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Sharon Stone


More Hefmates

Brainscan's notes:

Various Hefmates. Some are shown at the beginning of their careers on screen, some at the end, and for one it was both beginning and end. 

Angel Boris, seen here in Warlock III, was among the more successful ones in turning a staple in the navel into a movie career.

Heather Carolin, at the end of her career, did the girl-on-girl nasty for about a dozen movies.  Last one was only a couple of years ago - this one is from 2009. 

Gig Rauch (nee Gangel) did only one movie, well past the time she was in the Bunnymag, and she just barely gave up the goodies in it. She might have had her reasons, but the movie, The Killing Device, is such a godforsaken piece of shit waste of celluloid it doomed her career.  (This one comes with a Film clip)

And I finally got around to dealing with an episode (s5e3)of the Girls Next Door, which does for Hefmates what Andy Sidaris movies used to do, which is get them nekkid every once in a while.  Kayla Collins was filmed as she posed, with the camera movie slowly from one end of her to the other.  I put the ends together with the magic of Photoshop.


Holocaust Cannibal


This is Canadian bad boy Bill Zebub's biggest hit to date. It's about a bunch of German Nazis fleeing to Argentina who crash on a tropical island inhabited by cannibals. Note this is from an unedited screener and may be different from the commercial version.

 Misty Mundae aka Erin Brown: full frontal, then in tightie whities.

Here's Misty Mundae in her tightie whities showing some nice cameltoe.

Andrea Hall aka Andreanna Niki Halopolous: explicit gyno-cam.

Lydia Lael: full frontal and gyno-cam.

Rachel Crow: full frontal and gyno-cam.

Vanna Blondelle: boobs and buns.

Maeva Athena: brief gyno-cam.

Lauren Babrée: tightie whities only.


Rachel Crow aka Rachel Sexton:
 explicit nude modeling pics.

Maeva Athena aka Nattestid Eismalsott aka Nattestid Poledancer:
explicit nude modeling pics.

The Lesser Evil


This latest Bill Zebub exploitation project is now available as VOD on his Vimeo channel.

Rachel Crow: full frontal and extreme gyno-cam.
She will also be in the upcoming Bill Zebub movie "Dick Shark."


Rachel Crow: she claims she faked her orgasms in The Lesser Evil but in the behind-the-scenes featurette she has a grand mal epileptic seizure.

Scream queen Debbie D has starred in  some Bill Zebub's earlier works.

 Debbie D (as Debbie Dee): full frontal in "Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist" (2004)

Debbie D (as Debbie Dee): full frontal in
 "The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Re-Make" (2008)

Debbie D: boobs and buns in "Dirtbags: Armpits of Metal" (2004).

...and some earlier non-Bill Zebub movies (crap VHS video quality only)

Debbie D: topless in "Burglar from Hell" (1993).

Debbie D: topless in "Naked Horror" (1995).

Today is the Day: Expectations Exceed Reality

(2011 music video)

A death metal music video Bill Zebub will appreciate.

Scarlett Storm: full frontal and gyno-cam.
She will be in Bill Zebub's next video "Nightmare on Elmos's Street."

TV and Film Clips

This time we have a clip of Hannah Arterton (and Rea Mole) in Hide and Seek (2015)

Pics and Collages

The big story of the day is, of course, Miley Cyrus wandering around Hawaii without her top.
Almost all of these are hi-res (only the first four are lower quality).

One more of Dead Lamb's VHS collages: Jennifer Inch in Soft Touch