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"Boarding School" (1978)

Boarding School (1978) features Klaus Kinsky's daughter Natassja in a European sex comedy. She and her four friends pretend to run a brothel to lure boys from a near-by boys school so they can lose their virginity. The film is also known as Leidenschaftliche Blümchen, Passion Flower Hotel, Preppy School Girls, and Virgin Campus. The DVD I viewed is the worst transfer I have yet seen -- much worse than VHS quality.

Maltin awards 1 1/2 stars, and IMDB readers say 4.3/10. I say, if you can find a good transfer, it is worth it for the images of a very young Natassja.

  • Thumbnails

  • Natassja Kinski (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Last day! Don't forget to vote here for best nude scene of 2000.

    I looked at five new releases.

    Me Myself and Irene. This is the new Jim Carrey DVD film, the latest from the Farrelly brothers. The only real female nudity came from Shannon Whirry as a nursing mother. Tennis babe Anna Kournikova appeared in the film, with her clothes on.


    Last Stand. This is another Czech SF film, basically the same setup as Lethal Target, but not as good and not as sexy. I believe the plot involves a scheme to take over the world using naked babes and old vaudeville routines, masterminded by Fred Mertz of the old "I Love Lucy" shows.



    Cutaway is a movie starring Casper Van Dien and that much acclaimed classical actor, Lord Rodman, so you know it packs some dramatic punch. It's about skydiving, and the actual sports scenes are 80% of the running time, so it's really more of a skydiving documentary.


    Cecil B Demented is the all-too-tame John Waters film about a group of indy film terrorists who kidnap a Hollywood star and force her to act in their film. These terrorists are about as radical as the fucking Von Trapp family. Basically just a whiny rant, the cinematic equivalent of Blackwell's worst-dressed lists.


    The Five Senses I messed up on this one, and didn't get the DVD. It's a touching art house film from Canada, indebted to both Egoyan and Kieslowski, with a pretty good nude scene from Mary-Louise Parker. So I need to do these collages over again when I get the DVD, but here are some temporary VHS substitutes.

    • Mary-Louise Parker (1, 2)
    A minor post today. Think of it as Brainscan Lite.

    Don't know how I missed this news pic of Gwyneth Paltrow in yesterday's bunch. Nice clean, starched white shirt... with nothing but Gwyneth under it.

    UC99's caps of Charmaine Sinclair (1, 2) were most welcome over the past couple of days. As one of the U. K.' s more active porn stars she generated a large portfolio. These two are tame by her usual standards.

    And on this side of the pond, we have model Kim Smith in Maxim or FHM or Stuff or something very much like them. I nominate her as the next fashion model to get nekkid in the bunnymag. (1, 2)

    Finally, another scan of Miss World USA 1999, Natasha Allas. All you guys should buy her calendar; the money goes to saving puppies. You know, the title Miss World USA seems a bit odd. World USA? Most of the folks in America view it as a redundancy. World Series (which is closer to the truth now that half the major league players are from outside the U. S.), world champion Giants (a few days early with that one), world champion Lakers (a few months late); New York: the greatest city in the world... so long as you exclude London, Rome, Tokyo and Sydney. Let's make it official. From now on the U. S. is the world and the rest of the planet is just simply out of this world.

    Today marks ICMS's 2 year anniversary as a contributor! Scoop and I thank him for all of his hard work over the years. After all, without him, we probably wouldn't know squat about Flemish celebrities!

    Comments by ICMS:
    I noticed that Béatrice Dalle is a bit underrepresented in the Encyclopedia and since the French zone 2 DVD of her debut film "37°2 le matin" aka. Betty Blue was released recently I will try to remedy that problem. The DVD is the nearly 3 hours long version of that movie, so there was plenty to cap.

    The film is in fact some sort of chronicle that relates part of the life of Zorg (Jean-Hughues Anglade), a would-be writer with writer's block who survives doing some small jobs here and there. Until he meets Betty ( Béatrice Dalle ). They are both madly in love with each other and one day Betty finds Zorg's manuscript and reads it. She thinks he ought to be the best writer of his generation and sends the script to several publishers. At first he gets nothing but rejection from them but near the end of the film one is interested and even asks him to write a new book. So everything ends well? Not in the least. Betty has a serious mental illness with violent and irrational streaks and slips into complete apathy and insanity near the end. Zorg can't stand seeing the love of his life like this a kills her. Coincidentally Zorg's writing skills come back as Betty gets sicker and sicker.

