense that they should beam his show into Iran

The Daily Show discusses the Disney/Pixar merger

Professional philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, author of American Vertigo talks to Jon Stewart about traveling across America.

The Daily Show: "Democracy is on the move in the Middle East as thousands of Palestinians voted for... Hamas."

"The Daily Show's Senior Political Correspondent Ed Helms explains how we are smoking terrorists out into power."

Here's a clip from Something New, a new rom-com starring Sanaa Lathan.

The trailer for The Tenants

  • " Harry Lesser, a Jewish-American writer, (Dylan McDermott) is the last remaining tenant in an abandoned New York apartment building. He is desperately trying to finish his novel. Unknowingly Lesser is sharing the building with another writer. African American Willie Spearmint (Snoop Dog) is using the quite space to come to terms with his violent and socially oppressed past. The two men live in the building and work with and against each other to create their own specific stories. As distrust grows between the men, the uneasy friendship falls to the wayside and is replaced by jealousy, rage and violence. Based on the novel by Bernard Malamud."

Hamas Election Victory: President Warns Palestiniac Allah Freaks to Play Nice With Israeloid Yahweh Freaks (

The trailer for Aquamarine, a PG dramedy aimed at the tween girl market.

  • Following a violent storm, a beautiful and sassy mermaid named Aquamarine washes ashore and into the lives of two teenage girls. After Aquamarine falls for a local, hunky lifeguard, she enlists the girls' help to win his heart.

A history of celebrity sex videos . It isn't surprising to see such a story on the internet. It is a little surprising to see the source - an AP story on

Interesting trivia fron the official Oscar Historian

NHL rookie hazing dinner - a $24,000 tab.

Make your fantasy a reality with Mile High Atlanta

Former Colorado Rockies pitcher Denny Neagle has pleaded guilty to patronizing a really ugly prostitute

Wouldn't You Like to be a Pepper Too...

  • Dr Pepper and other sodas which would have tried to clone it.
  • There's even a third generation. Mr. Sipp, a clone of Mr. Pibb, which was itself a clone of Dr. Pepper! has an updated Lakers Team Photo

"Citing his powers as Commander in Chief, President Bush has cancelled the TV drama 'The West Wing' for 'giving aid and comfort to the enemy.'

  • 'It's a misinterpretization of what we're trying to do here,' Bush said at a recent press conference. 'The terrorists think we're all about feelings now, and we're not. We're about kicking ass. 'The West Wing' did not kick enough ass.'"



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




"Deep Jaws"

Deep Jaws (1976) is a soft-core sex farce that could only have been made in the 70s. As the film opens, the executive staff Uranus and family of the owner, is watching dailies from their current project, Mt. Rushmore Farted, and the consensus is that it will be yet another flop. This is not good news, as Uranus is in danger of being permanently shut due to mounting debts. The obvious answer is to make a porno, but the owner will have no part of that. Meanwhile. the man running the projector is screwing Anne Gaybis, who is the studio manager's mistress. Uranus seems doomed, when Dr. Heinz Pissinger , who has a thing for Candy Samples, wife of the owner, awards them a $1M contract to make a simulated US/Soviet space hook-up film. This is enough to save Uranus.

The staff hits upon a great idea. They will hire a cheap porno crew to make the space picture, and with the rest of the money, they will create a porno. Since disaster films and pornos are currently box office leaders, they will make a "pornaster" film, Deep Jaws, about horny killer mermaids. Nothing will go smoothly, naturally. First, they end up promising the staring role in Deep Jaws to three different women. Secondly, junior, son of the studio owner , is demanding to be the male lead. The porno crew they hire to make the space film, led by exploitation legend Buck Flower , doesn't really understand the script, They figure out what a space hook-up would be, and that "splash-down" must be the money shot, but feel that isn't nearly enough to carry a porno. Not a problem -- they will fix the script problems. After all, they know how to make pornos. To top it off, the man in charge of costumes is flamingly gay, and after all the men in sight.

There are several running gags, including two women who wear g-strings and hats, who pop in on the studio manager constantly. Lady Dianna is his nurse, and always takes the pulse of his penis, and shoves a kielbasa sized thermometer in his ass, while Suzzane Delor runs around with a tennis racket chanting love, love, love. The male star of the space film gave the female lead the clap a few days before. The studio talent scout is stuck in Spain being held hostage by too Spanish whore until he pays them.

Tonight. we have breasts and bush from Candy Samples, breasts and buns from Lady Dianna and Suzzane Delor, and full frontal and rear from Anne Gaybis. Anne, who you may remember from Fairy Tales, has also appeared in numerous mainstream films, including Waterworld, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Showgirls and Bachelor Party. She is a personal favorite.

Tomorrow, the rest of the women, and the conclusion.

Anne Gaybis

Buck Flower

Candy Samples

Lady Dianna and Suzzane Delor

D rHeniz Pissinger

Gay Costumer



First up today...two actresses from "Dischord".

Annunziata Gianzero does not show much just a little behind shot. Meanwhile, Emma Shaw however reveals all, sadly though she is dead being pulled out of the water.

Annunziata Gianzero

Emma Shaw

We wind up today with "Forbidden Fruit" and Nadia Mansouri. Nadia I think is a very beautiful girl with only two credits at IMDB. She shows breasts in a love scene.

Nadia Mansouri


Just a couple of assorted edits today...


Barbora Kodetová
in "Dune" mini-series
Verona Feldbusch
a nip slip

Lysette Anthony
in "Save Me"
Rhona Mitra
in "Hollow Man"




From DeadRed, here is Charlize Theron going topless in the pool scene from the Affleck classic, "Reindeer Games".

One more from DeadRed..."Nip/Tuck" babe Kelly Carlson shows off her robo-goodies in the direct-to-vid flick "Starship Troopers 2".

Pat's comments in yellow...

The Video's Already In Heavy Rotation - London's Sun tabloid reports that Warner Brothers is putting millions of dollars into the launch of a debut album by a new singer who has been named as "an international priority" for this spring. They even paid top songwriter Cathy Dennis ("Toxic," "Can't Get You Out Of My Head") to provide material. The singing artist: Paris Hilton. Her lead-off single will be about her sex tape and will be called "My Mistake."

* I assumed that was about the guy who signed her to a singing contract.
* She's a hot-looking, empty-headed blonde whose only talent is exhibitionism!...She's the next Britney!
* Sure, she's a fine musical talent, but she's no Kevin Federline.
* This finally answers the question, "Who do you have to sleep with to get a recording contract?" Answer: EVERYBODY!

Who Next, Nathan Lane?! - The new National Enquirer has a "shock expose" interview with a brawny ex-Green Beret named John Paulus who claims to have had a steamy, 90-minute gay sex session with "American Idol" star, Clay Aiken. The Enquirer said he passed a polygraph test over his claim that he met Aiken though his personal ad on gay websites; and that Aiken, using the screen name "valleyprettyboy," demanded 'absolute discretion" and said he couldn't post his picture because he had a "very recognizable face." After Paulus's name was leaked, friends said he's gotten both a flood of death threats from Aiken fans, known as "Claymaniacs," and movie offers from gay porn directors.

* Having sex with Clay Aiken turns gay men on? I thought they had good taste.
* Now we know why Clay's CD was called "Measure of a Man"...
* In an attempt to glom onto the publicity, Corey Clark claimed that he also had sex with Clay Aiken.
* It's the biggest scandal to hit "Idol" since they found Reuben Studdard's picture on that "Chubby Chasers" site.