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Big Love


Hi Everyone,

I'm following "The L Word" and "Big Love" this season.  Sorry to report that there's nothing worth capping in this week's L Word.

There wasn't anything to cap in the season premiere of "Big Love," either, but in this week's epsiode Amanda Seyfried showed the first skin she's shown on this series in a brief side boob shot as she puts on her bra.


1280x720 film clip. Samples below.



An Officer and a Gentlemen


720p film clips of Debra Winger and Lisa Blount

Debra Winger

Blount and Winger







The Hot Spot


Today we have classic nudity as the Time Machine goes back to 1990 for a very young and delicious Jennifer Connelly in "The Hot Spot." Debra Cole is also topless. Caps and a clip.


Connelly and Cole



"Fox & Friends"


Over in TV Land we have dueling leggy newsbabes Alisyn Camerota  and Courtney Friel on "Fox & Friends."








Lauren Hays

The beginning of another multi-part tribute in a mixture of Brainscan clips and third party material.

The film today is Web of Seduction. The other woman in the action is Nancy O'Brien.









The Man Who Wasn't There


B&W Coen Brothers film starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Lisa Langlois clip here. Sample below:







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Jumping forward to season four. Nikki's appearance has changed.

s4, e7

s4, e9


s4, e10









The latest film clips from from Defoe. Part 2 of 2 this week.

Anne Charrier in Etat de Manque

The women of Le Bruit des Gens Autour:  Emma de Caunes and Lea Drucker

Linda Hardy in L'Ecole du Pouvoir

Marie-Catherine Conti in Collections Privees






Poison Ivy 4


Before you get too excited that they've finally released the fourth of the Poison Ivy series, I have to warn you: this 2008 entry is NOT about stalker women like the other three. It is about snakey women, true, but they totally changed the theme in this sequel. They did release it on Blu-ray, which these caps are from, but it is still B-movie all the way, including the quality.

Sweet and innocent farm girl Daisy (Miriam McDonald) turns up at a fancy New England college after selling the family home, which she inherited when her parents were killed in an accident. She also brought with her a 4.0 average.

When Daisy stands a good chance of winning an internship in Washington through her political science course, it attracts the attention of Azalea (Shawna Waldron), who heads a secret society on campus called The Ivies. Seems Azalea wants the internship herself, so with only bad intentions, she brings Daisy into the group in order to control her, and Azalea will stop at nothing.

Personally, I wish they had stuck to the original theme. Even with the nudity, this one wasn't near as sexy and interesting as the other three. Granted, all were dumb, but the first three were fun. This one is predictable and the storyline has been done many, many times before.

Miriam McDonald Shawna Waldron








Gillian Jacobs in Choke, the latest Chuck Palahniuk novel to be adapted to a movie. (The most famous was Fight Club.)

PJ Soles in Halloween

If you're a baby boomer, you probably crushed on PJ at one time or another. She's probably best remembered as Bill Murray's girlfriend in Stripes, and for this scene in the original Halloween.


Film Clips

Arta Dobroshi in Le Silence de Lorna, a 2008 film about two young Albanian emigrants in Liege, Belgium. Sample right.
Michelle Borth in Silent Warnings. She is the actress who shocked us with the explicit sex scenes in "Tell Me You Love Me." Silent Warnings came four years earlier. Sample right.
Eva Dewaele in Marmorera, a little-known Swiss thriller from 2007. The clip and the samples to the right are from Jack Snow, the living TV Guide for nudity on European TV.
Speaking of Eurocrap, here is sex film legend Moana Pozzi in Doppio Misto. The statuesque Pozzi died at 33 of liver cancer. Her life story is told in the mainstream movie Guardami.

Willa Holland in Genova. This film stars an A-minus lister, Colin Firth, and was directed by Michael Winterbottom, but has not yet opened anywhere, although it has screened at several film festivals. IMDb says it is slated for a late March release in the UK. It's not going to do much commercially. It might be good, but I'll never know, even though I have the screener. I couldn't get more than 20 minutes into the dreary, depressing opening. I just wasn't in the mood for that kind of hand-wringing, and I don't expect to get into that mood any time soon. It's about how the death of a mother affects her two daughters and the widower, and it's all somber music, dark alleys, mumbling, and dark, hand-held camera shots. Your basic cheery, popcorn movie.