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Mr Skin identified the flasher in Sunday's Girls as Kelly Bartnik

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Winged Creatures



Embeth Davitz

Lara Phillips

26 January is Australia Day, the day on which we commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet (of 504 convicts and 348 soldiers and other free persons in 11 ships) into Sydney Cove in 1788. Nowadays, it has become much more than that and is now Australia's National Day. Hence, all the movies and TV shows this week are Australian.

Housos vs. Authority

Housos is a Sydney expression for people who live in public housing.
Housos vs. Authority (2012) is a parody of the situation.

Trinity Porter is topless

one more of Trinity in the DVD extras

and there are some other very sexy women

Not Suitable for Children

Kathryn Beck

and Sarah Snook

are both topless in Not Suitable for Children (2012), and Bojana Novakovic is down to her underwear.


Amanti Miei


Brainscan's notes:

Amanti Miei tells the story of a gal who catches her lover in bed with another woman and who does the perfectly reasonable thing of giving him a 24 hour time-out and then spending the time sleeping with every man or woman she happens upon.  This one comes with film clips as well as collages. The links below lead to the clips

Cindy Leadbetter is the lead. 

The single-named Gegia plays the gal who does the boyfriend at the beginning of the festivities

and a still of Gegia

and Paulette Debre plays one of the gals that Cindy happens upon.  Or with. 

Here is an additional clip of Cindy and Paulette together, below a still of Paulette

And then there is her BFF played by Annamaria Clementi, who gets into a little role-playing fun with her significant other.  She is the best looking one of the whole crew.


TV and Film Clips

Model Kacey Athena tries a new costume on Hollywood Blvd (no costume at all)

Sophie Lowe in Autumn Blood (2013, or maybe 2011) in 1920x816 res

Alessandra Mastronardi in La Certosa di Parma, e2 (2012) in 1080hd

Rebecca Kush in Alien Uprising (2008)

Kim Delaney in various episodes of NYPD Blue. Yes, this was network TV, and not that long ago.

Pics and Collages

Jessica Alba is still perfect, but not naked. Damn.

Various looks at Rihanna's rump

a colorized version of that modest Kristen Bell nude

An HQ look back at Helen Hunt in The Sessions

An HQ look back at Lizzie Caplan on True Blood

Celebrity Bottoms

Alexandra Mason in Bro

Allison Williams in s4e1 of Girls

Andree Rozenn in Des Lendemains Qui Chantent

Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape

Hannah Hoekstra in Sunny Side Up

Holly Hunter in The Piano

Jantje Billker in Maennerwirtschaft

Jenny Slate in s4e3 of House of Lies

Jutta Speidel in Fleisch

Leslie Bibb in the Salem Rogers pilot

Lola Duenas in Falling Star

Naomi Watts in Mother and Child

Olga Arntgoltz in It's Russian

Olivia Llewellyn in s1e1 of The Musketeers

Paola Senatore in Maladonna

Suzan Anbeh in Der Kriminalist: Nacht am See

Taryn Terrell in s3e3 of Treme

Tiffany Shepis in Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula

Tracey Sheldon in Infected

Tricia Helfer in episode 3 of Ascension