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"Black Caesar" (1973)

Black Caesar (1973) is a black gangster film full of nothing but bad guys. Fred Williamson stars as a Harlem man who tried to work with the mob as a teenager, and was beaten up and jailed by a crooked cop for his trouble. He emerges from prison with a graduate degree in badass, and takes over crime in Harlem and the rest of the known universe. The cop who did him dirt as a kid is now even more powerful. Gloria Hendry, who you may remember from Live and Let Die, plays the naked woman who has sex with, and screws most of the cast. In the end, all the bad guys, which is everyone in the film, get what is coming to them. The only thing harder than capping a dark sex scene is capping a dark sex scene with black people, and this DVD was very dark.

Maltin awards 2 1/2 stars calling this a "better than average gangster movie." 70 IMDB readers give it 6.8/10, which is way too generous in my opinion. The film didn't give me a single character to like. I watched it in short shifts, and was relieved when the final credits started rolling. At least there is no mystery about who the bad guy is ... they all are.

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  • Gloria Hendry (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Atame! is the Almodovar movie most famous for the scene in which Victoria Abril uses the little diver toy as a masturbation device in the bathtub. But it is much more than that. Tuna and I give this film two thumbs way up! It's art, entertainment, comedy, technically superb, and chock full of sex and nudity ... very strong package.

    Tomcat did "Ecstasy", the famous early nude scene (1932!) with Hedy Lamarr. One anecdote about this movie. Miss Lamarr said that the director unexpectedly stuck pins in her ass in order to get the right facial expression during her sex scenes.

    • above ground (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    • underwater (1, 2, 3)

    The Encyclopedia Volume B, Number 7, is updated. We are using a new update system now because we're short of help, so I'm doing it myself. It will be in small increments instead of massive additions. The project has gotten so large that a "small" update - a tenth of volume B- is 100 files!

    Perhaps you read about how George W Bush has been changing some of Clinton's interior decor in the Oval Office and elsewhere. Here is my list of the top Clinton artifacts removed by Dubya:

    • Took down Farrah poster, put Lincoln back up
    • Removed condom machine in president's private lavatory
    • Deleted bookmark from the desktop PC
    • Gum removed from underneath the desktop
    • Knee pads and Chapstick removed from the first-aid kit
    • Radio no longer pre-set to Howard Stern station
    • Won't need all those all-night dry cleaners listed in the rolodex
    • Crayons added to the presidential bookshelf
    • Seems safe to bring back the ashtrays
    • Daily NY Times Crossword Puzzle replaced with rebus page from "Highlights for Children"
    Schmutzfink had a great idea in Saturday's Funhouse: a bunnymagmate flood. He did Shannon Tweed, which is cheating because every third movie in the Action section of the video store has a naked Shannon scene it. In honor of Super Bowl Sunday I offer these, less frequently exposed centerfold-type persons.

    Let's start with a real winner, Brittany York (known these days as Alison Armitage) in the blockbuster hit of the 1991 season, I Posed for Playboy. Okay, I lied: this was a made-for-tv movie, with Brittany-Alison's scene added for video released. Great scene. A photo shoot, with Brittany posing in a well-lighted studio. Junior, when you take over the IRS, perhaps you could extend the offer of a year with no taxes to any hottie willing to film a scene like this one. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    The only other movie Brittany did where she showed off the goodies was Miracle Beach, also released in 1991 (Brittany was the October, 1990 bunnyperson; the fame of these women seems to have a very short shelf life). From there Brittany became Allison and moved onto the small screen.

    Miracle Beach also had Wendy Kaye in it; to be sure, Brittany and Wendy are in the same scene, as eye-candy bed mates of a guy who has discovered a genie. The role of the genie was played by Ami Dolenz, who apparently refuses to get naked to take a shower at her own house. (1, 2)

    So, who else do we have today? There is Cristy Thom from Meatballs 4, as promised last week. Great scene. Entirely gratuitous nudity (the best kind), although the real goodies are seen as a reflection in the mirror. Meatballs 4: the hidden classic.

