Oz's Australia Day Special

Yesterday, Saturday, 26 January, was Australia Day.

Therefore, an all-Aussie submission.





Starting in the '70s, we have Peterson (1974). Plenty of full nudity by Wendy Hughes


and Jacki Weaver (and Jack Thompson for that matter).

Belinda Giblin is briefly topless before she has sex in public as a  protest

and Sandra McGregor shows pokies.





Jacki Weaver is also topless in Stork (1971). There's a film clip for this one.

Jan Friedl is shown topless from behind.




The Devil's Playground

Again, plenty of naked ladies but this time in The Devil's Playground (1976). Unfortunately, they aren't identified.




Eliza Fraser

Lots of topless ladies in Eliza Fraser (1976) but mainly by Australian aboriginal women.

However, Susannah York

and Abigail are also topless.




High Rolling

Christine Amor is topless in High Rolling (1977).

Wendy Hughes and Sandra McGregor are topless but we don't see anything good.






Emoh Ruo

Moving forward to the '80s, we have Emoh Ruo (1989).

Di Smith

and Joy Smithers are both topless.




Shadows of the Peacock

Wendy Hughes is again naked in Shadows of the Peacock (1987) but we don't see anything interesting.




Me Myself I

A bit of bum by Rachel Griffiths in Me Myself I (1999).




The Wog Boy

No nudity in The Wog Boy (2000) as we see Lucy Bell

and Abi Tucker in their underwear.





It's the same story with Mullet (2001). No nudity and Belinda McClory is down to her underwear.




City Loop

Megan Dorman does a moon but the rest is just underwear in City Loop (2000)

Jessica Napier

Hayley McElhinney





The Brush Off

Heather Mitchell is naked and we see her from behind in The Brush Off (2004).





Safety in Numbers

No nudity in Safety in Numbers (2005).

Tasma Walton

Karen Pang

and Jessica Napier are down to very little clothing.




The Caterpillar Wish

Susie Porter

Sonara Krix

and Victoria Thaine are topless in The Caterpillar Wish (2006).





Small Claims - The Reunion

Emma Booth is in her underwear in Small Claims - The Reunion (2006).





The Oyster Farmer

Diana Glenn is currently appearing naked in a TV series called Satisfaction.

Earlier she went naked in The Oyster Farmer (2004). We have a film clip for this one.






Librarians (2007) was an above average comedy series.

In the episode Amnesty, we see Roz Hammond photocopy her cleavage.









  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Erotic Short Stories, Part 4


The final disk in the series again consists of three shorts running about 30 minutes each.

  • Improper Liaisons, or Rapporti Impropri is the story of a college girl, Victoria di Stefano, whose mother has just died, She goes to live for a while with her favorite uncle and his family. She and the uncle, and she and her male cousin are close. Her uncle's new wife takes to her quickly, but her female cousin resents her. First she seduces the male cousin, then the mother, than the girl cousin's boyfriend, then finally the uncle. This is finally too much for the female cousin, who leaves for boarding school. leaving a happy family. Both Victoria di Stefano and an unidentified actress (playing the aunt) show everything.
  • The Last Subway, or Ultimo Metro, is a simple story. A couple of friends see a young woman leave a subway restroom. Her skirt back is caught in her panties. One of them tells her. The two guys end up on the platform across from the girl. One of the guys catches his train. The other starts flirting with the girl across the tracks. She decides to strip and masturbate for him. Deborah Calý, as the girl, shows everything, including her labia.
  • Dreams, or Sogno, stars the lovely Yulia Mayarchuk. She walks to a secluded beach, changes into her bikini in the open, then lies down for a nap. Her dreams are in special effects colors, some of them quite effective. She is running and running, harasses a truck driver with a light load of apples, gets into a VW with a guy, and they drive to a "restaurant," which is actually an open wheat field with one big tree. The water is bottomless, and the couple strips and has sex. Not a bad lunch, I suppose. While this is happening in her dream, she also gets naked on the beach, and wakes up to a disapproving crowd. Yulia Mayarchuk shows everything.

About the entire series:

Guilia, the longest story and the only one released elsewhere, is the class of the twelve stories, but the other eleven present a rich variety of different styles and themes, covering many different fetishes. The collection is thus highly recommended for those who like couples softcore. There is some explicit content, but it is softened by the context, and there is none of the repetitious in-and-out of hardcore porn. Some of the stories are humorous, others are sweet. This entire set is absolutely the top of the line for couples erotica, and the four-disk series is the best such collection I have ever seen.


Erotic Short Stories, Part 1 Erotic Short Stories, Part 2 Erotic Short Stories, Part 3 Erotic Short Stories, Part 4

Deborah Cali

Victoria DiStefano


Yulia Mayarchuk











Until Death


Until Death is a very decent action thriller, but a little skimpy on the nudity.

Rachel Grant with sexy legs and showing off her new bra before getting blown away.

Caps and a short clip.

Julia Horvath with brief buns & boobs getting banged by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Caps and a short clip.



House of the Dead



Bonus caps of Sonya Salomaa and her sweet little "Tater Tots" in "House of the Dead".






Notes and collages


part 3 of many

Jennifer Aniston

Episode 227

Episode 228

Extended Episode 235-236

(Going backwards in time.)








Moving on to Electric Blue ...

Debbie Jay (film clip here sample right)
Carla Fernandez (film clip here sample right)









Jimmy and Judy

The good news is that this 2006 drama contains what are reportedly Rachael Bella's first nude scenes. The bad news is that the first hour is flat-out boring.

Jimmy (Edward Furlong) is a social misfit who is in and out of mental facilities, which he calls the bin (short for looney bin). He has an obsession: he videotapes everything that happens in his life, no matter how mundane.

Judy (Rachael Bella, married to Furlong in real life) is a troubled high school senior who is constantly picked on by other students. When Jimmy films Judy being beaten up by another student, he enacts revenge for her and shows her the results, and the two strike up a relationship that leads to a love affair.

As the two become close and deeply involved in romance, sex, and drugs, they kill a drug dealer who was raping a customer, and now they're on the run and heading for a wilderness commune where anything goes. And it's all on tape.

I've seen this movie compared to Natural Born Killers, and indeed there are some vague similarities, but it's much less violent, crawls for the first hour, and doesn't come close to being as good. It uses the gimmick of being shot in the first person; all the footage except for the last 15 seconds was done as if it was shot by either Jimmy or Judy, so you get the wobbly pictures and weird camera angles that you'd expect in that situation. The last half hour is pretty interesting, leading to exactly the ending you'd expect. Overall, just a mediocre movie, but Rachael looks pretty good.

Racheel Bella