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Erotic Short Stories, Part 3


This four-disk collection came about as the result of an erotic film festival held by Tinto Brass. He picked his favorite 12 from the over 500 entries, and put them on disk. Tthe stories range from ok, to excellent, and fit well into the couples erotica category.

Part three, like part two, consists of three shorts of roughly 30 minutes each.

  • Weekend in Lecco has Silvia Rossi visiting her old friend Alessandra Alberti for the weekend. Obviously old lovers, the engage in a little master/slave play, Alberti ties Rossi to the bed, and then she has her gardener take Rossi. Much fun is had by all. Silvia Rossi does full frontal and rear. Alessandra Alberti eventually shows all three Bs, but not at the same time.
  • Hold My Wrists Tight is easily the kinkiest of this three. Emanuela Nay is secretary/nurse to a chiropractor. When his afternoon client, a nun played by Erika Saffo Savastani, is with him, she becomes bored, and decides to stuff click-clacks up her snatch and take a Zerox. When the machine jams, she calls Fast Copy Repair, and who shows up but Barbara Zaratin, who retrieves the photocopy, then attends to the real thing. Nay returns the compliment. Meanwhile, the action between the Chiropractor and the nun is getting decidedly kinky, with her strapped to a table, and manipulated by him. Erika Saffo Savastani shows her right breast and bush. Emanuela Nay shows her bush, and Barbara Zaratan shows all three Bs.
  • In Ladybird, Francesca Nunzi has a sperm donor over to leave a sample. The "grey miniture trash can" doesn't inspire him, nor does the bathroom. They try music, phone sex, and even a strip tease, but nothing is working. They finally find a simpler way to get the sperm where it needs to be. Ladybird, for my money, is the class of this trio, not for exposure, but for welcome humor. Francesca Nunzi shows all three Bs.


Erotic Short Stories, Part 1 Erotic Short Stories, Part 2 Erotic Short Stories, Part 3 Erotic Short Stories, Part 4

Allessandra Alberti

Barbara Zaratin



Emanuela Nay


Erika Savastani


Francesca Nunzi



Sylvia Rossi










Gettin' It


This is a return to "Gettin' It," which we did back on Jan. 2 of this month. This time with some added scenes and some film clips.


Jessica Canseco with more caps of the ladder scene both, from the movie and the special features, along with four clips.

Estephania LeBaron, no nudity but very nice cleavage.

Tara Rice, breasts and great legs. Caps and two clips.

Cheryl Dent, no nudity, but a funny and sexy scene. Caps and two clips.






Notes and collages


part 2 of many

Lisa Kudrow


Episode 232

Extended Episode 235-236

(Going backwards in time.)






Two film clips from the critically acclaimed film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (93% positive reviews!). It's about a fashion editor who creates a satisfying life although almost entirely paralyzed.








The last two ladies from H2-oooh

Bonnie-Jill Laflin (film clip here sample right)
Roxanne Galla (film clip here sample right)









Johnny Moronic is back with episode 9 of Satisfaction
Boyana Novakovic (film clip here, collages right)
Dianna Glenn (film clip here, collage right)
Madeleine West (film clip here, collage right)

Kate Groombridge in Virgin Territory



Some upgraded caps of Evan Rachel Wood in Across the Universe




A better film clip of Eva Mendes in We Own the Night (sample right)

An upskirt of Jelena Jankovic at the Australian Open (film clip here, sample right)