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Tanner Hall


Johnny's comments:

Tanner Hall is a drama set in a all-girl boarding school in New England sometime in the 70s and focuses on two girls who used to be friends when they were young and now back together, but things are now different. Victoria (Georgia King) has come from Britain and is being dumped at the school by her mother. She is reunited with Fernanda (Rooney Mara) and they are sort of forced together, but things are frosty from the start. They are joined by the sexually charged Kate (Brie Larson), who is playing a dangerous game with a teacher (Chris Kattan) and Lucasta (Amy Ferguson), who is struggling with her sexuality. Victoria has procured the key to the house and made a copy of it which allows the girls to leave the house when they like. Fernanda is introduced to her mother's friend's partner Gio (Tom Everett Scott), an older man and they hit it off almost immediately. It's going to be a year where the girls learn a lot about themselves and not all of it is going to end well. Tanner Hall is an interesting enough coming of drama, but the most interesting part is the Fernanda / Gio plot. I dunno, I liked it fine, but I'm just not that fussed with it. The Victoria character seems to be there solely to stir up things with everyone else, particularly Fernanda, but has no real plot of her own apart from a not really explored obsession with death and cutting herself. Ah, it's not really my type of film anyway...

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Brie Larson



Brie Larson

Georgia King

Amy Ferguson

Rooney Mara

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Julie Ferrier in Le fil d'Ariane (2012) in 720p

Here's Amber Heard in The Rum Diary (2011). It's difficult or impossible to see any of the good stuff.

Bridgetta Tomarchio in Walk a Mile in My Pradas (2011)


Magicman went into depth on a single actress in a single film: Christina Garavaglia in The Voyeur, a 1994 bit of erotica from a softcore master, the butt-obsessed Tinto Brass.

Several film clips:

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The Italian exploitation classic for the day is Sydne Rome in Polanski's Che? (1972)


Sarah Paxton in Shark Night 3D

Susannah Fielding in (2010)

Warren Markland in (2010)


Irene Miracle film festival from Senor Skin

Watchers II (1990), made long after her other nude scenes

Midnight Express (1978), her most famous moment.

La Portiera nuda (1976)

Mr Skin's newest addition: Night Train Murders (1975), her film debut


Florinda Bolkan in Indagine (1970)