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The New Pope

s1e6, 1080hd

Ludivine Sagnier got topless yet again

(You can see her previous appearances, episodes 4 and 3, in Defoe's section below)

  Chiara Mocci played a schoolgirl partying with elderly cardinals

Le Temps est assassin

s1e5, 1080hd

Catarina Murino

The Traitor
New non-fiction film about the Cosa Nostra, 1080hd

Marilina Marino

Maria Fernanda Candido

an unidentified actress

Babylon Berlin
season one, 1080hd

Franziska Holitschke in episode 1

Liv Lisa Fries in episode 2

Severija Janusauskaite in episodes 4 and 7

Naked News
Isabella Rossini hosted the Entertainment segment on Jan 23

Eila Adams did more of her crazy exercising on Jan 26


2020, cam

no clip yet, but Eva Green took a shower

Maddy Etcheban
Made-for-TV film that aired Jan 25 (from Defoe), 1080hd

Once again demonstrating the European fascination with autopsies

Anne-Charlotte Pontabry

Une Fille Facile
2019, 1080hd (from Defoe)

Zahia Dehar

Love Story
2019 short, 1080hd (from Defoe)

Sophie De Furst


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Friday the 13th, Part VIII

1989, 1920x1080

Tiffany Paulsen

Sharlene Martin's body double

The New Pope

s1e3, s1e4 in 1080hd

Ludivine Sagnier
in both episodes

also seen in this clip: Eco Androlio

Cecile de France
in episode four

Defoe's other clips are found up in the Breaking News section

Continuing with Scandinavian this week with movies from Sweden, although nearly all of them are co-productions with other Scandinavian countries.

Family Dinner

2012, aka "Middag med familjen"

Family Dinner shows a topless Fanny Risberg.

Chylka. Kasacja

Scoop's note: I have some familiarity with the Slavic languages, and I still don't know what that means. Not that it matters.


Antonia Jarnuszkiewicz



Mimi Rogers film clip (collages below)

Tilda Cobham-Hervey in Burn (2019) in 1080hd

Daniela Bueno in The Whistler Orgins (2018) in 1080hd

Jordana Ansley in Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (2017) in 1080hd

Deborah Shelton in Dangerous Cargo (1977) in 720p
I have never seen this film at all, let alone in 720p. A great find if you like Shelton.