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Chelsea Handler just wandered around topless in Chelsea Does Silicon Valley (now on Netflix).

She was making a point. She had once done a parody of the "Putin shirtless on a horse" pose, except she discovered that the respectable social media outlets censored her boobs, but not Putin's. In the documentary she was thrilled to find out that woman are not required to wear a shirt in San Francisco, therefore ...

Jenna Saras in the season three premiere of Black Sails. I explained on Other Crap that I dont' get this at all. Jenna Saras is clearly identified in the credits as the death figure, and that linked image does represent the death figure (I watched the episode), but Jenna Saras is not a black woman. She is quite white. (Also note that this white Jenna Saras is the one who played the death figure, according to IMDb.) I first assumed she had been painted black to represent death in this "play within a show," but then I got to thinking about it - since this character is silent, this part could have been filled by someone in a one-time role, so why not just hire a woman who already has the right skin color, rather than hiring a white woman and going to all the trouble of coloring her skin? Beats me. Something here does not add up, but I don't know the correct solution.

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lots of nudity in this episode

Annie Boon

Arden Myrin. In addition to acting, she does stand-up and comedy shows, and she's darned good at it.

Rebecca Creskoff

Elizabeth Anweis, Annie Boon, Georgia Hatzis, Mageina Tovah


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Morgan Wolk in Criminal Activities (2015) in 1080hd

Gaelle Bona and Christine Brucher in Sand Castles (2015) in 720p



Zorg continues his tour through The Girl's Guide to Depravity, s1e3. Sally Golan and Brooke Pascoe



Melanie Shatner and Elvira Deatcu in Subspecies III (1993) in 720p



Carey Lowell in The Guardian (1990) in 1080hd

Amanda Wyss and Mary Crosby in Deadly Innocents (1989)



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Miley Cyrus