TV Round-Up

The women in episode seven of Les Dames (Friday) are covered in Defoe's section below

Emmy Rossum didn't get nekkid in Shameless (s4e3; Sunday), but she did get laid.

Michelle Monaghan was topless very briefly in Sunday's True Detective (s1e3)

Lena Dunham and Gaby Hoffmann were topless in Sunday's episode of Girls (s3e4)



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"Eastbound and Down"



Anadela Reguera


Defoe's pick of the week:

The women in episode seven of Les Dames (aired Friday) in 1080HD:

Ariane Labed in Une Place sur la Terre (2013)

Hafsia Herzi in Elle s'en Va (2013)

Laetitia Dosch in La Bataille de Solferino (2013)


Girls Against Boys


Johnny's comments:

Girls Against Boys is a revenge thriller set in New York with Shae (Danielle Panabaker) trying to get over being dumped by her married lover. One night at work as a bartender, she meets Lu (Nicole LaLiberte) and they go out after work and meet a group of men who they then go back to their place for further partying. Shae decides to leave and is taken home by Simon (Michael Stahl-David), but when Shae rejects his advances, he rapes her. Shae doesn't know where to turn and calls Lu after being fobbed off by the police. And that's when the killings start. Lu tempts the brusque desk sergeant away and promptly murders him, then Lu convinces Shae to confront Simon and kills Simon's friends after they stop being useful. Then Simon is tortured and killed, but it doesn't stop there. The married lover is next. With all the men who have wronged her gone, Shae is free to move on, but Lu isn't quite finished yet.

Girls Against Boys is such a cold movie that it's hard to feel sympathy for Shae even though she was raped. She feels nothing when a string of men are murdered including some who don't deserve it. And the final act is just ugly. I struggled to feel anything for this movie other than contempt, it's hard to feel much else.

Nicole LaLiberte film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

This is a film of Rihanna doing a topless photospread on the beach. I guess the video is a paparazzi effort even though the actual photoshoot is something she was posing for. That's just my guess.

Josephine Skriver: runway seethrus including one from this month

AnnaLynne McCord in Scorned in HD and slo-mo

Heather Lind and Amy Sloan in Single Shot (2013) in 720p



Jytte Merle Boehrnsen in Grossstadtklein (2013)

Allison Miller in a bikini in the premiere episode of Terra Nova (s1e1) in 720p

Mircea Monroe in Into The Blue 2 (2009) in 720p

Ekaterina Vilkova in Tiski (2007)


Just for fun, three animated .gifs of Jayne Mansfield in Promises, Promises (1963). Jayne was pretty much the only person getting naked in public in 1963, and that was much appreciated by horny young American men everywhere (for all of whom I presume to speak).