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TV Round-Up

Lise Slabber did full frontal and rear nudity in Saturday's season two premiere of Black Sails

Emma Greenwell was topless in Sunday's episode of Shameless (s5e3)

Girls (s4e3) featured Jemima Kirke's butt and a flasher as yet unidentified



The nudity was supplied by Annika Blendl in episode two of Komissarin Heller

Elisa Schlott provided the brief nudity in the Tatort action: Borowski und der Himmel ueber Kiel

Sunday's edition of Naked News featured:

A nude Djenga competition involving four anchors

Another exercise session with Eila Adams

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300: Rise of an Empire



Eva Green

26 January is Australia Day, the day on which we commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet (of 504 convicts and 348 soldiers and other free persons in 11 ships) into Sydney Cove in 1788. Nowadays, it has become much more than that and is now Australia's National Day. Hence, all the movies and TV shows this week are Australian.

Jack Irish: Bad Debts

Marta Dusseldorp is topless in Jack Irish: Bad Debts (2012).

Jack Irish: Black Tide

Diana Glenn shows a bit of breast in Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012).

Jack Irish: Dead Point

Jack Irish: Dead Point (2014) has some nice looking women. Kate Beahan

and Marta Dusseldorp are topless.

Madeleine Madden

and Tess Haubrich look good.


More Hefmates

Liv Lindeland in Dirty O'Neil

Heather Rae Young in Internship



Defoe's picks o' the week:

There is a phenomenal amount of 1080hd nudity in Metamorphoses (based on Ovid, not Kafka):

Plus Sonia Dufeu in Desaffecte(e) (2013)

and Clara Ponsot in Simiocratie (2014) in 1080hd


TV and Film Clips

Sophie Marceau in Quantum Love (2014) in 720p

Sabrina Tom and Christina Aceto in SICK: Survive The Night (2014) in 720p



Alexia Barlier in Sex Love Therapy (2014) in 720p

Kimberly Matula in Dawn Patrol (2014)

Petra Schmidt-Schaller in Stereo (2014) in 720p

Stephanie Cumming in Shirley: Visions of Reality (2013)