Best Nude Scenes of 2015

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Candice Coke


More models!

today: Dominique ter Mors


"Do or Die"

(2001 mini-series)

2001 two-part Australia/UK mini-series that has the hokey premise of a boy dying from leukaemia who can be saved with his father's blood, except his father (Tom Long) is a jailed violent Aussie criminal that his mother (Kate Ashfield) had an affair with when she went backpacking. So, she comes to Australia to convince him to help which ends with him escaping and it's a race against time to save the boy. Goes at a breakneck speed, which works in its favour and you don't have time to think about the silly plot. Feels a fair bit like another Aus/UK co-production False Witness, similar in style, a bit of sex thrown in, everybody's happy.

Kate Ashfield film clips (collages below)

Andrea Wallis film clip (sample below)

This week, we have movies from 1995:

Beach Babes 2 - Cave Girl Island

As you’d expect from the title, Beach Babes 2 - Cave Girl Island (1995) is a soft-core movie.

Sarah Bellomo,

 Stephanie Hudson

and Tina Hollimon show the lot.

Film/TV Clips

Angelina Jolie in By The Sea (2016)

Various women in The Returned, 720p

Ana Girardot, s2e2

Ana Girardot, s1e6

Clothilde Hesme, s1e4

Patricia Clarkson in Learning To Drive (2014) in 1080hd

Riley Steele and Rebecca Blumhagen in The Girl's Guide to Depravity (s1e7) in 720p



Diane Foster in The Orphan Killer (2011) in 720p


Kate Moss, Paris Vogue, Oct, 2015