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Ripper Street is a BBC program set in Jack the Ripper's time, or shortly thereafter. The first episode offered some nudity from unidentified extras, and some sexy action from Charlene McKenna.

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Kill the Irishman


Laura Ramsey




Sophie Marceau



Australia Day Special

Saturday the 26th of January, is Australia Day. It is the day that commemorates the arrival from England of around 778 convicts and at least 709 others at Sydney Cove in 1788. So it is appropriate that we have Australian material from now until the weekend.

The Coca-Cola Kid

Greta Scacchi shows the lot in The Coca-Cola Kid (1985).

The Eternity Man

The nudity in The Eternity Man (2008) comes from some unidentified topless women.


Abbie Cornish (of Life Support fame) shows a lot more breast in Somersault (2004).


Film Clips

Mittita Barber in Crowsnest (2012)

Krisztina Kerekes in Heimat, Sex, Und Andere ... (2011)

Zora Holt in Der Typ 13 Kinder und ich (2009)

Julia Brendler in Der Typ 13 Kinder und ich (2009)