Erika Stromqvist is on Blinky's runway today for the third of three days. Her breast is completely uncovered in #5. You will see pretty good see-throughs in #2, #7, and #8

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Jimmy the Saint
His Holiness has another rarity for us today. Samantha Morton in "Under the Skin". (#1 #2 #3)

Yesterday: Maria, 26, from my erstwhile temporary home, Guildford. (#1 #2 #3 #4)

Gold is Helen Labdon from 12 July, 1991

Request girl is Kirsten Imrie. Another Kirsten Imrie

Of interest to Brits, AOL girl Connie, who apparently was a runway model named Rachel Willis Rachel Willis Rachel as Connie

Of interest to Brits, the girls of Holly Oaks. (It's a TV Series. I had to ask, too) No nudity - swimsuits. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15)

Hey, Scoop. I think I found something interesting in this week's "Novella 2000", and Itsalian paparazzi mag. Tori Spelling shows her buns (string bikini)on the beach.

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Slarti Slarti is the king of the German TV, but today he mixed in some scans for us as well.

Elke Winkes in "Killing me Softly")

Julia Lautowa (figure skater nude in body paint)

FR Jennie McCarthy hamming it up in "BASEketball". In one of the film's funnier gags, she actually did suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!

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The King of the Ring is back.
  • Dawn Marie in ECW action
  • Dawn Marie in ECW action
  • Dawn Marie in ECW action
  • Kimona, now called Leia Meow, on Nitro
  • Kimona, now called Leia Meow, on Nitro
  • Kimona, now called Leia Meow, on Nitro

  • MO Two of the best from Mo Asumang's MAX layout

    (#1, #2)

    Members Bonuses

    a "My Son the Fanatic", from Johnny Web

    My Son the Fanatic is a BBC film about the cultural clash between a Pakistani taxi driver in northern England who has been completely Westernized, and his English-born son who is in the process of rejecting Western values and returning to Islamic roots. The filmmaker treats neither of them with great sympathy. The father is ostensibly a compassionate man, but he has almost written off his wife, is eternally sucking up to people who treat him like a lower species, and is not above such Western indulgences as excessive drinking and pimping. The son is supposed to be a smart lad, but he suddenly turns stupid when it comes to viewing the hypocrisies of his fundamentalist friends. The son's part is written with few subtleties, but the father is at least an interesting and complex character. Griffiths is a hooker who strikes up a relationship with the dad.

    Rachel Griffiths lies naked with Om Puri. A nice camera angle, but not really much to see. The mandatory anonymous stripper

    "The White Palace", from Johnny Web

    I guess it's cultural clash day. James Spader is a workaholic 27 year old widower in an advertising agency. Susan Sarandon is an uneducated 43 year old minimum wage waitress/cashier at White Palace (a thinly-disguised White Castle). A series of coincidences brings them together. They are each sheltering a lot of pain, and they seem to find solace in each other.

    It's not a very honest film. I found two things disturbing. In the midst of the naturalistic drama, suddenly arrives Sarandon's psychic sister - and she's not some kind of white-trash-I'll-believe-anything psychic. Nosireebob - she's the real thing - she has the sight. What's that all about? Perhaps a cheap plot device to reveal details about Sarandon's past that the character herself won't talk about? The movie has a happy ending. They realize that Sarandon can never fit into his world, so Sarandon leaves town. Spader quits everything - his job, his family, his friends, and runs to her side. I don't know about that. No problem with my understanding that he loves her because she's really a great person and sexy as hell. And I think they can resolve the age difference. After all, Sarandon is doing that in real life with Tim Robbins. But Robbins and Sarandon are soulmates. In the movie, I don't buy how they will ever solve the cultural barriers. The movie makes it absolutely clear that they have nothing to talk about. They don't share the same tastes in anything. Sooner or later they have to get out of bed. What do they do then? Hard to see how this could come to a happy ending.

    Here's the pictures Sarandon (#1 #2 #3 #4 ) Maria Pitillo, in a flashback/dream, as Spader's late wife. K.C. Carr as the obligatory anonymous stripper

    "Against All Odds", from Tuna

    Chatted about this movie yesterday. Today Tuna presents his version. It turned out to be quite smart that I didn't look at Tuna's before doing mine, because he took a different approach, and you benefit from it. The wet white dress scene. Super! more of the wet white dress a Rachel Ward "upskirt" that I missed completely more of the Rachel Ward "upskirt" the deleted scene of Ward naked on the beach. This is the one where the director lamented the absence of a widescreen version. the "sweat room" - Ward's nipple and part of her pubic area are partially visible a hint of her buns that make us cry for more

    "Capone", from Jimmy the Saint

    His holiness sent me some really rare video footage. What a collection he must have. Unfortunately, they are so lengthy as to be impractical on my high-volume pages, but here they are for you members. Maybe one of you guys can post them elsewhere - where more people can see them - hint ??? One of his treasures is the scene in Capone where Susan Blakely rolls out of bed with her legs apart. (And it goes on long past that -1100 frames in a 5 meg .mpg clip. Click on the thumbnail to get the movie clip.

    Members Bonus

    Rawhide Kid From "Stuff"
  • a great invention, Bubble Body Wear. Few people realize that Edison had this on his to-do list when he died. Absent his genius, we had to wait nearly a century.
  • one more example of bubble body wear from (where else?)
  • Yasmine Bleeth in a skimpy bikini
  • some serious cleavage
  • Brazilian superduperstar Ana Paula, topless, but side-rear to the camera
  • Ana Paula

  • more
  • Akira collage of Caitlin Clarke in "Dragonslayer" (no nudity)
  • Akira collage of Chloe Salaman in "Dragonslayer" (no nudity)
  • Akira collage of Gina Gershon in "Bound". There was a long pan across her body, and Akira deftly welded them together into a single large image.
  • Chrissy Schultz in "und tschuess!" (Celeblover)
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Caracara" (Helcrom)(
  • Jenny Muck in "Die Schule am See" (Celeblover)
  • Virginie Ledoyen in "En plein coeur" (Kreel)
  • Zeta in 1001 Nights, from ErikdaRed
  • Hugo redid Irene Jacob in "Big Brass Ring". Replace the previous one with this lighter version.
  • Humor - how to tell if your ass is too small
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