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Second Generation

This one was a request. It's a two-part British mini-series about England's Indian subculture. It has kind of a King Lear thing going with a foolish old man, a good daughter who strayed from the old man's traditional way of thinking and can't seem to earn his forgiveness, and two scheming sisters who connive against the prodigal daughter for reasons of their own.

I didn't actually watch the damned thing, except in fast forward, so the only thing I can tell you is that the colors are pretty and bright, as always seems to be the case when Hindu culture is involved. The reason why I'm discussing it at all is that Parminder Nagra has a very brief bit of topless exposure in a sex scene. She is the hot Indian chick from ER who was also the star of Bend it Like Beckham, which was quite a surprise hit in the States. Her performance in that film was quite exceptional because she was playing a 16-year-old soccer star, but she was actually 26 and had never kicked a ball in her life!

The exposure in Second Generation is minimal, but there are two brief flashes of nipple. Here's the film clip. It's a fairly sexy scene, but this is no Basic Instinct. You may not even see the nipples here.

But here are the captures, so you can see when the flashes occur.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Erotic Short Stories, Part 1


Part 1 again has three short films. Two of them have much in common with the Part 2 films. They each run about 30 minutes, and have a specific theme.

  • A Magic Mirror tells the story of a narcissistic husband and his long-suffering young wife. They have moved into a new apartment. She is unpacking, and he his lounging in the bath, and requiring her to wait on him hand and foot. When his brother comes over to deliver a new wall mirror, he talks the brother into mounting it on the wall. The brother makes a pass at the young wife, as he has secretly wanted to do for years, and she tells him to return when hubby leaves. The girl is played by Loredana Cannata, who shows breasts and buns.
  • I am the Way You Want Me is a solo performance by Fiorella Rubino. She is in a bathroom, and is following her master's instructions, which include polishing her nails, trimming her bush with a straight razor, putting on a wet white shirt, kneeling under the running shower, licking milk from a plate, and sticking two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. I have no problem with any of that. but would love to know how someone figures out that is what will turn them on. Fiorella Rubino shows everything in this performance.

The third offering on this disk, Guilia, runs a full 60 minutes, was made in 1999, and was released previously on its own disk. It concerns a young, free-spirited dance student. When everyone in her class except her is told they are going to Rome to perform, she is not happy. She vows she will also go. Next stop is her drama coach, who makes some pretext to get her naked and tries the old casting couch routine. She tells him tomorrow night will be his lucky one, and to meet her at an address. The address ends up being a live sex show where she is the star. She invites her drama coach to participate, but he chickens out. After the show, we cut to the next morning, where she wakes up in bed with her girlfriend. It is there that she learns why she is not scheduled for Rome. Her sex show partner is also sleeping with her male dance instructor. She visits them, screws her sex partner, and somehow insures her trip to Rome. The highlight there is her stripping naked and pissing against a wall in the basement of the Vatican. An amazing fiery redhead, Anna Biella, plays Guilia. She not only shows everything, but strokes her partner during the sex stage show, and the oral sex is within a mm of being hard core, or possibly it is.

This disk, available from on a region free PAL is well worth the cost. While I didn't much enjoy the solo slave performance, Guilia and A Magic Mirror star very appealing women and move at a good pace.


Erotic Short Stories, Part 1 Erotic Short Stories, Part 2 Erotic Short Stories, Part 3 Erotic Short Stories, Part 4

Anna Biella

Fiorella Rubino

Loredana Cannata











Wild Things


Today from the film clip of a few days ago, we look at "Wild Things." Really not much nudity, but still some very hot scenes. Denise Richards shows some tit getting it on with Matt Dillon; Denise is joined by Neve Campbell for some girl on girl with a little Matt thrown in (Neve shows nothing); finally, more boob from Denise.


Denise and Neve








Notes and collages


part 1 of many

Jennifer Aniston



Episode 231

Episode 233

Episode 234









Two more ladies from H2-oooh

Jamie Palazzolo (film clip here sample right)
Katia Corriveau (film clip here sample right)









A few film clips from The Night Buffalo: Liz Gallardo (massive download, 135 meg), Camila Sodi, Irena Azuela. This is a Mexican film which was part of last year's Sundance line-up. The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "There's an abundance of sex and very little joy to be found in "The Night Buffalo," a pretentious mess that seems interminable even at 97 minutes."

Film clip: Toni Collette full frontal in Lilian's Story

Two clips of Carla Harvey and Eva Derrek in Standing Still. (Mena Suvari is also in one of the clips, but completely covered.)

A film clip of Sarah Roehmer in Asylum

Britney Spears, that classy dame, out and about without a bra in a semi-transparent shirt

Two soundless clips of Halle in the Blu-Ray version of Swordfish. The topless scene is nothing special, but that underwear scene is HOT! (Samples right)

Morgane Dubled is one of the rising young stars of the catwalk scene. (This link goes to her Wikipedia page