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Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon film clips

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Australia Day Special

Today, Wednesday the 26th of January, is Australia Day. It is the day that commemorates the arrival from England of around 778 convicts and at least 709 others at Sydney Cove in 1788. So it is appropriate that we have an Australian contribution.

Age of Consent

Dame Helen Mirren is not known for her shyness and she doesn't disappoint in one of her earliest movies called Age of Consent (1969).

I have added a couple of movies of her better scenes.

Clarissa Kay, who was to later marry James Mason, briefly shows her breasts.


The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

If you want to learn a bit of Australian vernacular then the two Barry McKenzie movies I have capped are required viewing. I enjoyed them but I'm not sure many other nationalities would, or even understand them. Both were mainly filmed in England.

The topless nudity in The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) comes from Maria O'Brien

 and an unidentified actress.


Barry McKenzie Holds His Own

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974) also exposes some breasts, this time by

Fiona Richmond,

Nell Campbell

and Katya Wyeth.

Margot Reid

and Nancy Blair are sexy women, partially down to their underwear.



Felicity (1979) is wall-to-wall nakedness, particularly by the lead actress Glory Annen.

Angela Menzies Wills and Sarah Lee,

Jody Hanson,

Joni Flynn,


Marilyn Rodgers

and some not identified are also naked.




Libido (1973) has four shorter segments within it. The most nudity comes from Suzanne Brady, who shows the lot.

Other undressed women include Debbie Nankervis,

Elke Neidhart


and Robin Nevin.

Judy Morris has a quickie but nothing is visible.


Pacific Banana

The DVD cover for Pacific Banana (1981) says it has 12 bums, 40 boobs and 10 pubes. I didn't count them but I wouldn't be surprised. Those that are completely naked include Alyson Best,

Deborah Gray,

Best and Gray together

 Manuia Taie

 and some named but not identified in the credits.




Other women in various stages of undress include Audine Leith,

Helen Heminway

and Luan Peters.


The Naked Bunyip

The Naked Bunyip (1970) was supposed to be a serious study of sex in Australia.

Those naked include Mishka Buhler

and many not identified.


Others partially clothed or sexy are Capucine (not the French actress but an Aussie stripper),


Iris King,

Jackie Weaver

and Jacqueline Passmore.


The True Story of Eskimo Nell

I don't know whether The True Story of Eskimo Nell (1975) is true or not but there are some lovely women involved.

Those who show the lot are


Elli Maclure

and Paddy Madden (unfortunately!).

Those topless are Elke Neidhart,

Kris McQuade

and Victoria Anoux.


All Saints

From an episode of the Aussie drama series All Saints called Danger Zone (2009), Ella Scott Lynch is topless and bares her bum.


Sleuth 101

Sleuth 101 (2010) was a short-lived detective game show. The final episode called Still Life had a naked Annalise Braakensiek and we get to see her bum.



Film Clips

Natalie Portman in No Strings in HD (no nudity; samples below)

Cherilyn Wilson in Chain Letter (2010; sample below)

Monica Lopez in El habitante incierto (2004)

Marie-Josee Croze in Maelstrom (2000)

Tara Fitzgerald in Sirens (1993)

Lana Joyce in Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)

Chris Jordan, Rebecca Brooke and Jennifer Welles in Confessions of a Young American Housewife

Samples from Confessions of a Young American Housewife:

Chris Jordan

Jennifer Welles

Lana Joyce

Rebecca Brooke




Christine Glasner in Julia

Gisela Hahn in Julia

Teri Tordai in Julia