    I liked this film a lot. This 3 hours long version meanders along at about just the right pace to keep you interested, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, the DVD is beautifully mastered with bright and superb colors, excellent photography and all good and dedicated actors. I was surprised to see that it is only rated 6.9 in the IMDb. Just out of curiosity I checked the rating of "Naked Vengeance", that rape and vengeance flick which was my first contribution ever. Well it stood at 7.3 ! I think 37°2 is quite underrated. It should be 8.0 IMO and Naked Vengeance shouldn't be more than 6.5. But let's see some pictures now.

    In collage# 1 we see Dalle and Anglade in bed making love. I think they were doing it for real. The director refuses to answer the question in his comments and circumvents it by replying with a metaphor that doesn't make you any wiser either. If it's not real it must be the best faked love scene ever. In collage #2...Their seedy landlord passes by and sits on Anglade's pants. Then Béatrice kisses Anglade's pecker with the words : "dodo, mon escargot tout chaud" ( sleepy, sleepy, my hot snail ). Then she has enough of the obnoxious guy and pushes him through a railing while showing him what he wanted to see. Collage # 3 and Collage #4 show Zorg eating Betty's pussy. # 5 and 6 Betty doesn't want to sleep in a bed where some-one died in and wants to sleep on a couch that can be transformed into a bed but the mechanism of the couch is broken. This is actually a funny scene. # 7 Has some more lovemaking. In collage # 8 Betty realizes that she's losing her mind completely.

    An other actress showed her breasts in this movie, namely Clémentine Célarié. 14 years later the director was still impressed with the size of them. Clémentine plays the wife of a small grocery shop keeper who doesn't make love to his wife anymore after their latest baby was born. So she tries to seduce Zorg, yells eat my pussy, but he has only eyes for Betty an pushes her away.

    The shop keeper has a way of dealing with a spoiled child in a stronger way than words only without resorting to violence. Actually I already knew about that method : apparently a distant relative of my father did the same with his spoiled daughter in the Fifties. He hung her like that in his shoe store !

    I've also got some Flemish nudity. First there's actress and Miss Belgium 1990 Katia Alens and lesser known actress Ingrid Van Rensbergen in the series "De makelaar".

    Finally I still had some vidcaps of Big Brother participant Betty (1, 2) sitting on my harddrive. Since she's in Flemish Playboy now I think this makes a nice addition to it. Some of you may remember her from a previous contribution. She was the wife of a butcher but they are now separated. They said they would divorce amicably but I read on the cover of a tabloid mag : "the real reason for our divorce : I found my husband in bed with an other man !" Looks like it's getting ugly.

    Jimmy the Saint
    Jane Birkin Full frontal nudity from 1975's "Je t'aime, moi non plus"

    Jill Gascoigne More full frontal nudity...this time from "Confessions of a Pop Performer".

    Kate Hudson A great see-thru from Uncut magazine.

    and ...
    Liz Hurley
    (1, 2, 3)

    3 topless scans of the lovely Brit by PicCap. Unfortunately, it looks like the paper quality rivals recycled T.P. But still, it's Liz showing the goodies, and I'll never turn that down!

    Alicia Witt
    (1, 2, 3)

    The saucy redhead showing a truck load of cleavage at the Golden Globes. 'Caps by Mr. T.

    Bobbie Phillips
    (1, 2)

    Two great collages by Don Juan for Bobbie fans. Both from the "Red Shoe Diaries" episode "Luscious Lola". #1 shows off her wonderful curves while she's wearing a semi see-thru outfit. #2 shows off her impressive bosom.

    Lisa Snowdon
    (1, 2)

    Two great scans of the popular model wearing some transparent undies. Thanks to Cavey.

    Hilary Swank Looking very elegant presenting at the Golden Globes. Scoop Sr. and Brainscan have both recently posted different opinions regarding Hilary. Scoop feels that recent tests have returned higher results on the Babeometer, while Brainscan says Scoop has the the Babeometer upside down. Personally I think I can settle this with 4 words..."The Next Karate Kid".

    I know you're thinking "Jr, What the hell does that mean?". Well, nothing really. But how often do we get to make reference to "Karate Kid' movies.

    Actually "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Next Karate Kid", are the two movies that introduced the world to Hilary. Back then, I found her attractive in an unusual sort of way, but now there's no doubt about it...she's a full grown babe. Sorry Brainscan.

    Claire Skinner Breast exposure from "Second Sight", by Freakie.

    Illeana Douglas Extreme upskirt views from the defunct TV show "Action" by NMD.

    Katherine Heigl Partial side breast exposure from "The Tempest".

    Demi Moore Another great collage of Demi from "Striptease". Thanks to pro.

    Mary Louise Parker A very sexy fully nude pose. Sorry, no goodies visible.

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