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s1e1, 1920x1080

Jodi Balfour

Only Lovers Left Alive

Tilda Swinton is naked in Only Lovers Left Alive (2013).



Tamara Brinkman

Most Beautiful Island


Johnny's comments:

Most Beautiful Island is a drama set over one day where a poor immigrant woman (Spanish actress Ana Asensio, also writer/director of movie) hustles her way through a day that ends in being offered $4,000 to be at a mysterious party which ends up being life and death. Movie starts off fairly straightforward and then takes a wild detour into a completely different and much more intriguing movie once it gets to the mysterious party. A nice surprise although it claims to be based on a true story, well... maybe.

Ana Asensio film clip (collages below)

Natasha Romanova film clip (sample below)

Kayleigh Gilbert and Veronica Lavery in Break Night (2018) in 720p



Alena Savostikova in Cool Hair (2017) in 720p

Marion Cotillard in Chloe (1996). Sorry, low quality.

In the paired combos below, they are the same frame as originally seen (l), and as color-adjusted to approximate the natural skin tone without the blue tint (r).