88 Minutes (2007)

I wrote a vast amount about this film, and the article includes film clips and pictures, so read it at The Movie House.

Why am I spending so much time on a film nobody ever heard of?

  1. It is an unreleased Al Pacino film.

  2. It will be his first-ever straight-to-vid

  3. There is virtually no information available on it.

  4. What little is available, is wrong.

  5. It's a fairly interesting story, although it didn't result in a very good movie.

 The nudity comes from Leah Cairns, who plays Racetrack on Battlestar Galactica.



Third Party Videos

Mixed bag of zipped .avis:

  • Helen Hunt in The Waterdance. If you are reading this page, you've probably seen this. If you haven't, you must, by all means. Not only does it feature Helen in her prime and stark naked, but it's actually a good movie as well, both sensitive and funny. It won the audience award at Sundance, showing its mass audience appeal, and it won the screenwriting award, showing its critical appeal. For all that, the studio had no idea how to market it, and  is slipped into obscurity. Because of Helen Hunt's nudity, we perves are about the only people who ever see it.






Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Descending Angel (1990)

Descending Angel (1990) is an HBO offering with a wonderful cast, and absolutely nothing else. Eric Roberts is newly engaged to Diane Lane, and the two travel to meet daddy, played by George C. Scott. Roberts knows daddy was old school Rumanian, but what he didn't know was that daddy was also a mass murderer in WW II, and not above a little recreational murder of troublesome wives, reporters and future sons-in-law who threaten to expose him. Seems daddy was the architect of the particularly gruesome slaughter of an entire village. He and some of his buddies relocated to the US after the war, and watch each other's backs.

Scoopy was pretty harsh in his review of this film, although he did admit that it is the Citizen Kane of Holocaust Romantic Comedies.

 I also disliked it, but for different reasons.

  • First of all, it bored me, which is enough by itself.

  • Second, it didn't seem to have a point of view or a message. Many angles based on these characters could have been explored. They could have done a Roberts investigates and Scott squirms thing, or played it as a sinister Rumanian gang still as lethal as they were in the early 40s, or an expose of the atrocities in Romania, or as a "love conquers all" story.

Sometimes I have trouble deciding how to crop a photo, until I figure out what it is a photo of. Once I can answer that for myself, it is easy to find the right crop. Had they figured out what this movie was about, perhaps they could have made a good one.

  • IMDb readers have this at 5.8.

  • This is a D, competently made but utterly lacking in any value.



Diane Lane shows breasts briefly in the opening credits,

and then again later in a post-sex scene.




The Time Machine is back in 1985 again for "After Hours." This one has Linda Fiorentino topless ... and she also has a brief "Babe in Bondage" scene!



First, Marvin returns with the last clip Ane Dahl Torp.

Marvin writes: "I've made three clips from the Norwegian movie 'Gymnaslærer Pedersen' from 2006. This movie is about a high school teacher who gets involved in the Maoist 'Worker's Communist Party' during the seventies.  The significance of this tiny movement has been overrated in Norway, both by its supporters, and even more so by its critics. The movie is rather lame, but there is at least some nudity from Ane Dahl Torp, who plays the leading female role. "

(Two of the clips and collages are in yesterday's. This is part three.)

Ane Dahl Torp (zipped .avi)
Then we move from Norway to Sweden for  Johanna Saellstroem in Magnetisoeren.
Johanna Saellstroem (zipped .avis)







The Hunger

 Episode "Menage a Trois"

Miss Gati, a wheelchair-bound woman (Karen Black), hires a new nurse, Steph (Lena Headey). Steph meets Miss Gati's handyman, Jerry (Daniel "007" Craig), who tries to get involved with her, but she is not interested.

Suddenly starts paying him visits to his room to have wild sex.

He is happy at first, but starts thinking something is going very wrong when Steph treats him just as a co-worker after every sexual act.

Lena looks at her best in this episode, and the acting is very good, the current James Bond, Craig, does a good job, so does Karen Black as the creepy disabled woman.

Lena Headey







Notes and collages

Diora Baird

Diora Baird

in Big Day

Episode: Boob Zilla


Diora Baird

in Hot Tamale




Dann reports on "The Blackout"

A big-time movie star who is also a big-time boozer and big-time druggie goes on one too many benders in this 1997 drama.

When his newly-pregnant girlfriend tells him she's aborted his child because she doesn't want to bear the child of a drunken doper, he beats her and then goes on a bender where he blacks out and can't remember what happened.

Months later, he's clean and sober and still in love with his ex, who of course wants nothing to do with him. The more he yearns for his girlfriend, the more he starts getting flashes of bad things which may have happened during his blackout. He begins to think he may have killed her, so he begs a mutual friend to arrange a reunion, if only to prove to himself she is OK.

This isn't a bad movie, nor is it a great one. It will hold your interest for the most part, but at least some of the casting wasn't great. However, my main interest was to see Sarah Lassez, who I really liked in 2006's Mad Cowgirl. This was a smaller part for her, and she was 9 years younger, but she was still impressive, especially in the full frontal scene at the end of the flick.


Sarah Lassez Beatrice Dalle Mercy Lopez & Daphne Duplaix








Natalia Avelon in Summer Wine

Sunny Lane in Soup of the Day

Nicole Magnusson in Soup of the Day

Ashley Steel in Soup of the Day

Debra McCabe in Saw III

I don't know about the movies, but I like where they are going with the nudity!!





Pat's comments in yellow...

Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday, and there were a few surprises. "Dreamgirls" led the list with eight nods, but for some reason, was not nominated for Best Director or Best Picture. Best Picture nominees did include "Babel," an art house flick that did little business but got seven Oscar nominations, and the low budget comedy "Little Miss Sunshine," whose 10-year-old star Abigail Breslin, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the fourth-youngest female nominee ever. And Al Gore was nominated for an Oscar for the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

* This year's Oscarcast will be even longer than usual because if Al doesn't win, he'll demand a recount.


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation says it plans to sue Pfizer Inc. because its ads for Viagra allegedly encourage men to have risky sex. The group claims that Viagra ads originally featured older men such as Bob Dole, but when they started showing younger men and using tag lines such as "Want to improve your sex life?, it was an illegal promotion of the impotence pill as a "party drug" for recreational purposes, which the FDA hasn't approved. In short, the lawsuit claims that Pfizer's ads are to blame if men took Viagra, had more sex, and spread STDs.

* Because without those ads, men NEVER would've thought of using Viagra to have more sex.

* Hang on...Isn't the message of EVERY commercial that if you use this product, you'll have more sex?