    And then there is Carrie Wescott in the DTV marvel, Lover's Leap. Here I will give way to your phraseology, Junior (because it is perfect), and say that Carrie has tons of nudity in this video. I capped some of the early stuff in a collage and then put together a composite of a slow pan from Carrie's really nice bottom to her head. (1, 2)

    We'll stop this madness with caps of two more bunnymagmates in the movie, Sex on the Run. This is a Casanova movie starring noted thespian, Tony Curtis. The women in question are Jeannie Bell (1, 2) as a Nubian slave and Lillian Muller. Hmm, it occurs to me that playmates in movies are very much like boobs: you usually see them in pairs.

    Tis all for today, gentlepeople; more of the same to arrive tomorrow.

    Today Scorpion earns the "Just Plain Weird Stuff" award for these vidcaps of nuns getting really down and dirty in the 1979 Italian movie "Immagini di un convento", ("Images in a Convent"). If you grew up Catholic, this will either be a twisted fantasy come true, or you'll think that we'll end up rotting in H-E-double hockey sticks for all eternity. If the latter, well I'm not afraid of Hell. I've lived in rural Kentucky and Los Angeles!

    Paola Senatore
    (1, 2)

    Topless, frontal, receiving a bit of oral, and gettin' it on.

    Other naughty nuns
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Nuns still wearing their habits and having lesbo sex, straight sex, and masturbating.

    and ...
    Stacy Haiduk
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Nothing cutting edge here., but Stacy has always been a favorite of mine. Think about it...brunette, blue eyes, large natural breasts...what's not to like! Vidcaps by various dudes including Freakie and Don Juan from "Luther the Geek" and "The Beneficiary".

    Marina La Rosa
    (1, 2)

    A very hot Italian babe! Scans from the Italian Max by PicCap.

    Danielle Ciardi
    (1, 2, 3)
    Vidcaps from the Shannon Tweed movie "Powerplay" by Scanman. Featuring topless, frontal, and posterior scenes.

    Valeria Marini
    (1, 2, 3)
    #1 and #2 are both by HBS and feature great 'caps of Valeria's breasts...and a fish. I wish I could explain, but I'm not sure of the source. #3 is a much more normal featuring scenes of Valeria gettin' in "Bámbola", by UC99.

    Lisa Snowdon
    (1, 2)
    Two very nice B&W scans of the British model with some partial breast exposure. Typical hands over boobs stuff, but definitely worth a look if your one of her fans.

    Kelly Preston
    (1, 2)
    Some nice pre-Travolta nudity. Link #1 features topless scenes from "Secret Admirer". Link #2 is Kelly topless in "52 Pick-Up"

    Sonja Martin Some serious pokies in vidcaps from "Lemon Popsicle 4", by UC99.

    Vaitiare Bandera Full frontal nudity in scenes from "Stargate SG-1". I am a sci-fi nerd, and I watch Stargate almost every week on Showtime. My question is come I don't get to see any nudity? I'm watching it on cable, why edit it out?

    The Funnies
    Redneck Haiku

    Naked in repose
    Silvery silhouette girls
    Adorn my mudflaps

    A painful sadness
    Can't fit big screen TV through
    Double-wide's front door

    Unemployment's out.
    Hey, maybe I can git on

    Distant siren screams
    Dumb-ass Verne's been mowing with
    Gasoline again

    Flashlights pierce darkness
    No nightcrawlers to be found
    Guess we'll gig some frogs

    Joyous, playful, bright
    Trailer park girl rolls in puddle
    Of old motor oil

    Seeking solitude
    Carl's ex-wife Tammy files for
    Restraining order

    Damn, in that tube-top
    You make me almost forget
    That you're my cousin

    I curse the rainbow
    Emblazoned upon his hood
    Damn Jeff Gordon

    Set the VCR
    Dukes of Hazzard Marathon
    Starts at 9 O'Clock

    In WalMart toy aisle
    Wailing boy wants rasslin' doll
    Mama whups his ass

    White noise, buzzing static
    Call Earl; the satellite dish
    needs new descrambler

    Sixty-five dollars
    And cyclone fence keeps me from
    My El Camino

    In early morning mist
    Mama searches Circle K for
    Moon Pies and Red Man

    Grinning, he displays
    The nine hundred beer cans that
    Fill his pickup bed

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