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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










s1, e4

There is no nudity, but if you are at all interested in Ali Larter you are gonna love this high definition film clip of her stripping and ... well ... more. Samples below.










Today is a "Babe in Bondage" day. From "Robotrix" Hiu-Dan Hui ( in her only screen
credit" shows it all as she is tied up and screwed by the bad guy. Caps and a clip.



Over in TV Land we have Demi Moore on "Oprah". A little leggy (Demi, not Oprah).







Visions of Passion


Part 4, and the finale, of the series dedicated to Mia Zottoli (mostly third party stuff).









Moon Trap


Obscure sci-fi film starring Ash and Mr Chekhov!

Leigh Lombardi clip here. Sample below:







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Jumping forward to season four. Nikki's appearance has changed.

s4, e1

s4, e2

s4, e3











Laura Jordan film clips. Collages below










Bad frat movie as if it was written by a converted metrosexual with no (female) nudity. It took five years for this
to get distributed and by that time its American Pie antics got hopelessly dated.

Melanie Marden: partial boob and thong then fully clothed sex

Celia Rowen: fully clothed sex

Leslie Ferreira: fully clothed sex

Kelly Cunningham: bra-less pokies

Sarah Scheffer: sexy

unknowns: these nude scenes were tacked on by request of the investors in order to have some sort of female nudity.


Monkey Warfare


Canadian indie about a former anarchist couple who meet up with a young woman (Nadia Litz).

Nadia Litz: very sexy

Tracy Wright: bra-less flapjack pokies

Marnie Robinson: cameltoe while stroking her pussy

Rachel Wilson: bra-less pokies in stitched collage


I Accuse


True crime movie about a doctor who rapes a patient (Estella Warren) under sedation and nearly got away with it by faking his own DNA tests. CSI writers can learn a thing or two from this movie.

Estella Warren: very sexy.

Lindi Lee: sexy as stripper.



Drop Box


Rachel Sehl plays a spoiled actress who must bargain with a video store clerk when she accidently deposits her home sex tape at the video store. Otherwise known in the video rental industry as the "Britney Spears Jackpot".

Rachel Sehl



The Piano Man's Daughter


Television movie with a lot of male nudity while the women only stripped down to period piece bloomers.

Marnie McPhail: sexy

Deborah Pollitt: sexy



"Fire Serpent"


Another bad sci-fi television movie with a ridiculous premise, bad science, and cheesy special effects.

Michelle Morgan: Heartland actress showing some cleavage




I got Astrid Brandt mixed up with Annie McAuley last week. According to the Internet Movie Database Annie McAuley is now working as "licensed sex therapist and sexual surrogate"  (a female psychiatrist who gives a "happy ending" after the session is over) and recently played a "female nudist hot tubber" in the sex comedy "Viva" which being released to DVD in February.

Here's Astrid Brandt: topless in The Best of Bizarre volume 9, circa 1985.

And here's Annie McAuley: topless in The Best of Bizarre volume 9, circa 1985

One more of Annie McAuley: getting molested by giant lobster in promotional photo for the Police Academy ripoff "Recruits" (1986)


Caroline Aspirot

More caps of the 300 actress from Montreal. She's the slave babe with the robohooters.

Caroline Aspirot: topless model in "Cheech"

Caroline Aspirot: cleavage in "Gaz Car Blues"

Caroline Aspirot: boobs and buns as stripper in "3 Needles"

Caroline Aspirot: boobs and buns as stripper in "Dodging the Clock".









Sybil Danning in Young Lady Chatterley

Monique Gabrielle in Young Lady Chatterley


Harlee McBride in Young Lady Chatterley

Mimi Michaels in Boogeyman 3

Rebecca Loos at the beach

Mathilda Saliasi in The Evil Woods

Georgia Smith in The Evil Woods


Film Clips

Vanessa Paradis (Mrs Johnny Depp) in Noce Blanc. She doesn't have a very pretty face, but what a great body, especially her bum!

The women of Kottentail: Zoe Hunter Lee, Heather Darling, and the tag team of Patricia Bellemore and Noel Francomano

Elizabeth Banks in Sexual Life. The nudity is not very explicit, but given her new fame and her reluctance to do nudity, this is pretty good stuff.

Leslie Brockett in Demons at the Door.

Maaike Neuville in Van vlees en bloed

Nicole Kidman in Australia. I think she's completely covered, but it's dark.

More from Forbidden Science. Noelle DuBois in episode 2.

Noemie Kocher in La dame du jeu

Sandra Teles in Backwaters

Sophie Quinton in The Andalusian Cat